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Chapter 544: Countermeasures

When Ye Chen heard what Guo Yi and Tian Feng said, he was slightly taken aback, and then frowned.

Guo Yi and Tian Feng persuaded Ye Chen to resign. They certainly didn’t really want Ye Chen to resign. Ye Chen could see this naturally.

You know, Guo Yi and Tian Feng are deadly loyal to Ye Chen.

No matter what they do or say, it is for Ye Chen’s sake, and it is impossible to entrap Ye Chen.

The problem is that they both persuaded Ye Chen to resign at the moment. If this is all right, it would be weird.

Of course, the problem is not with Guo Yi and Tian Feng, but from outside.

Could it be

Thinking of this, Ye Chen frowned again, then looked at Guo Yi and Tian Feng, and asked:

“When the monster was just killed , Did the army chase down Luoyang City? Or”

When Ye Chen was in the reincarnation city army to clear and suppress the monster clan army, his divine consciousness had been covering the battlefield, and he naturally knew that Liu Hong had ascended the Luoyang city wall.

If the army of the reincarnation city chases and kills the army of the demon race, and really chases down Luoyang city, then 100% will be seen by Liu Hong.

Once Liu Hong sees the cavalry army in Samsara City, Liu Hong will inevitably be jealous.

You must know that the army of Reincarnation City totaled 2.41 million, such a huge number, all high-grade equipment, and the ferocity of the Cavalry in Reincarnation City, how could Liu Hong feel at ease.

And this is why Ye Chen asked so.

Knowing that this place is ancient, it is not a good thing to make the emperor jealous.

If Liu Hong sees the army of the reincarnation city, Liu Hong will definitely be jealous, and then he will make a series of arrangements for Ye Chen.

For example, the position of Tiao Ye Chen changed from a military officer to a civilian officer.

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Or find any reason to dismiss Ye Chen’s official.

Of course, according to Liu Hong’s urinary sex, it is more likely to let Ye Chen go to Luoyang alone, give Ye Chen a big official, a high title, and then let Ye Chen guard Luoyang and take Ye Chen away. Military power.

No matter what kind of result, it is not good for Ye Chen, and it is not what Ye Chen wants to see.

Although Ye Chen is not afraid, and Ye Chen has the ability to directly sweep the world, Ye Chen cannot do that.

Because Ye Chen’s goal is to gather heaven and earth fortune, and then the whole country soars.

Once Ye Chen made a move in advance, then the heaven and earth luck would definitely lose part of it.

This is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

Therefore, even if Ye Chen makes a move, it will only be after Liu Hong hangs up and the battle for hegemony starts.

Of course, it is a bit early to say this, but this does not prevent Ye Chen from guessing.

Although Ye Chen didn’t know the specific reasons for Guo Yi, Tian Feng persuaded Ye Chen to “retreat with advancement” and voluntarily resign.

However, Ye Chen knew very well that there must be something that could affect Ye Chen’s dominance, and they all pointed to Liu Hong.

Otherwise, Guo Yi and Tian Feng won’t say that, and Ye Chen won’t ask like that.

“Enlighten the lord, the army has never approached Luoyang, but your majesty sent General He Jin to lead the army to investigate.” Guo Yi hurriedly bowed and worshiped after hearing Ye Chen’s inquiry.

Ye Chen couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he heard this.

It’s better not to see Liu Hong with his own eyes.

Liu Hong is a fool, but if Liu Hong sees the tyrannical perversion of the army in the city of reincarnation with his own eyes, then no matter what Ye Chen said. Even if it is to give Zhang Li a gift, it is useless to let Zhang Li fool Liu Hong.

Liu Hong will definitely not let Ye Chen leave alone, and then will make a series of arrangements for Ye Chen.

If Ye Chen doesn’t resist, then he will follow Liu Hong’s way.

If Ye Chen gets angry and shoots directly, he will lose a part of his luck.

However, fortunately, it was He Jin, not Liu Hong, so the matter was not so serious.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled slightly, then looked at Guo Yi, and said:

“Feng Xiao did a good job, He Jin can’t die yet.”

He Jin is Ye Chen’s enemy, but He Jin can’t die yet.

Because of his fight with Zhang Li, Dong Da came to Beijing, which led to the plot of Dong Da’s chaos, and then the princes challenged Dong and the princes struggled for hegemony.

To put it simply, He Jin is one of the chess pieces that pushed the man to die.

Therefore, He Jin cannot die, and death is not now.

As for Ye Chen’s praise of Guo Yi, it is also because Guo Yi didn’t do it directly, so why should he go in?

Otherwise, Guo Yi would not persuade Ye Chen to “retreat as progress” and voluntarily resign.

Of course, this is also because Guo Yi and Tian Feng know the role of He Jin, otherwise how could the two of them let He Jin go.

You must know that this is a battlefield with countless monsters. Guo Yi, a super-class historical civil minister, and a first-class historical civil minister, Tian Feng, wanted He Jin to get out of the city.

After hearing Ye Chen’s praise, Guo Yi couldn’t help but smile, and then bowed and said:

“Master, have you thought about the reason for resigning?”

When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn’t help but glared at Guo Yi, and then said:

“Speak quickly!”

“Yes! Lord!” Guo Yi saw Ye After Chen’s eyes, he couldn’t help but sneered a few times, and then said:

“The lord, your majesty’s fear of the lord comes from the power of the master, and also from the strength of the lord’s army.

For the former, the lord does not have to worry, because the battle has been assigned to Dong Da and Lu Zhi.

For the latter, the lord only needs to make a ruin in the original place of the reincarnation fairy city, and then leave more than ten thousand people behind. That’s all.”

“Feng Xiao means that your majesty will send someone to Youzhou to investigate the reality of the reincarnation fairy city?” Ye Chen frowned when he heard this, and then asked.

Guo Yi nodded, and then bowed and said:

“It is true, lord, your majesty is mediocre, but when it comes to the stability of the great Han rivers and mountains, he will not sit idly by. Even if Zhang Li persuades, Your Majesty will not easily dispel the doubts in his mind.”

Guo Yi hesitated after talking about this, and then bowed and said:

“The lord, there is still the reincarnation fairy city The heavenly teleportation array exists, should you close the teleportation array directly?”

Guo Yi hesitated, also because Ye Chen would build an auxiliary teleportation array in the subordinate territory and expedition to the village.

After all, the expedition village has a thousand-year-old mysterious iron wood. Adding a little when forging can make the equipment grade +1, which is very useful.

Once the teleportation formation of the reincarnation city is closed, the teleportation formation of the dependent territory, even if it is built, don’t even think about it.

Because it is a subsidiary teleportation array of the reincarnation fairy city heavenly teleportation array, if you want to teleport to the past, you can only use the reincarnation fairy city teleportation array to teleport from elsewhere, which is impossible.

In this way, it will affect Ye Chen’s army’s plan to replace equipment.

It is precisely for this reason that Guo Yi hesitates so much.

However, the teleportation array in the reincarnation city must be closed. Otherwise, the people sent by Liu Hong will definitely be sent directly to the reincarnation fairy city through the palace teleportation array.

“It’s okay, just close it directly, it will have no effect.” Ye Chen smiled when he heard this, and then spoke.

Hearing this, Guo Yi was stunned, and Tian Feng on the side was also stunned.

In the next second, the two of them thought of Ye Chen’s special ability, controlling space.

Plus, the ability to fly in the reincarnation fairy city.

The combination of the two is not as simple as one plus one. There is really no effect on whether there is a teleportation array.

Thinking of this, the two laughed together, then bowed and said, “The lord is wise!”


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