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Chapter 517: Innate Spirit Treasure – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 517: Innate Spirit Treasure

“Ye Chen is indeed in the valley, but he is too strong. Even if we go together, it is useless. In Ye Chen’s hands, we can’t survive a move.” Hedgehog Monster Beast listened After Black Snake asked, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he spoke.

When the black snake monster heard this, the eyes of two snakes suddenly showed extremely excited eyes.

Obviously, the Black Snake Monster Beast has no meaning to be afraid at all, otherwise it wouldn’t be like this.

The first leopard monster that ran to the valley and then came out. After seeing the excited eyes of the black snake monster, his brow frowned, and then he said:

“You don’t want to provoke Ye Chen, I advise you not to go. The best choice now is to leave quickly and hide in a hidden place.

This way we The monster race still has a chance to ascend the prehistoric first batch, otherwise, the first batch of ascension prehistoric must be the human race, not our monster race.”

The black snake monster heard this and looked at the leopard monster. The beast glanced at it, before speaking, a black-haired wild boar demon beast nodded the pig’s head heavily, and then said:

“I think so too. If the first batch of human races ascends to the wild, their strength will We are ascending faster. When the time comes, our monster race will be crushed by the human race in the real world.”

“Well, in this case, we evacuated quickly, left here far away, and hid, I don’t want the scum of the human race to step on Laozi’s head. “Hearing this, a black dog monster beast whispered without hesitation.

“Fart! “The Black Snake Monster Beast snorted coldly when he heard this, and then shouted.

When the Leopard Monster Beast heard this, he smiled coldly, and then shouted:

“Don’t you go? Go to die in the valley?”

The leopard demon beast naturally wants to leave, but it does not want to leave alone, it wants all the demon beasts to leave together.

Because only in this way, it will have a greater chance of escape.

You need to know that Ye Chen can teleport, and the leopard monster enters the valley twice and escapes the valley twice, how can you not know.

It is also because of the leopard. Monster beast, knowing that Ye Chen would teleport, didn’t think about running away alone.

If it escaped alone, Ye Chen chased it, it would not be able to escape at all.

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Only a group of monster beasts Fleeing together, and fleeing in all directions, it has a greater chance to escape.

After all, no matter how powerful the teleportation is, it can only choose one direction to teleport.

Hearing this, the black snake beast gave a cold look at the leopard beast, and then said in a deep voice:

“After a while, you are the first to enter the valley and run away. I will kill you!”

“Kill me?” The leopard monster leopard narrowed its eyes, and the cold light flashed instantly.

At this moment, an extremely cold icy cold suddenly rose from the body of the black snake monster.

After feeling the icy chill, the leopard monster leopard eyes shrank fiercely, and then shouted in surprise: “How can you know how to do magic!”

The leopard monster As soon as the beast’s words landed, the surrounding monsters opened their eyes wide, and then looked at the black snake monster with shocked faces.

In the valley, Ye Chen, who was riding Tianma Xiaojin, opened his eyes suddenly.

What a pure ice elemental breath

Not right!

There are traces of Tao in this ice element.

Innate Lingbao!

Thinking of this, Divine Sense has been observing Ye Chen, who is thousands of miles away from Luoyang, and directly locked the black snake monster that released the icy breath.

I didn’t think about it, this black snake actually got the innate spirit treasure

Yes, yes, this innate spirit treasure belongs to Lao Tzu!

Outside the valley, where the army of tens of millions of monsters is located.

“How can a monster beast know how to do so,” a monster hedgehog shouted in disbelief.

“No, you have treasures!” The Leopard Monster Beast suddenly thought of something, and then shouted with bright eyes.

As soon as the Leopard Monster Beast finished shouting, a crisis of death suddenly came.

In the next second, the leopard monster’s heart trembled fiercely. However, before it could react, it turned into an ice sculpture.


The sound of air-conditioning was instantly heard from the army of tens of millions of monsters.

The black snake monster beast looked at the leopard monster beast that was directly frozen into an ice sculpture, and curled his mouth in disdain, then looked at the army of thousands of monsters and beasts, and shouted domineeringly:

“Lao Tzu originally only wanted to eat well in the human world, and then soared into the wild, so he did not fight for the position of the king, but now, the position of the king is determined!”

“see the king !” The army of tens of millions of monsters heard here, looked at the black snake monster, and then shouted.

Hearing this, the black snake monster nodded with satisfaction, and then said:

“Ye Chen is the first person in the human race, and his strength is unfathomable, although I am sure to kill him. But I need a warrior to resist Ye Chen for me.”

As soon as the words of the Black Snake Monster Beast fell, the tens of millions of Monster Beast army trembled in unison.

These monsters are not stupid, how could they not know the plan of the black snake monster.

Nima, what kind of warrior, he didn’t go out to die.

But they did not dare to refuse. Among the monster race, the strong is respected, and the black snake monster is strong, and it has the absolute right to speak.

So, even if these monsters are unwilling, no one dares to refuse.

The first batch of black-haired wild boars that reached the valley and escaped, hesitated for a moment, then looked at the black snake monster, and said:

“My lord, I suggest letting the monster first Soldiers, after all, we are all players. The last time we die, although it doesn’t matter, but once we return to the real world, we won’t be able to deal with the human race.”

The black snake monster smiled coldly when we heard this , And then looked at the black-haired wild boar, and said: “You are the first.”

“You!” The black-haired wild boar heard this, the pig’s face suddenly stiffened, and then said angrily.

It wanted to refuse without hesitation, even swearing, but it didn’t dare.

As for the reason the Black Snake wouldn’t let the enchanting soldiers take action, the Black-haired Boar had already figured out.

This black snake monster is one of the lords of the monster race, and it has brought a lot of monster soldiers from the territory to invade the human world.

Otherwise, the Black Snake Monster Beast could not refuse its proposal.

“Do you want to die?” Hearing the black snake monster beast, two snake eyes stared at the black wild boar, and then shouted.

At this moment, the space behind the black snake was suddenly distorted, and the black-haired wild boar who was frightened by the words of the black snake monster suddenly froze, and then the boss stared at him instantly.

After seeing the black-haired wild boar’s expression, the black snake monster was taken aback for a moment. Before it could react, a dark, thick long gun suddenly appeared from the twisted space behind the black snake. And then stabbed the black snake monster swiftly.

At the same time, the black snake monster’s eyes shrank fiercely.

It felt a violent aura of destruction, and that aura made its soul tremble instantly.

Not good!

As soon as the black snake finished thinking about it, a “puff” sounded instantly.

I saw the black and thick long and spear, and one shot pierced the black snake monster’s head.

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Chapter 517: Innate Spirit Treasure – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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