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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 521: The Overbearing Gun of Killing Read Novel

Chapter 521: The Overbearing Gun of Killing – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 521: The Overbearing Gun of Killing


Thousands of beasts rushed and the earth roared.

Tens of millions of monsters were directly divided into dozens of waves, rushing in multiple directions.

At the same time, the still peaceful world channel is boiling.

“Brothers of the demon clan, Ye Chen is stuck at the entrance of the demon world. Don’t go there anymore. Disperse quickly. As long as we can save our lives, we can ascend in the human world without returning to the demon world! When you arrive in Luoyang, hide it quickly! Don’t come here!”

“Ye Chen is blocking the door at the entrance of the demon world? Really?”

“It’s true, it’s dead there. There are tens of millions of monsters, don’t take risks!”

“How is it possible! Ye Chen’s cavalry army is still chasing us.”

“Don’t talk nonsense about him, Leave quickly, as long as you can escape, Ye Chen can’t do anything with us! Human tribes can’t do it!”

“Ay damn Ye Chen, wait for Grandpa Niu to settle down, he will definitely eat!”

“Grandpa Pig won’t go back, he’s, the human world is so big, Ye Chen is only one, Grandpa Pig still doesn’t believe it, hide and roar, Ye Chen, this bastard can still find Grandpa Pig.”

“Fuck! I said why the flying birds and monsters over Luoyang are all gone. Could it be that Ye Chen killed them?”

“Impossible! Flying in the sky, and not running on the ground, can also summon a white tiger, how could it be possible to attack the sky.”

“Grass, who says it can’t, the white tiger is a divine beast, and it can fly.”

“Hahaha, boss Ye Chen is mighty! Kill the monster race!”

“Wait, it’s not right, the grandsons of Yaozu said, why is it like Ye Chen is in Luoyang?”

“Huh? If you don’t tell me, I still forgot. Didn’t Ye Chen leave Julu for a long time? How did he get to Luoyang?”

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“Fuck, what’s the situation?” Could it be that Ye Chen would teleport?”

“Nima, what you said may be true. Ye Chen brought the cavalry army to Luoyang.”

“Grass, let alone those useless, the crux of the problem now is that the demons are all gathered in Luoyang. If Ye Chen kills them all, then what kind of demons should we kill? ?”

“Damn! Go to Luoyang!”

“? I knew it, I won’t go too far.”

The world channel is boisterous, constantly refreshing the screen, it is called a lively.

Ye Chen watched He glanced at the World Channel, which was constantly refreshing the screen, and then smiled coldly.

The monster players want to escape, then hide in the human world, waiting for opportunities.

And human players want to rush to Luoyang as soon as possible to kill the monsters and gain benefits.

Ye Chen can see these naturally, but for Ye Chen, no matter it is a monster or a human race, no one wants to achieve their own goals.

Ye Chen couldn’t let go of any demons at all, nor would he let human players come to fight the autumn wind.

The reason is very simple. Ye Chen wants to train his troops, but also to explode equipment and techniques.

Originally, Ye Chen didn’t want to pay attention to the few monsters that escaped. After all, it was a waste of time. If there is time, it is better to chase and kill more monsters.

But now that Ye Chen has become the “son of luck”, it is naturally impossible to ignore the benefits of the son of luck.

You must know that when the son of luck explodes, it is a big explosion, a special explosion, and the explosion is an existence that exceeds the original item by four or five levels.

For example, innate techniques, such as enlightenment stones, etc., various items are things that Ye Chen needs very much.

Therefore, it is impossible for Ye Chen to let go of any monster.

What’s more, gathering enough innate techniques in the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms is hundreds or thousands of times better than collecting innate techniques after going to Honghuang.

Ye Chen didn’t want to miss this opportunity.


Thousands of beasts rushed and the earth roared.

The monsters are running wildly. In their hearts, apart from strong hatred, there is also a strong fear.

Don’t look at how they clamor on the World Channel, in fact, they are scared inside.

They are afraid, afraid of being caught up by Ye Chen, afraid of not being able to escape.

So, they ran desperately. They wanted to escape, leaving Luoyang far away, and then scattered all over the world.

As long as they can escape and avoid Ye Chen far away, then they will succeed, and the rest is nothing more than hunting.

Because they believe that in the human world, as long as they don’t meet Ye Chen, they have no opponents.

North of the battlefield, one hundred miles away.

The black and thick Greatskiller was suspended high in the air, with the tip of the gun pointing diagonally to the ground.

A strong and extremely destructive aura, one after another, was uploaded from the Gunslinger.

“Boom Rumble”

Eight armies of monsters and beasts rushed towards here in scattered formations.

As they ran wildly, a feeling of incomparable danger appeared in their hearts.

At this moment, the hair of countless monsters exploded, and the heart trembled involuntarily.

Dangerous, very dangerous, is the feeling in the hearts of the monsters at this moment.

Furthermore, this feeling, as they run wildly, gets stronger and stronger.

“Ye Chen! Ye Chen must have come to chase us! He is about to catch us!” A black bear suddenly remembered something, and its eyes shrank fiercely, and then shouted in horror.

“Run! Disperse a bit more! If you can run one by one!” A piebald tiger shivered abruptly when he heard this, then screamed back and hurriedly shouted.

The roar of beasts in the sky followed one after another.




The monsters are running harder one by one, they don’t want to die, they Want to escape.

However, what they didn’t expect was that the faster they ran, the stronger the life-threatening feeling.

They knew, “Ye Chen will be chasing here soon”, so they ran even more desperately.

“Boom Rumble”

Just ten miles before they came to the gun, the sky’s gun was suddenly shaken.

There was a “buzz” sound, and a black light shot out from the Gunslinger in an instant.

In the next second, a black light flashed across things.

At the same time, the sound of the earth being torn apart instantly sounded.


I saw the originally flat ground, and a huge trench and gully spanning five hundred li was cut in an instant.

And at the forefront of the eight monster beast army, all the monster beasts within the range of the ditch and gully, without exception, are all reduced to ashes.

They didn’t even scream, and went directly to nothingness.

The eight army of monsters and beasts running wildly, seeing this, stopped one by one, and then looked at the huge ditch and gully that suddenly appeared in the front in horror.

The ditch and gully are not very wide, only about ten meters. They don’t grow big and can be jumped over.

But none of the monsters dared to do this.

Because of the sudden appearance of black light, the power is too ferocious, and also because of the “booming” sound of boiling magma in this huge gully and gully.

This is not something that can be done by ordinary means at all, so they are afraid, they are frightened, and they dare not cross the ditch and gully.

They are worried, and the black light shines again.

The monsters looked around one by one, and some even looked up at the sky behind them.

They didn’t know where the attack came from, but they saw the black light, and they also saw the terrifying picture of the earth shattering after the black light.

The black light made them involuntarily sounded Ye Chen’s guns.

Because of rumors, every time Ye Chen’s Killing Spear is used, it shines with black light.

When a big rat turned his head to look at the sky, and withdrew his gaze in horror, and then looked at the sky in front of him, a scream of horror violently sounded.

“That gun! It’s Ye Chen’s gun!”

The sound came from a toad. It was huge, but its eyes were full of panic. The screams at it began to tremble violently.

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Chapter 521: The Overbearing Gun of Killing – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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