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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 578: A powerful body, brutal force Read Novel

Chapter 578: A powerful body, brutal force – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 578: A powerful body, brutal force

The golden giant bird with the bloodline of the Golden Wing Roc, attacked extremely fast, and the beak instantly arrived in front of Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen saw this, he instantly regained consciousness, then looked at the golden giant bird close at hand, and curled his lips in disdain.

If the golden giant bird was a pure-blooded golden-winged roc, Ye Chen might really have avoided it.

After all, pure blood represents purity.

That kind of existence is the real Golden Winged Roc.

The real golden-winged roc, the flesh is absolutely tyrannical, whether it is a bird’s beak or a bird’s claw, it can shred the fairy.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s physical body is not strong enough because of the Nine Rank Profound Art, but Ye Chen’s physical body is really incomparable with Immortal Tools.

If this is the real Golden Winged Roc, come up, Ye Chen’s body will really have a few holes.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis, but the real situation is that the golden giant bird in front of me is not a real golden-winged roc.

It just has the bloodline of the Golden Wing Roc, and it is a very thin bloodline.

Therefore, not only does it lack the attack power of a real Golden Winged Roc, it is also too weak.

This kind of existence, not to mention shattering the fairy, is a spiritual weapon, it can be shredded if it is missing.

Although Ye Chen’s physical body is not as good as a fairy weapon, it is impossible to say that it is weaker than a spirit weapon.

To be precise, at this moment, Ye Chen’s body had reached the point where the spirit weapon could not break the defense and the magic weapon was difficult to damage.

So, no matter how the golden bird attacks Ye Chen, don’t try to break Ye Chen’s defense.

And this is also the fundamental reason why Ye Chen didn’t avoid it.

At the moment Ye Chen showed disdain, the beak of the golden giant bird that attacked Ye Chen suddenly widened, and then pecked at Ye Chen.

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The golden giant bird spreads its wings for a thousand meters, and Ye Chen in front of it is like an insignificant bug that can be swallowed in one bite.

If it were replaced by another existence, the golden giant bird would still not be able to see it, but the insect was Ye Chen, the first person in the human race, Ye Chen, so he couldn’t help but not take it seriously.

Because the aura exuding from Ye Chen’s body was too strong, it firmly pressed one end of it.

Before it saw Ye Chen, it thought that the news about Ye Chen it had heard from the same clan was basically false and exaggerated.

For example, Ye Chen is the first person in the human race. For another example, Ye Chen killed all the monster races that invaded the human world, and also killed a black dog little demon who came.

These news, that Ye Chen is the first person in the human race, may be correct, and the other news simply cannot be true.

How could the Ququ human race compare to the Shang Yao race.

However, when the golden bird saw Ye Chen with his own eyes, the golden bird finally knew one thing.

What the people of its family say is true.

It felt the dangerous smell from Ye Chen’s body.

The dangerous smell was so strong that it felt the threat of death.

It didn’t want to be exposed to the danger, so it launched a sneak attack.

If it succeeds, then Ye Chen will be killed by it.

In this way, it can wait for the protective cover of the city of reincarnation to disappear, and then kill the hateful tiger and the fish in the city of reincarnation.

In this way, it can return to its lair with its children.

If the sneak attack fails, then it will go away directly, and then look for opportunities to attack Ye Chen and kill Ye Chen.

As for after the sneak attack failed, Ye Chen would hunt it down, he didn’t care at all.

Because its talent is speed, in this world, it does not think that anyone will be faster than its speed.

Even Ye Chen, the first person of the human race said by those same races, should not be faster than it.

At this point, it is very confident.

Just as the golden giant bird opened its beak and was about to bite Ye Chen, Ye Chen’s right hand instantly clenched a fist, and then swung it out.

There was a “bang”, and Ye Chen’s fist instantly hit the golden bird’s beak.

A brutal force suddenly erupted on the beak of the golden giant bird.

The two eyes of the golden giant bird suddenly burst. At the same time, a strong sense of dizziness appeared in the golden giant bird’s mind.

In the next second, the golden bird’s head involuntarily lifted, and then leaned back.

There was a “bang”.

The head of the golden giant bird was smashed on the back of the golden giant bird by the ferocious force.

The beak faces the sky, and the head faces the tail.

How is it possible!

How could his power be greater than that of the Yaozu!

How could his body be so strong!

The golden giant bird whose sight was forcibly changed by Juli, looking at the sky behind him, the proud bird’s heart suddenly overwhelmed, unable to remain calm.

It’s not that the golden bird never thought about the failure of the sneak attack. It thought about it, but it thought that the sneak attack failed because Ye Chen avoided it directly instead of being violently bombarded by Ye Chen.

But the cruel reality told it one thing, it was proud of its beak, which could easily tear everything apart, even Ye Chen’s skin was not broken.

What makes it even more unacceptable is that Ye Chen’s “worm”-like body actually contains far more power than it.

Thinking of this, a feeling called fear suddenly appeared in the heart of the golden giant bird.

At this moment, Ye Chen lifted his right foot backwards, then kicked hard.

There was a “bang”.

Ye Chen’s right foot hit the golden giant bird’s belly fiercely.

What happens when an ant kicks someone hard?

People will not move at all.

Compared with the golden bird, Ye Chen is just like the ant and the human.

But the result, but the opposite.

The huge golden bird, after Ye Chen kicked it in the stomach, instantly flew back upside down.

In the next second, a stern bird song followed.


Ye Chen watched the golden giant bird flying backwards rapidly, flapping its wings, trying to stabilize the body, curled his beak in disdain, and then flew over.

Just as the golden bird finally controlled its body and the bird’s neck returned to normal, Ye Chen’s fist simply and roughly hit the golden bird’s abdomen.

There was a “bang”.

The two eyes of the golden giant bird widened sharply, and then they were hit high into the sky by the brutal force.


The stern bird song sounded again.

In the next second, the golden giant bird fluttered its wings forcibly, full of demon power, followed by craziness, and then saw the golden giant bird flashing away towards the distance, extremely fast.

The Golden Giant Bird has only one idea now, that is, to leave here far away.

If the sneak attack failed, look for another chance to kill Ye Chen, it doesn’t want to.

Ye Chen is a metamorphosis, not to mention that his physical body is so powerful, his strength is still so great, this is a fart.

The child wants to come back, but don’t think about it now, he wants to leave, he will leave immediately.

Regardless, in the future, the realm will catch up with Ye Chen, and come back for revenge, or directly find a helper, and come back for revenge, you can no longer stay here.

If you continue to stay, there will only be one result, and that is death.

Ye Chen glanced at the golden winged roc, who was flashing away, and smiled coldly.

If you want to escape, do you want to escape?

The monster player gets a special chance. If you don’t enter the game, you can become a monster when you wake up, and it is not in the memory of Ye Chen’s previous life.

And now, Ye Chen saw it, and even got a general idea from Yanhu Ye Lin’s mouth, but Ye Chen didn’t know the details.

Ye Chen didn’t want to make any changes to the layout because of this.

Therefore, Ye Chen must figure out the secrets hidden by the monster clan to the greatest extent.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would solve the golden giant bird as soon as he met him. How could he let it continue to jump.

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Chapter 578: A powerful body, brutal force – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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