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Chapter 563: Zhang Li’s hard work – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 563: Zhang Li’s hard work

Liu Hong’s gaze was a little wandering, but it was more frightened.

Although he tried to cover up, he couldn’t cover up the negative emotions in his eyes at all.

At this moment, the Golden Turban was wiped out, and the Yaozu was wiped out, but this happened after all.

Even if he knew that the crisis had been cleared, Liu Hong still had a fear that had not yet been completely dispelled.

And these fears erupted with the sudden appearance of thousands of thunder outside Luoyang City.

Liu Hong began to be suspicious again, and then began to be jealous.

Zhang Li beside Liu Hong, his face changed slightly after hearing Liu Hong’s question, but he immediately returned to normal.

Because he did not dare to let Liu Hong see the change in his expression, of course, this is not very important. What is important is that Zhang Li felt a little suspicion from Liu Hong’s words.

There is nothing wrong with suspicion. Everyone has suspicion, but if the suspicion comes from the emperor, it is different.

As the result of the emperor’s jealousy, it is often bloody and unreasonable.

As for Liu Hong’s suspicion, in Zhang Li’s view, ninety percent of them were aimed at the Hussar General Ye Chen who has become the Youwang.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

In the Han Empire at this moment, only General Huqi Ye Chen has the capital to make Liu Hong jealous.

It was precisely for this reason that Zhang Li’s face suddenly changed.

In Zhang Li’s view, Ye Chen is an important and indispensable figure in the eunuch’s line. Whoever has a problem, Ye Chen can’t have a problem.

Otherwise, the eunuch’s prestige and confidence in the court will be severely restricted.

This is not what Zhang Li wants to see.

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Thinking of this, Zhang Li gave Liu Hong a cautious look, then bowed and said:

“Your Majesty is the Ninth Five-Year Supreme, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, otherwise the big man will not be in trouble. At the time, a hero like Youwang appeared.

The lightning just now appeared to the servants, it was God who was clearing the demon spirit left in the world. After all, the demon clan had just been wiped out by Youwang, so there must be a little bit of it. The evil spirit remains in the world.”

Zhang Li is naturally talking nonsense, but when he hears Liu Hong’s ears, he is very reasonable and well-founded.

In fact, Zhang Li had to say so, and he didn’t want Liu Hong to suspect Ye Chen again because of the terrible thunder that suddenly appeared outside Luoyang.

After Liu Hong heard what Zhang Li said, he was taken aback for a moment, and then looked in the direction outside Luoyang city. After a long time, Liu Hong exhaled a long breath, and then said:

“Let my father say it is right, my country is guarded by King You, and I have given me a marriage. Marrying two princesses, King You will not betray me”

said Liu Hong At this point, the gaze in his eyes finally became a lot firmer.

This time, Liu Hong didn’t say anything about the warning from the heavens. Instead, he directly named Ye Chen’s name. Obviously, Liu Hong was really jealous of Ye Chen again just now, and the root cause was Outside Luoyang city, the thunderous thunder suddenly appeared.

If Ye Chen knew this, it would definitely hurt for a while. Of course, Ye Chen didn’t know about it, so Ye Chen would not hurt.

In fact, even if Ye Chen knew that Liu Hong was jealous of himself again, he wouldn’t care.

Because Ye Chen knows one thing very well, he regards himself as his own eunuch Zhang Li, and will not stand idly by. He will definitely try every means to protect Ye Chen’s interests.

Ye Chen confirmed this very well.

After all, Ye Chen has always built, except for “the pillars of the great man with great military merit”, they are “the mainstay of the eunuch line.”

Of course, these two senses are relative to the Manchu civil and military and eunuchs. No matter which line they are, Ye Chen is believed to belong to them.

And these are due to Guo Yi’s original plan.

Although Ye Chen had made calculations when he first went to Luoyang before, Guo Yi supplemented Ye Chen’s plan, which made Ye Chen easy to move between the two systems, and there were no flaws in it.

When Zhang Li heard Liu Hongman’s emotions and the words “forced to convince himself”, he immediately smiled and said:

“Your Majesty said very much, but your Majesty, the slave and maid, feel that the marriage of King You But it’s a major event, and it’s a matter of society and society. It must not be sloppy or procrastinated.

Your Majesty might as well directly confirm the time and let General Huqi get married early. In this way, it will make all the rebellious officials and criminals of the great man be mindful Be afraid, and then don’t dare to act rashly.”

Zhang Li’s words, at first glance, they are all for Liu Hong’s sake, but in fact, there is something in the words.

To be precise, Zhang Li was suggesting that Liu Hong and Ye Chen were not threatened by the great man. The real threat was the rebellious officials and thieves who wanted to steal the great Han Jiangshan, and the general Ye Qiqi Chen is actually loyal.

“Not bad! Not bad! Let my father, find someone to check the time quickly, the sooner you are the king of your marriage, the better!” Liu Hong heard this, his eyes lit up, and then he said with excitement.

Liu Hong’s words are full of surprises and relaxation. Obviously, Liu Hong will still be jealous of Ye Chen, and once again eliminate ninety-nine percent of the jealousy. The only bit of jealousy is also placed on Ye. Can Chen marry Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao.

For Liu Hong, the sooner Ye Chen married Princess Zhaoyang Daqiao and Princess Changle Xiaoqiao, the happier he was, and of course, the more at ease.

When Zhang Li heard this, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and then bowed in flattery and said:

“Yes! Your majesty! The slave and maid will go find someone to calculate the auspicious day. You Wang will marry Princess Zhaoyang and Princess Changle as soon as possible.”

“Okay! Go!” Liu Hong laughed and said.

Zhang Li nodded with a smile on his face, and then bowed again, before turning around and hurriedly leaving the hall.

When Zhang Li left the hall and came to an empty corner, he looked around, then waved at the dark place.

In the next second, a little eunuch hurried over, and then bowed and said:

“The slave and maid will pay respect to the father-in-law.”

“Quickly go.” Find You King, and then tell You King that you must make the offer more generous. If the offer is difficult, tell You King that the miscellaneous family will help him. In addition, send 10,000 Yulin Army to the palace where Princess Zhaoyang and Princess Changle will be picked up. Come in.Zhang Li nodded, and then said in a deep voice.

The little lady listened to this and was taken aback for a moment, then bowed and asked: “Father, is You King still in Luoyang?””

Obviously, this little eunuch knew about Ye Chen’s departure from Luoyang after leaving Zhang Li’s mansion, otherwise he would not ask like that.

Zhang Li heard this, meditated for a moment, and then He nodded incomparably and said:

“The general Hussar may leave before, but the decree of your majesty has been laid down, General Hussar will definitely return to Luoyang, waiting to marry the two princesses.

In this way, you send more people and divide into two teams. One team is looking for Youwang in Luoyang and the other is going to Youzhou. Be sure to find Youwang as soon as possible, and tell the miscellaneous family’s words to Youwang. Chi will change.”

Zhang Li said that after he was late, he changed. Naturally, he was worried that Liu Hong would have some suspicion again.

If you talk about others, Zhang Li may not know, but Liu Hong and Zhang Li know too well. And it is precisely because of the clarity that Zhang Li wanted to quickly finish the marriage of Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, and Ye Chen.

Only when Ye Chen married the two big-han princesses, will Liu Hong be done. Completely give up the suspicion of Ye Chen, and then Ye Chen will be safe and sound.

Only Ye Chen will be safe and sound, and their eunuchs will be in full swing, and then they will crush all the civil and military forces, and exhale.

After all, Ye Chen is an “eunuch department”. With Ye Chen, the Manchu civil and military will be ashamed and embarrassed, and then he dare not look up.

Think about it and know that the Manchu civil and military have a headache with the golden scarf and are helpless against the monster race. No one can solve the disaster facing the big man.

In the end, he was not a capable person of the “Eunuch Department”, Hussar General Ye Chen took action and solved all this.

Therefore, as long as Ye Chen is here, the Manchu civil and military will be crushed by the eunuch’s line, and it will be crushed completely.

It is precisely for these reasons that Zhang Li went all out to help Ye Chen.

Of course, this is what Zhang Li thinks, and it is his unwavering point of view.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Zhang Li to help Ye Chen wholeheartedly because of the money Ye Chen provided.

Unfortunately, what Zhang Li doesn’t know is that all of this is his fantasy.

Ye Chen doesn’t belong to any department at all.

Regardless of whether it is an eunuch or a Manchu civil or military, all their “thoughts” and all “viewpoints” are illusions that Ye Chen designed early in the morning.

After listening to Zhang Li’s instructions, the little lady hurriedly bowed and said: “Yes! Father-in-law!”

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Chapter 563: Zhang Li’s hard work – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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