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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 562: Taking Charge of Ten Thousand Thunders Read Novel

Chapter 562: Taking Charge of Ten Thousand Thunders – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 562: Taking Charge of Ten Thousand Thunders

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen’s eyes lit up sharply.

Fuck! It turned out to be the Supreme Thunder Element

In other words, Hongjun in the prehistoric world has not refined the origin of the Thunder Element at this moment. It is an introduction to the title attribute of the supreme.

The Supreme Thunder: In charge of ten thousand thunders, his abilities continue to grow stronger as his realm improves.

The introduction is very simple and rude, but the four characters “in charge of ten thousand thunder” directly explain the characteristics of the supreme thunder system.

To be precise, as long as it is Thunder, no matter what attribute Thunder is, it will be controlled by Ye Chen.

For example, Nine Heavens Thunder, Nine Nether Thunder, Kui Shui Lei, Thick Earth Lei, etc. Even the strongest Heaven Punishment can be controlled by Ye Chen as long as it belongs to the Thunder Element.

As for the reason, it is simple.

Ye Chen refined the origin of the Thunder Element, and obtained the title of Supreme Thunder Element. Among the Thunder Element, Ye Chen is the only king.

Of course, it is undeniable that Ye Chen’s realm at the moment is still very low. There are many lightning methods. Even if Ye Chen has the title of “Thunder Element Supreme”, he will not be able to release it.

But the “Thunder Element Supreme” represents the Thunder Element Avenue!

As long as Ye Chen’s realm is reached, then Ye Chen can directly use all the lightning spells that can be used in that realm without hindrance.

This is very perverted and domineering, but this is the case.

Who told Ye Chen to be the first to refine the origin of the Thunder Element and open the gate at the top of the Thunder Element Avenue.

Ye Chen’s realm is very low, but as long as Ye Chen’s realm rises, then Ye Chen is the king, the emperor in the thunder system.

In fact, even Ye Chen himself did not expect that after refining the origin of the Thunder System, he would directly obtain the title of “Thunder System Supreme”.

Originally, Ye Chen thought that Hongjun had refined the origin of the Thunder Element and became the “Thunder Element Supreme”.

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But now, Ye Chen has become the “Thunder Element Supreme”, the result is already obvious, Hong Jun has not yet refined the origin of the Thunder Element.

For Ye Chen, this is tantamount to great news.

Because of the Three Thousand Avenue, only one person can go to the top, and this person is none other than the Supreme.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not have received a special plot task directly after refining the origin of the space.

Within ten thousand years, defeated Great Immortal Yang Mei who also refined the origin of space, and won the position of supreme space.

The mission is very abnormal, because Great Immortal Yang Mei is the supreme space, and he can abuse Hongjun’s existence.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that this has clearly stated the rules between heaven and earth.

The supreme position can only be assumed by one person.

And Ye Chen is now the Supreme, the Thunder System Supreme. If Hongjun wants to control the Thunder System Avenue, he must defeat Ye Chen, and he must defeat Ye Chen after Ye Chen controls the Thunder System Avenue in order to be true. Become the supreme thunder system and control the thunder system avenue.

Otherwise, Hongjun’s energy will always be ranked second in the Thunder System.

This is the rule limit, the rule limit of Three Thousand Avenue.

After Ye Chen took control of the Thunder System Avenue, Ye Chen must have been sanctified long ago. At that time, how could Ye Chen fear Hongjun.

Even if Hongjun at that time was Hongjun after joining the Dao, he would not be taken to Ye Chen’s heart.

Because Ye Chen went on the road of vigorous proving of the Tao, once he succeeds, it is the Tao of Heaven, and Ye Chen is not afraid.

It is precisely because of these that Ye Chen is so excited.

Nima, I didn’t expect that the realm is low, it can still take advantage

Yes, yes, cut Hu Hongjun, hahaha

The realm of Ye Chen at this moment is low, Hongjun takes Ye Chen There was no way at all, it was the exact opposite of Ye Chen’s ability to challenge Great Immortal Yang Mei, who was the supreme space at any time.

To challenge Ye Chen and steal the title of “Thunder Element Supreme”, Hongjun had to wait for Ye Chenxiu to reach the realm.

Ye Chen challenged Daxian Yang Mei at any time.

Waiting for Lao Tzu’s thunder system avenue to reach the perfection, he directly controlled the thunder system heaven punishment, whoever wanted to be smashed, he would slash him.

In the next second, Ye Chen appeared directly outside Luoyang City.

Glancing at the sky full of stars, Ye Chen’s mouth curled slightly, and then his right hand pointed towards the sky.


As soon as Ye Chen’s voice fell, the cloudless night sky suddenly made up for it.

In the next second, the thunder that shook the sky and the earth instantly sounded.


The thunder was very loud, and the trembling world buzzed.

The players, people, soldiers, and generals in Luoyang City, even the Han Emperor Liu Hong, all shuddered at this moment, and some even utterly fart or sat on the ground.

The thunder was so loud that many people were deaf by the thunder.

The players and the natives in Luoyang City were stunned, even frightened inexplicably, when the thick lightning of the thousands of water tanks fell suddenly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The ground that was blocked by the sky suddenly appeared as bright as daylight.

And the ground, at this moment, began to shake violently.

Outside Luoyang City, beside the fierce giant lightning, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, yes, the mana consumption is nine tenths less than before.

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth curled up, and then he stepped forward.

In the next second, Ye Chen walked into the distorted space, and then disappeared.

Ye Chen left, but the whole Luoyang was boiling.

“Fuck! What the hell was that just now! Who was struck by lightning?”

“What did you say? I can’t hear you!”

“That’s right, then The thunder is so loud, I’m going to be deafened in ears.”

“Thunder is a fart, look at the lightning, his, is it lightning? The water tank is so thick, what is it, if it falls into the crowd, how many people will have to be killed?”

“Huh? You see, the lightning in the inn is gone!”

“Fuck! Could it be that Ye Chen caused the thousands of perverted lightning just now?”

“I feel it is very possible, you think, normal thunder, it is impossible to fall thousands of lightning, it is so thick that the water tank is so thick, besides, the players only seem to have Ye Chen capable of spells. Ah”

“Damn, that’s really the case. With that said, Ye Chen’s lightning spell has become a big success?”

“The ghost knows what the power of thunder spells is. Anyway, I only know one thing. Ye Chen is so perverted.”

“Alas, people are better than people, so angry, I Go to bed and wait for the auction tomorrow.”

“I’m going to bed too, right? It’s better to be honest if you see Ye Chen in the future. If this makes Ye Chen upset, a thunder If you hack it, everyone has to hang up.”

“Go, go, I can’t see any tricks here. If Ye Chen gets upset, he may throw a flash of lightning out of him.”

Just as the players were talking about you and me, the people in Luoyang city kneeled in horror, praying towards the sky and asking for forgiveness.

In their view, the thousands of thunders that suddenly fell, it was God who was angry, otherwise, how could there be so many lightnings all at once, and the water tanks were thick.

Luoyang Palace.

Liu Hong’s face turned pale and looked at the normal night sky again. For a long time, he looked at Zhang Li beside him, and then asked:

“Father, you say , Is this a warning from God?”

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Chapter 562: Taking Charge of Ten Thousand Thunders – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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