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Chapter 567: Shocked

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the little eunuch, who was shocked by the shocking value of the exotic treasures, suddenly returned to his senses, and then swallowed heavily with a “gudong” sound.

Although the little eunuch has no place in the palace, he is not stupid. He naturally knows what Zhang Li meant by sending him to look for Ye Chen.

What kind of betrothal gifts are prepared more generously, it seems that Ye Chen expresses to the whole world that he values ​​the marriage of the two princesses.

Actually, these are actually Zhang Li who deliberately let Ye Chen show Liu Hong.

As for the purpose, it is nothing more than to reassure Liu Hong and stop worrying about Ye Chen and doubt Ye Chen.

Of course, Liu Hong’s fear of Ye Chen’s incident was not spread, but the little eunuch knew about it.

Because he is one of the little eunuchs serving Liu Hong, as long as Zhang Li is not in the palace, he and several other little eunuchs will always listen to Liu Hong’s instructions.

Although the little eunuch doesn’t speak most of the time, he always stands not far from Liu Hong, waiting for dispatch.

So, Liu Hong’s previous conversation with Zhang Li was heard in his ears.

It was precisely because of hearing that, the little eunuch knew that Liu Hong was jealous, doubted about Ye Chen, and also knew why Liu Hong recognized Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao as his daughter. He couldn’t wait to recognize the two of them. “S daughter, married to Ye Chen.

Of course, these have nothing to do with the eunuch, but this does not hinder the judgment of the eunuch.

As long as Ye Chen expresses the importance and joy of marrying the princess, he can definitely put away the only fear and suspicion in Liu Hong’s heart.

And now, what the little eunuch saw, three hundred boxes of rare and exotic treasures, was taken out by Ye Chen casually.

Although one hundred boxes are for Zhang Li, the other two hundred boxes are genuine dowry for the two princesses of the Han Empire.

This is no longer a simple betrothal gift. It is simply cruel, so cruel that even a small eunuch who has seen a lot of big scenes feels heart trembling.

What’s more, the value of this sky-high betrothal gift has already broken the sky. Even if all of Liu Hong’s money is added up, it can’t compare with the value of these two hundred boxes of rare and exotic treasures.

If Liu Hong sees these two hundred boxes of rare and exotic treasures, he will be 100% excited, and he will even wake up after sleeping at night.

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The little eunuch is very sure about this, because he knows what Liu Hong’s special hobbies are.

As long as there is money and a lot of money goes into the account, Liu Hong will be happy.

And Ye Chen directly produced two hundred boxes of rare and extraordinary treasures, if Liu Hong were not excited or excited, that would be a strange thing.

In this way, Liu Hong will only remember Ye Chen’s goodness, and it is impossible to think about how perverted and powerful Ye Chen is.

And this is also the root cause of the little eunuch’s shock.

He didn’t expect Ye Chen to have such courage.

This is so special, it’s like looking at money like dirt.

Trying to stabilize the heart that was shocked by the shocking betrothal gift, the little eunuch hurried to Ye Chen, “very solemnly” bowed and said:

“Maid slave, thank you Lord You Wang The slave maid swears that she will do her best to never damage Lord You’s betrothal gift. If it is damaged, the slave maid would like to raise her head to see you!”

The little eunuch’s heart at this moment is complicated. Shocked, surprised, and a little touched.

Because Ye Chen actually handed over the rare and exotic treasures whose value had broken through the sky to transport him.

If this is in the process of transporting a few pieces of rare and exotic treasures, Ye Chen would definitely not know, and Zhang Li would not know, even Liu Hong.

Because Ye Chen didn’t intervene in this matter at all, and didn’t show the details of the rare and exotic treasures, so the little eunuch would have enough room for manipulation.

Of course, this is not important. The important thing is that Ye Chen’s decision is to trust the little eunuch, otherwise, it is impossible for Ye Chen to give him the betrothal gift that has exceeded the horizon.

And this is the root cause of the complexity of the little eunuch’s heart.

Ye Chen glanced at the little eunuch who had a “serious face and a little touched”, then smiled and nodded and said:

“So, this will trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble, the slave and maid can do things for Lord Youwang, that’s a good thing that can’t be exchanged in a few lifetimes.” Xiaotai listened to this, and immediately bowed and bowed in prayer.

Ye Chen laughed and was about to speak. The little eunuch suddenly remembered something, and then said again:

“Master You Wang, the betrothal gift is not only a rare treasure, but also a lot of specialties. I don’t know if those things missing in the betrothal gift are made up by the servants, or Lord Youwang personally sent someone to buy them?”

As soon as the little eunuch’s words landed, Ye Chen couldn’t help but froze.

What’s the special thing, do you need to prepare something else for the bride price?

Ye Chen is reborn and knows a lot about things, but Ye Chen really doesn’t know what to do with the betrothal gift to marry the princess.

Fortunately, this little eunuch wanted to take credit and make a relationship. This saves trouble.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, and then said with a smile:

“The demon clan has just been wiped out, and the king is unable to return to the territory for the time being. No one who follows the king knows this. Therefore, the missing part of the betrothal gift will trouble you.”

“Master You King , You can turn off the slave and maidservant, but the maidservant is eager to do something for you, Lord Youwang.” Xiaotai listened to this, and said with a “open eyebrow and smile”.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, then made a move with his right hand.

In the next second, a box full of purple gold coins appeared in front of the little eunuch in an instant.

Glancing at the box containing purple gold coins on the ground, Ye Chen said with a smile:

“If these purple gold coins are not enough, even if you come to this king, this king will not Leaving Luoyang.”

The little eunuch was initially taken aback when he saw a box that suddenly appeared in front of him, but now he heard Ye Chen finish, the little eunuch’s eyes froze.

He was still guessing whether the box that just appeared was filled with copper coins, silver coins, or gold coins, but he didn’t guess the purple gold coins.

After all, the rest of the gifts to be prepared, even the best, don’t cost much.

Otherwise, how could the little eunuch dare to promise to personally prepare the rest of the bride price.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that all the boxes are filled with purple gold coins. This is something that the little eunuch had expected.

After regaining consciousness, the little eunuch “greedily and greedily” glanced at the box on the ground, and then “respectfully” bowed and said:

“Master You Wang, don’t need so much. Even if you prepare the best, you don’t need a box.”

“It’s okay, if there is left, just take it for tea.” Ye Chen heard this and took a look with a little bit in his eyes. The “greedy, greedy” little eunuch then said with a smile.

The little maid listened to this, and she was so excited that she hurriedly bowed and said loudly:

“Maid slave, thank you, Lord You, for the reward!”

Ye Chen smiled. Nodded, and was about to speak, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, the player Qin Yan was beheaded by the American game zone players, Jones, and Bresson. The elimination of the border barrier has shortened the time by one day.”

The world announcement three times in a row, instantly detonated. The whole world channel.

“Really, rubbish, why was she killed so quickly? This Nima just passed by”

“I am also wondering, what a special second imperial general. I was killed so soon, right? Even if you encounter a siege and fail to fight, you can still run. Spicy chicken stuff.”

“What’s the matter, contentment, Qin Yan? It’s awesome, what can she do, she’s not Ye Chen, she can pick millions in one shot, and it’s normal to be killed.”


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