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Chapter 591: Abnormal Guren Sendai

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen, who was surprised by the unexpected harvest, was immediately taken aback.

Red Lotus Sendai

Isn’t it a direct crossing of the Immortal Realm? Why did Sendai succeed in casting it again?

The next realm of Nirvana is the Immortal Realm, and Ye Chen’s slashing Killed a special player of the monster race and received a realm +1 reward. According to normal circumstances, Ye Chen should have advanced from the Nirvana realm to the Xiantai realm.

The actual situation is that Ye Chen, with the blessing of the Primordial monks, directly crossed the Xiantai Realm and advanced to the Divine Martial Realm.

Such a result, Ye Chen directly stepped through the process of casting Sendai.

Ye Chen knew this result, and it was not a good result, because it might affect the ascension to immortality.

But Ye Chen couldn’t help it. Crossing the Xiantai Realm means crossing the Xiantai Realm. If he wants to go back and cast Sendai, he can’t do it.

In Ye Chen’s view, Sendai should not be able to cast.

Whoever thought it turned out to be nothing like that. Not only did Sendai automatically finish casting, it also became the Red Lotus Sendai that Ye Chen had never heard of.

Could it be that when the Primordial monk broke through from Nirvana to Divine Martial Realm, it was not that he did not cast Sendai, but that he needed a special medium.

Also, Ye Chen didn’t think so. It had been automatically decomposed, and then formed the Red Lotus Sendai in Ye Chen’s Purple Mansion.

It must be like this.

What’s so special. If you didn’t get the lotus seeds of Karma Fire Red Lotus before, wouldn’t it be said that Sendai don’t want to cast it successfully

Fuck! Should this primordial monk be so perverted

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but look at the Yuanshen and sit down again, the red lotus platform that is alternated between real and false.

In the next second, a message suddenly appeared in Ye Chen’s mind.

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Red Lotus Sendai: Tao Yun Sendai, the function burns all negative energy.

Characteristics: 1, gathers fairy spirits in a large area.

2, which greatly enhances comprehension.

3, greatly increase the power of spells.

4, greatly enhance the power of supernatural powers.

5, seek good luck and avoid evil.

Ye Chen opened his eyes suddenly after reading the introduction of Honglian Sendai.

Fuck! Tao Yun Sendai!

Ye Chen never thought that Honglian Sendai was Taoyun Sendai, this grade of Sendai, even if it was Ye Chen’s previous life, he had only heard the rumors about it.

Yes, it’s a rumor.

According to the legend, above the nine-story Sendai, there are the best Sendai, the best Sendai, and the super Sendai, and above the three levels of Sendai, there is also a top Sendai, Taoyun Sendai.

Don’t talk about Tao Yun Sendai for the time being, just talk about the three grades of Sendai, the best, the best, and the super. Any one of them can give monks great benefits.

For example, in terms of spells, it takes a year for monks with nine levels of Sendai to practice a certain spell, while owners of the best Sendai only need half a year.

If you put it on the owner of Peerless Sendai, this time will become three months.

If Sendai is a super grade, the time to practice this spell will directly become one month.

These are abnormal enough, after all, it saves a lot of time.

But if you count the power of spells, it’s not as simple as perversion.

To be precise, after the owner of Super-Rank Sendai releases the same spell, its power is twice as powerful as the owner of Peer-Rank Sendai.

If it is Peerless Sendai, then the owner of Peerless Sendai will release the same spell, which will be twice as large as the owner of Peerless Sendai.

The premium Sendai is also twice as large as the nine-story Sendai.

Therefore, the higher the rank of Sendai, the greater the benefits the monks can get.

The Daoyun Sendai is better than the Super Sendai, and it is also abnormal.

However, since Sendai started with the best, it is difficult to obtain.

If you use numbers to explain, it means there is no one in a million.

This is not the key. The most important thing is that even those who have obtained the best Sendai don’t know how it came.

Even Ye Chen, who is reborn, doesn’t know the casting method of the best Sendai.

For this reason, after Ye Chen reached the Nirvana Realm, all he wanted to do was to cast the strongest nine-layer Sendai among ordinary Sendai.

Who came up with the idea that Ye Chen stepped across the realm of Sendai and lost the opportunity to cast Sendai, but as a result, Ye Chen accidentally cast Sendai, and it is a stronger way than Super Sendai. Yunxiantai.

To be precise, Daoyun Sendai is far more perverted than Super Sendai, which can be seen from its abilities and characteristics alone.

Let’s talk about abilities first, burning all negative energy. This ensures that when Ye Chen advances, there will be no heart demon intrusion. Even if there is a heart demon, he will be directly burned by Red Lotus Sendai.

If someone encounters a heart demon, they must fight it by themselves. They cannot resist it, become mad, lose themselves, and even die.

But Ye Chen doesn’t have to worry about this at all, and from now on, he doesn’t have to deal with mental problems at all, and he can release himself at will.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that from now on, Ye Chen has immunity to the most troublesome soul spell.

The destructive power of soul-type spells is extremely strong. It directly targets the soul. There is no soul-type treasure or chaos-level treasure to protect the soul, and it is 100% hit.

And now, Ye Chen has Daoyun Sendai and Honglian Sendai, so he doesn’t have to worry about soul spell attacks.

After all, soul-like spells are essentially the use of negative energy.

These are just the basic functions of Red Lotus Sendai. If you count its features, it will be even more abnormal.

For example, the characteristic of gathering the celestial spirit in a large area can ensure that Ye Chen will obtain the celestial spirit by a large margin when he rises into a fairy.

In this way, Ye Chen can use more fairy qi to temper the body and the soul, so that the soul of the body can get a higher promotion.

If they were replaced by other monks, when they ascended into immortals, Heavenly Dao would also lower the aura of immortals, temper their bodies and souls.

However, they basically accept it passively, and it is impossible for them to actively absorb the spirit of the fairy.

Of course, this is not the key. The key is that the faerie aura appears on a large scale and will dissipate.

To be precise, every time the celestial aura appears, the monk absorbs only 10 to 20%, and the remaining 80 to 90% will automatically dissipate between the heavens and the earth.

Putting it here in Ye Chen, this situation that caused the monks” headaches and regrets would never happen.

Of course, dissipation may occur, but it will definitely not be much.

As for the reason, Gulian Sendai’s characteristic of gathering celestial spirits in a large area.

is just a feature of Honglian Sendai, which can bring such great benefits to Ye Chen.

If you count the latter features, it will be even more enviable and hateful.

For example, a great increase in comprehension can make Ye Chen’s everything easier and more convenient.

Significantly increasing the power of spells can make Ye Chen’s own very powerful spells more powerful.

Greatly enhance the power of supernatural powers. This is even more perverted. After all, the power of supernatural powers is only related to the realm of cultivation, but it can be placed in Ye Chen, but under the blessing of Red Lotus Sendai, the power of supernatural powers can be restored again. Improve a lot.

As for the last feature, it is also very perverted to seek good fortune and avoid evil.

Because of this, it is almost equivalent to supernatural powers. Although it is a supplementary supernatural power, for Ye Chen, this characteristic of Red Lotus Sendai is simply not too good.

You should know that Ye Chen will soon ascend to the precipice, where golden immortals are everywhere, the immortals are not as good as dogs, and there are more tyrannical existences than Ye Chen, and he has the ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil. In the morning, you can perceive the danger in advance and avoid falling into despair.

In this way, Ye Chen can live in a chic life.

After all, in the prehistoric world, even Ye Chen has only a chance to die ten times. After ten times, he will die.

No matter who it is, don’t try to escape the restrictions of this game rule, even Ye Chen is no exception.

With the ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil, the possibility of Ye Chen’s survival is greatly improved.

? It’s not that the Primordial monks can’t cast Sendai, they need a special medium.

Fortunately, they met the Blood Demon King Xiaoming, killed him, and got the lotus seeds of Karma Fire Red Lotus.

Furthermore, I also had the idea of ​​controlling the red lotus karma fire, and assisted in my actions, refining the red lotus seeds of the karma fire red lotus

Otherwise, the red lotus Sendai, one of the strongest Sendai, How could it be possible for a successful casting

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh.



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Chapter 591: Abnormal Guren Sendai – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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