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Chapter 531: Beheaded

A violent and extreme danger, abruptly forcibly stopped what Mo Yan wanted to say.

At the same time, Mo Yan’s pupils shrank sharply.

He felt the coming of death, and he didn’t like the feeling very much.

However, Mo Yan was not too flustered because of swallowing the avatar grass man.

At this moment, the Nine Nether Soul Devouring Array, which lacked the formation base and the person in charge of the formation, stopped operating, and Mo Yan, who was wrapped in black light, immediately revealed his figure.

Mo Yan, who discovered this, didn’t even think about it, and directly urged the Earth Spirit Orb, he wanted to leave the ground directly.

He is not stupid, there is no one else except Ye Chen who can give him a death crisis here.

Although he was puzzled, and at the same time very angry, even hated, he did not dare to stay here.

If it is someone else, he is not too afraid, but it is Ye Chen who has to deal with him. Therefore, in his heart, he has no idea at all.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

Ye Chen is the first person in the human race. He reached the Nirvana state. Mo Yan didn’t know the power of that state. Even if he had Earth Spirit Orb protection, he would not dare to fight Ye Chen.

At least before his realm reached Ye Chen’s level, he didn’t dare to confront Ye Chen.

However, at the moment when Mo Yan urged the Earth Spirit Orb, the dark and thick Gunkiller directly penetrated his head, and then fixed him to the ground.

At the same time, the Black Light of the Killing Spear flashed, and a puff of black smoke was instantly swallowed up by the Killing Spear.

Ye Chen frowned when he saw this.

Could it be that the Soul Eater feature of the Gunslinger has no effect on the double stalker?

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, a cloud of white light suddenly rose from Mo Yan’s corpse.

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That is the light of resurrection. Ye Chen is a player, so naturally he knows it, but Ye Chen doesn’t like this result very much.

Because Mo Yan will never resurrect in place, once Mo Yan is resurrected, the Earth Spirit Orb will definitely disappear.

Furthermore, the refining method of the avatar grass man will follow the historical trajectory of the previous life, spread out, and then be regarded as a top commodity, circulated among the major forces.

This is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

At this moment, the Black Gun of Killing had just flashed, and it flashed again.

I saw a cloud of gray-black mist, suddenly appeared from the white light, and then was sucked in by the Godkiller.

“No! Why is this!” A sharp and stern scream sounded fiercely.

That was Mo Yan’s voice, to be precise, it was the voice from Mo Yan’s soul.

Seeing this, Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily.

? Fortunately, the avatar’s characteristic of the grass man doesn’t work in front of the Killing Spear.

“Ye Chen! Let me go! Let me go!” Mo Yan’s soul is here. After realizing that he couldn’t get rid of the Gunkiller at all, he hurriedly yelled at Ye Chen.

The voice of his soul is very stern, and in this voice, there is endless fear.

Mo Yan didn’t expect that he could replace the avatar of a dead man. It obviously worked, but as a result, he collapsed to the point of crying.

Ye Chen’s Killing Spear, unexpectedly began to devour his soul when he was resurrected.

He doesn’t want to die, he wants to live, he is the leader of the heaven and earth alliance, he has the treasures of the earth spirit orb, and he knows how to refine the substitute grass man. He has a bright future. He also wants to dominate the world. Immortal and immortal, he didn’t want to end his life so early.

Unfortunately, everything he thought came to an abrupt end with the second voice of his soul.

The black light disappeared, and Mo Yan’s soul was directly swallowed by the Killing Spear.

There was a sound of “hum”, and a turquoise and colored bead appeared out of thin air, and then flew into the distance quickly.

At this moment, the best innate Lingbao Luobao money appeared directly beside Ye Chen, and then fluttered to catch up.

In the next second, the fast-flying Earth Spirit Orb was overtaken by Lobo Money, and then stopped in the air.

Ye Chen glanced at the Earth Spirit Orb that was controlled by Luobao Money, smiled slightly, and then made his right hand empty.

In the next second, the space was suddenly distorted, and the Gunslinger plunged into the distorted space, and then disappeared.

At the same time, shocking the treasure money of the Earth Spirit Orb, carrying the Earth Spirit Orb, flapping its wings and flying to Ye Chen’s side.

Ye Chen glanced at the Earth Spirit Orb brought back by Luobao Money, lifted his right hand, grabbed it in his hand, and then looked east.

There are hundreds of thousands of temple players fleeing desperately there.

Because they saw Ye Chen’s Killing Spear and Ye Chen’s incredible power, they didn’t want to die, let alone being stabbed to death by the Killing Spear.

So, when they saw the sharp gun, they fled directly.

At the forefront of hundreds of thousands of players, wearing a diamond armor and empty-handed, Mu Qingfeng, the leader of the temple, ran desperately towards the east.

His face is very pale, his eyes are full of fear, and he is deeply unwilling.

Because Ye Chen wanted to kill him, and even more because he couldn’t control the Wood Spirit Orb.

Although his connection with the Wood Spirit Orb is still there, he cannot activate the Wood Spirit Orb, even with the slightest stimulus.

This feeling made him crazy.

The Wood Spirit Orb is his treasure, the foundation of his strong rise and unification of the temple, and the foundation for him to fight for hegemony and become the hegemon.

But now, his treasure, Wood Spirit Orb, doesn’t listen to him, how can he be willing.

But, he can’t help it, not only can’t it, he has to run away quickly.

Because Ye Chen used the Gunslinger, although Ye Chen didn’t kill him directly, he knew very well that after Ye Chen cleaned up Mo Yan, he would definitely be the next one.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

Like him, Ye Chen rushed towards Mo Yan’s Earth Spirit Orb, and of course, his Wood Spirit Orb.

If Ye Chen wants to obtain the Wood Spirit Orb completely, he must be destroyed. Mu Qingfeng knows this very well.

Because he is the owner of the Wood Spirit Orb, he knows that the Wood Spirit Orb will protect a trace of his soul so that he will not completely die.

Of course, Mu Qingfeng knew one thing better, even if there was no Wood Spirit Orb, Ye Chen would not let him go.

Because he and Ye Chen clamored on the World Channel, and even satirized Ye Chen, asking Ye Chen to look good.

As for the fact that he is so awesome, he dared to fight Ye Chen hard, the root is in the Wood Lingzhu and the League of Beauty.

He wanted to take over tens of thousands of women from the Beauty League, and then use the Wooden Spirit Orb to suck away the primordial yin of all the Beauty League, and then quickly become stronger, breaking through the Transcendence Realm, and even stronger.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen opened his mouth to protect the League of Beauty, so he was angry, and did not hesitate to ridicule Ye Chen, threatening Ye Chen, because he has a wood spirit orb, he will release wood spells, he feels that he Invincible.

But when I met Ye Chen today, he only knew what the world was invincible, it was all farting. In front of Ye Chen, he was just an ant.

Such a powerful Wood Spirit Orb was caught by Ye Chen and couldn’t move. How dare he continue to be hostile with such a perversion.

So, he ran away without hesitation, and even ignored the Wooden Spirit Orb.

He didn’t want to be stabbed to death by the Killing Spear. In his opinion, Ye Chen’s Killing Spear was too evil, even his soul could be swallowed. If he really died, there would be nothing.

Mu Qingfeng ran away frantically, his face distorted, he hated, he complained, he was unwilling and regretted.

Just after Mu Qingfeng jumped out ten meters again, the space in front of him suddenly twisted.

The dark, thick Gunslinger came out of the distorted space.


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