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Chapter 525: The City of God of War

Of course, the role of the “God of War (Legion)” is not only the eternal and immortal will, but also five characteristics.

The first feature alone, attack power X2, is already a metamorphic feature, let alone the latter, there are four more features.

Of course, Ye Chen didn’t know the other four characteristics of the “God of War (Legion)”.

Because, even in the prehistoric world, the “will of the god of war” of the legion nature only exists in the legend.

There has never been an army that has acquired the “will of the god of war”.

So Ye Chen didn’t know the attributes of the other four characteristics at all.

However, this is not important. What is important is that Ye Chen’s army now has the “God of War Will (Legion)”.

In this way, after Ye Chen’s national ascension, it will inevitably be dozens or even hundreds of times smoother.

The harvest this time is really rich, hahaha

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

At this moment, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, the army of the reincarnation fairy city comprehend the only war feature, “the will of the god of war (legion)”, because of its particularity, the reincarnation fairy city is specially awarded the unique title, the city of the god of war.”

The world announcement was repeated three times in a row, and it instantly detonated, the already boiling World Channel.

“Fuck! Damn it! What is the will of the god of war, what is the city of the god of war? Nima, why is it so painful to listen to me.”

“Why, this damn world announcement is to send out the attributes of the God of War Will, the City of the God of War, hide it and make a hair.”

“Hahaha, Ye Chen’s boss is the most awesome, the will of the god of war, the city of the god of war, you know at a glance, absolutely awesome!”

“? I only saw the word “only”, grass! Ye Chen is so strong, and this gets this kind of reward, and Nima can’t play happily.”

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“I just want to say, this Nima is cheating! cheat!”

“? It must be cheating. I haven’t seen anything with the only attribute yet. Even if I don’t have a title, Ye Chen actually got it. It’s not what cheating is!”

“Cheating? You cheat in this game, let me see it, idiot.”

“Go to Nima, it’s useless for you as a fool to fawn on Ye Chen. People ignore you.”

“Don’t stop him, it’s noisy, are you all stupid, didn’t you see that Ye Chen has a secret?”

“What you said is nonsense. It is strange that Ye Chen has no secrets. I guessed it all at the beginning. Unfortunately, Ye Chen didn’t say anything.”

“Ye Chen, you are so awesome, you are still hiding it for Mao, you should tell the secret you know, you can’t be so selfish! The real world is soon dangerous!”

“Yeah, Ye Chen, for the future of the human race, let us tell the secret, otherwise our human race will be over, you will never plan to live alone.”

Ye Chen glanced at the World Channel, which was constantly refreshing, and his brows suddenly frowned.

Before, Ye Chen got a lot of benefits. In order to get the benefits, the players used “Human Righteousness”. “Persuading” Ye Chen.

After that, the players died down because Ye Chen was not moved at all.

And now, Ye Chen’s rewards are too special because they carry The word “only”, this time, brought out the greed, greed, and despicability in the players” hearts.

So the players again “persuade” Ye Chen.

And these, Ye Chen had seen it transparently early in the morning, and naturally would not pay attention to these players.

What Ye Chen didn’t expect was that this time the player who “persuaded” Ye Chen to surrender the secret of the game was better than It’s more than tens or hundreds of times longer than before.

Are these people confident? They even attacked Lao Tzu’s idea again.

After a moment of silence, Ye Chen suddenly thought of something, two His eyes suddenly narrowed.

I really have the confidence.

A group of ignorant idiots

The demons who invaded the human world were killed countless by Ye Chen, although ninety percent of the beasts were because Their own player identities are still alive, but their realm has fallen directly to the beast.

Although only one level has been lost, this strength is not comparable at all.

Now, the main force of the monster race is blocked by Ye Chen in Luoyang, and eventually these monsters will be killed by Ye Chen.

And human players also made this inference through the world channel.

Therefore, their confidence began to grow, and their courage began to grow, and then again under the guise of “human righteousness”, “persuaded” Ye Chen to let Ye Chen surrender the secrets in the game.

In the eyes of human players, the invading monster army will eventually be destroyed.

Because of the perverted Ye Chen, it is impossible for Human Race to lose.

In this way, when the human race faces the monster race in the real world, they don’t have to worry about the overwhelming monsters. What they need to deal with is just the beast.

And this is the confidence of human players.

After all, what people fear is only the number of monsters and their tyrannical strength.

Compared with the human race, the monster race without the army of monsters is not so threatening.

You must know that although there are not many people who have reached the innate realm in safe cities in the real world, it is not a problem to bring out dozens or hundreds of people.

Although most of the others have not broken through to the innate realm, they are not far from the innate realm.

Therefore, human players no longer worry about being besieged and hunted by monsters after the protective cover of the safe city disappears.

Even, many people began to fantasize about suppressing the monsters, and then the humans regained dominance of the world.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that these were just their wishful thinking.

The actual situation is that after the protective cover of the safe city disappears, the aura of the real world will increase rapidly, and all kinds of heaven and earth treasures will also appear in a spurt.

After that, all species on the earth will have extraordinary evolution, and the cultivation speed of all creatures will also increase rapidly.

In this way, the monster clan that fell into the realm of beasts will quickly recover to the realm of beasts.

So, the so-called security can only be extended for a few days at most.

Even if the aura of heaven and earth does not increase rapidly, and the treasure of genius and earth does not blow out, the speed of the monster race’s ascent will not slow down.

After all, the foundation is there, the monster beasts that fall into the realm need only a process of recovery.

A group of ignorant idiots, thinking they are safe, will not hide their inner despicableness and shamelessness, one by one, under the guise of “for the human race”, slander and deceive

Think of this. Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain, then looked at the attribute introduction of the City of God of War.

The City of the God of War (only): For a city with this title, the soldiers in the city will automatically receive the blessing of the “Will of God of War”.

Seeing this, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Fuck! This can be

The city of Samsara has been advanced to the city of Samsara, which has the characteristics of unlimited growth. When Ye Chen’s whole country ascends, he will install all the people into the city of Samsara, and then ascend.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that all the soldiers under Ye Chen will only come from Reincarnation Fairy City. In this way, no matter how many soldiers Ye Chen has, they will be blessed with the characteristic of “God of War”.

For Ye Chen, this is tantamount to a great thing.

“Boom, boom, boom”

Thousand horses gallop, the earth roars.

The cavalry army of Samsara City who had just comprehended the “God of War (Legion)” instantly turned into an extremely sharp blade, cutting and slaying monsters at a speed that suddenly doubled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

It didn’t take long for a tyrannical aura to rise from the cavalry of Samsara City.

This is an advanced aura. Reincarnation City recruits have gained massive experience from killing monsters, coupled with the help of holy-level exercises, and have advanced one after another.

In the innate realm, a king-level general

Feeling the aura of more and more advanced subordinates, Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction.

At this moment, countless beams of light that opened up to the sky suddenly descended on the battlefield.


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Chapter 525: The City of God of War – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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