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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 579: Frightened Golden Giant Bird Read Novel

Chapter 579: Frightened Golden Giant Bird – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 579: Frightened Golden Giant Bird

Thinking of this, Ye Chen stepped out one step at a time, and then disappeared.

At an altitude of ten thousand meters, golden light is speeding, and the gale is howling.

Because it is too fast, it turned into a golden giant golden bird, desperately moving towards its wings, infusing demon power.

Its speed is constantly soaring as the demon power continues to infuse its wings.

A distance of 10,000 meters, flashed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was 100,000 meters away.

It is a golden-winged roc. Even if its blood is thin, it is also a golden-winged roc. On the earth, it does not think that anyone can fly faster than it.

But it dared not stop, let alone relax.

Because it knows that Ye Chen’s realm is higher than it, and even if the speed is not as good as it, it can’t be much lower than it.

So, it must continue to fly and cannot relax for a moment.

Only by leaving Ye Chen far away can it be truly safe.

Fly, continue to fly, never stop, just what the golden bird is thinking at the moment.

Ten miles, one hundred miles, one hundred kilometers, five hundred kilometers.

At the time of a cup of tea, the golden giant bird flew 500 kilometers away.

However, Ye Chen has not caught up.

The golden giant bird who discovered this, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The first person in the damn human race, I won’t let you go. You wait for me.

The golden bird’s head glanced back, and then thought fiercely.

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However, at this moment, in front of the golden bird, the space suddenly distorted.

In the next second, Ye Chen stepped out of the distorted space.

The moment Ye Chen appeared in front of the golden giant bird, looking back to see if Ye Chen had caught up with the golden giant bird, the bird’s heart suddenly “cocked” and then shivered involuntarily.

In the next second, the golden bird hurriedly looked forward.

When it saw the front, after Ye Chen appeared out of thin air, its two bird eyes shrank sharply.

How is it possible!

How could Ye Chen be faster than me!

The golden giant bird didn’t expect Ye Chen, who hadn’t caught up to it, suddenly appeared in front of it.

This result makes it unacceptable.

In the eyes of Golden Giant Bird, it is the king of speed in the real world. No one can be faster than it, but Ye Chen just appeared in front of it.

However, shocked to shock, the golden giant bird did not hesitate at all, and his wings slapped towards Ye Chen without hesitation.

In the next second, the sky full of blue wind blade appeared out of thin air, and then quickly shot towards Ye Chen.

“Swish swish”

The sound of the wind blade cutting the air was followed by an extremely dense sound.

At the same time, the golden giant bird changed direction without hesitation, and then flew quickly toward the distance.

It released magic, and it was a powerful magic. Every wind blade could easily cut 10,000 tons of boulders, but it still didn’t dare to face Ye Chen head-on.

Because it knows that Ye Chen, who can ignore its physical attacks, is unlikely to be killed by its wind blade. More importantly, Ye Chen still has a big black spear that can wipe out the soul.

Before, Ye Chen used his bare hands and abused it. If Ye Chen took out the extremely abnormal black gun, there would be no way for it to survive.

Of course, the news about the big black gun was told by its family.

If it had been before, the golden bird might have suspected the authenticity of the big black gun.

But now, when the golden giant bird comes to face, Ye Chen will not want it, how can he doubt it.

So, the golden bird didn’t want to try, let alone try, the power of that big black gun.

If it is really killed by the big black spear, then its soul will be completely gone, and you won’t even want to do it at that time.

This is not the result it wants to see.

So, it attacked Ye Chen without hesitation, and then wanted to use Ye Chen’s time to resist the wind blade, directly change direction and then continue to flee.

Ye Chen glanced at the golden giant bird flying so desperately, curled his mouth in disdain, and made a move with his right hand. The dark and thick gunshot appeared instantly, and then lifted his left hand.

At the same time, the vitality of heaven and earth surged violently, and then gathered in the sky above Ye Chen.

In the next second, a giant hand covering the sky with extremely clear veins appeared out of thin air. Then, following Ye Chen’s left hand, he patted the sky-blue wind blade that was shooting rapidly.

Along with the photo of the giant hand covering the sky, there was a dull loud noise instantly from an altitude of 10,000 meters.


The sound is like a drum, shaking the sky.

The white clouds within a kilometer were also beaten apart forcibly at this moment, and then rolled away towards the distance.

In the next second, a burst of dense air burst into pieces.

“Boom, boom, boom”

I saw the sky full of wind blades that were shot at a rapid speed, which was instantly shattered by the sky-shielding giant hand, and then disappeared without a trace.

Ye Chen’s physical body can naturally resist the sky full of cyan wind blades, but the clothes on Ye Chen can’t resist.

If this is cut by the wind blade, Ye Chen will be fine, but Ye Chen’s clothes will definitely be shredded, and Ye Chen will become the first person in the human race without clothes.

Ye Chen doesn’t have farts and stocks, and reveals the love of big birds.

In the distance, the golden giant bird flying swiftly, after hearing the dull sound of a drum behind him and the burst of dense air, his two bird eyes shrank sharply.

That voice had clearly told the golden giant bird one thing, and its cyan wind blade was easily dissipated.

At this moment, the only remaining fantasy in the heart of the golden bird completely disappeared.

It was not unimaginable that Ye Chen was injured by the blue wind blade, and even killed by the blue wind blade.

But the cruel reality woke it up.

Ye Chen is really not afraid of the blue wind blade.

Run, run away!

The golden giant bird thought about it a bit collapsed, and again desperately instigated its demon power.

It must get rid of Ye Chen if it wants to escape quickly, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

Behind, Ye Chen, holding the dark and thick Gunkiller in his right hand, glanced at the golden light in the distance, smiled coldly, and then moved his mind, the Innate True Essence moved instantly, and then poured into the Gunkiller.

“Om, Om”

The dark and thick Gunkiller, with the infusion of Ye Chen’s Innate True Essence, began to tremble.

When Ye Chen stopped pouring innate true essence, his eyes suddenly opened, holding the right hand of the Gunkiller, and slashing towards the void in front of him fiercely.

There was a “poof”.

A two-kilometer-long black wind blade appeared instantly, and then cut to the space that was suddenly twisted forward.

In the next second, the black wind blade disappeared.

In the distance, in front of the golden giant bird flying desperately, the space suddenly distorted.

In the next second, a two-kilometer-long wind blade with an aura of destruction flew out of the distorted space in an instant, and then quickly shot at the golden giant bird.

The golden bird, who was fleeing with his life, narrowed his eyes sharply, and then shouted in surprise:

“How is it possible!”

What about the golden bird Unexpectedly, Ye Chen didn’t catch up, but the attack appeared, and it appeared out of thin air.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is the destructive aura exuded by the black wind blade.

The breath made it tremble all over, and it was chilling.

No! You can’t be attacked by it, or you will die!

The golden giant bird finished thinking in horror, and then exhausted its strength, trying to change direction, avoiding the black wind blade.

However, the speed of the black wind blade was faster than its flying speed, and it came to its front in an instant, and then cut its wings briefly and roughly.

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Chapter 579: Frightened Golden Giant Bird – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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