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Chapter 514: Avoiding Water Drops

“Here, here, I will be able to return to the demon world soon!” The fastest running Golden Retriever Lion King looked at the entrance of the demon novice zone close at hand, and the eyes of the two lions suddenly burst. Excited eyes came out.

However, at this moment, the space in front of the entrance to the Yaozu novice zone suddenly began to twist.

In the next second, a dark and thick long gun suddenly pierced out.

As soon as the excited Golden Retriever Lion King saw the long and spear, a lion hair exploded directly, and boundless fear suddenly appeared in its heart.

It’s that gun!

As soon as the idea of ​​the Golden Retriever Lion King appeared, the dark, thick gunshot was instantly pierced into its head.

There was a loud “bang” noise.

The body of the Golden Retriever Lion King instantly exploded into pieces in the sky, and then it was splashed everywhere.

At the same time, Ye Chen, who rode Tianma Xiaojin, walked out of the distorted space.

Just because the Golden Retriever Lion King died, and the stunned monster players saw Ye Chenhou who suddenly appeared in front of the entrance of the monster novice area, they all stunned, and then all stopped. Come down.

“He he can teleport!” A flower snake suddenly remembered something, and then screamed.

As soon as Hua She’s words landed, the monster players shuddered in unison.

Ye Chen, who can teleport, and Ye Chen, who cannot teleport, are completely two concepts.

Ye Chen can’t teleport, they still have a chance to escape, and Ye Chen will teleport, then they will be useless even if they run to the ends of the world, they will still be caught by Ye Chen.

At this moment, the monster players who rushed to the valley finally understood why Ye Chen could suddenly appear in the valley without being discovered by them.

But this is not important anymore. What’s important is that Ye Chen, who has teleport ability, blocked the entrance of the Demon Race Novice Zone. They just tried their best to return to the Demon Realm.

As for the reason, it is very simple. Ye Chen’s strength is really terrifying.

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The lightly slap just now, directly slapped the scene of two million monsters to death, and it was still printed in their minds and could not be erased. How could they not be afraid.

A black-haired gorilla monster struggled, and then slowly walked to the front of the monster players.

Ye Chen glanced at the black gorilla faintly, and then stopped.

For Ye Chen, it is easy to kill these monsters or monster players, but Ye Chen will not do this for the time being.

Because Ye Chen still uses them, he will scare the monster army that will soon rush to the outside of the valley.

After all, Ye Chen’s purpose is to train soldiers. Whether these monster players or the monster soldiers under the monster players, they are all existences that can provide experience to the soldiers of the reincarnation city.

Ye Chen didn’t get much experience by killing them. Therefore, Ye Chen would not casually kill these monster players unless they wanted to die by themselves and insisted on rushing over.

After the black-haired gorilla who came to the front of the monster players stood up, they tried to stabilize their beating heart, then looked at Ye Chen and said:

“Ye Chen , I am willing to exchange treasures for my life, I swear, as long as I return to the demon world, I will return to the real world in the future, I will not arbitrarily deal with the human race.”

“What treasure?” Ye Chen was surprised when he heard this. He glanced at the black-haired gorilla, and then asked.

What can be called a treasure is definitely not a simple thing.

And Ye Chen didn’t think that this black-haired gorilla dared to use some garbage as a treasure.

The black-haired gorilla, who was looking forward to the response, heard this, and the eyes of the two apes suddenly lit up, and then hurriedly said:

“It is a bead, and it can remove water as soon as it enters the water. If you break open, if you dive underwater, it can automatically form a protective cover, where you can breathe freely, without worrying about drowning. If you go to the sea, even if you dive to the sea, you don’t have to worry about being crushed by the sea.”

“This is it? “Ye Chen smiled coldly when he heard this, and then asked.

The beads that the black-haired gorilla said are actually water-repelling beads. They are indeed treasures.

For the moment. As far as Ye Chen is concerned, it is not very useful.

But when Ye Chen flies into the wilderness, this water drop is useful, because most of the places where there are treasures of heaven, material and earth in the wilderness are dangerous. p70>

For example, in the Xuanyin River, which can even be corroded by Jinxian’s body, there are nine soul grasses that strengthen the soul.

If Ye Chen didn’t avoid the water droplets, he would naturally not dare to go down the river easily. But if there are water-repelling beads, Ye Chen can completely ignore the water of the Xuanyin River and go directly to the river to search for the Nine Soul Grass.

The black-haired gorilla heard Ye Chen’s extremely cold question, and he was very cold. After shuddering, he hurriedly asked:

“This is a rare treasure. Isn’t it all right?””

“Do you think I need to use water beads when I go into the sea?” Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain, and then asked.

When the black-haired gorilla heard this, his black face suddenly stiffened.

Ye Chen said that there is no need to avoid water drops in the sea. That means that the treasure it said can’t move Ye Chen at all.

In this way, how can it return to the Yaozu novice zone without any problems.

In fact, the black-haired gorilla had a wrong idea from the beginning. No matter what treasure it was talking about, Ye Chen would not agree to trade with it.

Because Ye Chen never even thought about letting the members of the Yaozu leave the Three Kingdoms novice zone.

The reason why Ye Chen asked was only to know the type of treasure, and then decided not to make a move.

Be aware that there are no restrictions on treasures that are up to the grade.

For example, Ye Chen’s Killing Spear has no restrictions. It can be used not only in the game world, but also in the real world.

If the treasure mentioned by the black-haired gorilla is very high and practical, Ye Chen will do it without hesitation.

It has nothing to do with what meanness is not mean.

The monster race was originally a deadly enemy of the human race. If Ye Chen is not strong, then 100% of the people slaughtered today will be replaced by Ye Chen.

For this reason, Ye Chen never even thought about agreeing to the black-haired gorilla.

Just when the black gorilla was worried and didn’t know how to continue speaking, the dull and loud roar of the earth came quickly.

“Rumble, rumbling, rumbling”

Tens of millions of monsters rushed madly towards the valley.

After hearing the dull roar of the earth, the monster players in the valley suddenly showed horror in their eyes.

They didn’t show any confidence at all because of the arrival of tens of millions of people.

Not only do they have no confidence, but they are getting more and more scared, more and more scared.

As for the reason, it is simple, they are now in the valley.

If their clan rushes directly into the valley, there will only be one result. Ye Chen will do it again and directly slap all the monsters entering the valley to death.

In this way, those who stay in the valley will inevitably die.


The roar of the earth is getting louder and louder, getting closer and closer.

The monster players in the valley, look at me and I see you, one by one, they rushed directly out of the valley without thinking.

They didn’t dare to move just now, because they were worried that if they moved, they would be killed by Ye Chen.

And now they dare to move, but it’s because they don’t want to stay in the valley and wait for death.

Because their clan as long as they hit the valley, Ye Chen will act 100%.

Just as the monster players rushed toward the outside of the valley, Ye Chen’s right hand smashed the gun, lightly stabbed forward.

The tip of the Great Killer Spear disappeared instantly, and then the entire body of the gun disappeared without a trace.


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Chapter 514: Avoiding Water Drops – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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