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Chapter 575: Golden Wing Roc

After listening to Ye Chen’s words, the little lady was taken aback for a moment, and then she responded with incomparable flattery:

“Master You Wang said yes.”, she looked towards after she said it. The leader of the Yulin Army opened his mouth and said:

“Just do what Master Youwang said.”

“Yes! Father-in-law!” Hearing this, the leader of the Yulin Army nodded hurriedly, then turned and left. Inn.

It didn’t take long for there to be raps and curses in the street, but it soon became quiet.

The players were driven out, naturally, they were upset, and they were all angry, but there was no way, no one dared to make trouble in Luoyang, and no one dared to fight against the Imperial Forest Army. In the end, the players were all driven away.

As soon as the tea time passed, only the Yulin Army was left on the street, and the box containing rare and precious treasures in the upper room of Tianzi was also transported completely at this time.

The little eunuch then resigned with Ye Chen, and then took the imperial forest army and two hundred boxes of rare and exotic treasures to the imperial palace.

Ye Chen, who was standing next to the window in the upper room of Tianzihao, glanced at the leaving little eunuch and his party, then looked at Xu Chu, who was standing still at the door, and shouted:

“Zhong Kang.”

“The end is here!” Xu Chu heard Ye Chen’s call and hurried into the house, then bowed and said loudly.

After hearing Xu Chu’s energetic response, Ye Chen nodded with a smile, and then made a move with his right hand, an innate technique, a heavenly armor, and a heavenly sword. A sky-level strong bow appeared in front of Ye Chen instantly.

Looking at the four objects, Ye Chen waved his right hand, and the four objects flew towards Xu Chu.

When Xu Chu saw this, he was immediately stunned. Xu Chu didn’t see the grade of the cultivation technique for the time being, but Xu Chu could see the heavenly equipment.

It was precisely because of the obvious that Xu Chu was stunned.

Heaven-level equipment is not a Chinese cabbage. Ordinary generals, let alone heaven-level equipment, are mysterious-level equipment that you can own if you don’t see them.

And now, Ye Chen waved his hand and directly gave him three pieces of Heavenly Grade equipment, how could Xu Chu not be stunned.

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At the moment when Xu Chu was stunned, Ye Chen said with a smile:

“These things will be used for the time being, and they will be replaced later when there are better ones.”

Ye Chen’s words were simple and relaxed, but Xu Chu was directly moved by Xu Chu’s ears.

He is a military commander, so he naturally knows the benefits of having good equipment.

Once he obtains these heavenly equipment, his power can definitely be used 100%, or even 120%.

In this way, he can naturally behead and kill the enemy more easily on the battlefield, and then gain more combat exploits.

As long as he has gained a lot of military exploits, his future will inevitably be bright. What kind of glorious lintels, glorious ancestors, is not a problem.

It is precisely because Xu Chu knows these things that after seeing that all the equipment given by Ye Chen is Heavenly Grade, he is moved.

Trying to stabilize the heart that was beating violently because of the touch, Xu Chu bowed heavily and said, “Thank you for the Lord’s gift!”

After Xu Chu finished speaking, he put three pieces of heavenly equipment into one. As soon as he picked it up, he replaced the original equipment of the Imperial Forest Army.

When Xu Chu finished changing his equipment and picked up the innate technique that was still floating in front of him, the boss suddenly stared at him.

Innate practice, this turned out to be innate practice

Xu Chu originally thought that the practice practice given to him by Ye Chen was a holy practice. That is the holy level.

Whoever thinks, he thinks wrong, the exercises given by Ye Chen are not at all holy level, but innate.

Innate cultivation technique, that is not a mortal cultivation technique, and now, his lord, Ye Chen, gave him a copy without hesitation.

At this moment, in addition to being moved, Xu Chu was still moved. For a while, he didn’t even know how to speak.

Ye Chen looked at Xu Chu’s so moved. He wanted to speak many times, but he was still speechless. He smiled slightly, and then said:

“Zhongkang, the future battlefield Above, don’t let me down.”

“Master! The final swears that he will kill all enemies!” Xu Chu heard this, took a deep breath, and exhaled a long time. After that, with a “bang”, he knelt on one knee, then raised his hand to clasp his fist and shouted loudly.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, then with a move with his right hand, a stone appeared in Ye Chen’s hand instantly.

Looking at the stone in his hand, Ye Chen threw the stone to Xu Chu directly.

When Xu Chu saw this, he hurriedly caught it. The next second, Xu Chu opened his eyes suddenly, then raised his head to look at Ye Chen, and said with ecstasy:

“Master, this is”

“Zhong Kang didn’t read it wrong. This is indeed the two-world stone. Is Zhong Kang willing to use it?” Ye Chen nodded his head with a smile, and then asked.

When Xu Chu heard this, he nodded without hesitation and said: “I will be willing!” After speaking, he chose to use it without hesitation.

In the next second, the two world stones directly merged into Xu Chu’s body.

Ye Chen smiled slightly when he saw this, then grabbed Xu Chu’s shoulder and said:

“Don’t resist!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, his mind moved. And then I saw Ye Chen and Xu Chu Qiqi disappear.

Real world, reincarnation city, by the lake.

The little Lolita, Yanhu Yelin, who has turned into a human, pinched her waist with one hand, and yelled:

“The thief bird, don’t think you can fly, wait for the old lady. When my elder brother comes back, he must pluck and light your bird’s feathers and roast you!”

Next to Yanhu Yelin, a five-year-old little Lori, her eyes “fierce” when she heard this. He shook his small fist at the sky, and then shouted:

“Bake you!”

The sky, a golden giant bird with wings spread over a kilometer, heard this, Suddenly there was a cry of birds that shook the sky and the earth.


The next second, the golden bird looked fiercely at Yanhu Yelin and the five-year-old Lori, and shouted sharply:

“You two, return my child to me, otherwise, I will smash your bones and ashes! Ruin this damn broken city!”

In the voice of the golden bird, killing intent Yan Ran, anger stunned the sky, obviously it was anger to the extreme, hatred to the extreme.

“Sister, it’s so fierce, shall we wake up the master?” The five-year-old Lori shook her body involuntarily when she heard this, and then dragged Yanhu Yelin. Clothes, whispered.

“Xiaoyu, you bastard, don’t you think you are so optimistic about your sister?” Ye Lin heard this and immediately knocked on Little Lolita with great irritation, and then asked.

The little Lolita, who was about five years old, rubbed her head, and then said:

“Sister, it’s not that I’m not optimistic about my elder sister, the one in the sky is a mythical beast, a golden winged roc Ah, although the bloodline is weaker, it is also higher than the sister’s fairy beast, and its strength is so strong. In case, if it storms and rushes down, and the brother does not go offline in time, it will not be a bad thing. Is it?”

Yanhu Yelin slapped her forehead when she heard this, and then said silently:

“Why are you so stupid? If it can attack, it won’t be long before After attacking, brother’s reincarnation city now has a protective cover. Although it is about to disappear, no one should want to rush in before it disappears. If you dare to rush, you will definitely be struck by lightning. What is there to worry about.”

“Oh, yes, why did I forget this.” The five-year-old Lori’s eyes lit up when she heard this, and then she said.


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