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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 594: The First Kill of the Karma Red Thunder Read Novel

Chapter 594: The First Kill of the Karma Red Thunder – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 594: The First Kill of the Karma Red Thunder

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth twitched involuntarily.

It’s really hard to deal with a stick of a stick, Ye Chen is born again, how could he not know this.

But Ye Chen is not afraid, because Ye Chen has the ability, space ability that others don’t.

If Ye Chen didn’t want to be attacked, a teleport would be solved.

But, there is one thing, that is, Ye Chen can’t deny it.

To be precise, Ye Chen’s spatial ability can only transfer the toxins actively released by the Qingjiao King to 10,000 meters above the sky or more, rather than annihilate it.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that Ye Chen’s spatial ability can’t control Qingjiao King’s talented magical powers, Wanli Poison Cloud Technique.

Once the Qingjiao King is attacked by Ye Chen and his vitality drops to half, the Wanli Poison Cloud Art will be triggered automatically. Ye Chen has no choice but to teleport away in time if he doesn’t want to be hit.

In this way, even if Ye Chen killed the Qingjiao King with a single blow, it would be useless.

Because the Breath Orb is an innate spirit treasure, no matter how simple the function is, it is of little use, and it has the ability to automatically protect the lord.

To be precise, if Ye Chen kills the Blue Dragon King with a single blow, the Breath Orb will automatically activate the hidden breath ability 100%, and then flee here with the soul of the Blue Dragon King.

At that time, Ye Chen’s divine consciousness definitely couldn’t lock the hiding orb. In this way, Ye Chen’s falling treasure would not be able to attack the hiding orb.

In the end, Ye Chen wanted to find the Silt Orb, but it was difficult.

This is the result of Ye Chen’s one blow that killed the Blue Dragon King. If Ye Chen only killed the Blue Dragon King with one blow, it would be even worse.

At that time, the Qingjiao King will automatically activate the Wanli Poison Cloud technique 100%, and it will also actively activate the Silt Orb, and then the hidden breath function of the Silt Orb will be activated.

In the end, the Qingjiao King will escape, and Ye Chen won’t even want to find the Qingjiao King.

This is different from what Ye Chen was able to detect when he first inspected the Qingjiao King before.

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At that time, the Qingjiao King was not in danger, and was located a kilometer below the pool.

There, the Qingjiao King thinks it is safe, and it doesn’t think there is any powerful existence, it can be found thousands of meters underwater.

Therefore, it didn’t use the ability of hiding the breath with the concealment orb.

And after it surfaced in the pool, the Orb of Silence was activated by it.

Regardless of whether the Qingjiao King is cautious or cautious, or it is because of a powerful enemy who does not want to be found by the enemy, he can directly use the Secret Orb after leaving the water pool.

In the end, the Qingjiao King still used the Secret Orb, and this directly caused the Qingjiao King to completely disappear from Ye Chen’s sense of consciousness when Ye Chen was preparing to act.

At that moment, although Ye Chen didn’t worry about it, there was still egg pain.

After all, the Qingjiao King disappeared in the divine consciousness.

Of course, what Ye Chen locked was the place where the Qingjiao King appeared before. Although he could not see the Qingjiao King who was out of the water, he saw the woman who was tied up, and then found something wrong.

In the end, Ye Chen teleported directly there, and then saw King Qingjiao.

Yes, Ye Chen has now found the Qingjiao King, and the result is what Ye Chen had in mind.

But the key to the problem is not to find the Qingjiao King, but to get the Secret Orb.

If you want to get the Secret Breath Orb, you can’t ignore it. Ye Chen’s “a stick of a stick and a piece of wood” and the “Thousand Miles of Poison Cloud Technique” that make Ye Chen a little bit painful.

The former is not too difficult to deal with, after all, it was sprayed out by the blue dragon.

But the latter is different. It belongs to supernatural powers and is really difficult to deal with. Even Ye Chen is a bit painful.

Huh? Wait a minute

This blue water dragon is doing a lot of evil, and there should be a lot of causal karma.

Fuck! He almost forgot the fire red thunder of Karma

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then he moved towards the cyan flood dragon in the void without hesitation.


When the thunder that shook the world rang out, a red lightning struck the cyan dragon in an instant.

In the next second, there was a “boom!”

I saw that the cyan flood dragon was instantly ignited by the mysterious red flame, and then burned violently, but in the blink of an eye, a cloud of flames and blood rose completely from the cyan flood dragon. Red lotus.

What’s even more bizarre is that in the lotus flower that is completely composed of flames, red lightning is constantly swimming in it.

At the same time, Ye Chen’s thoughts moved, and the space in front of him was distorted.

Ye Chen didn’t even look at it. He stepped in directly, and then disappeared.

As soon as Ye Chen disappeared, a terrible howl sounded suddenly.


The voice is tragic, stern, and it sounds like he has suffered immense pain.

The fact is exactly the same. The cyan flood dragon that was struck by the red lightning thunder, or the cyan flood dragon who was known as the “Hunter Demon King” in Ye Chen’s previous life, is not only the continuous red lotus fire of the flesh. Burning, red lightning slashing wildly, is its soul, and the same is true.

Pain, endless pain, strongly attacking the nerves and soul of the blue dragon, one after another, wave after wave.

No! Can’t die!

The cyan flood dragon noticed that both the body and soul had been burned, and the souls were all gone, and then they did not hesitate to escape the soul into the concealment orb.

It’s not that it never thought of going into the water pool and extinguishing the flames on its body. It thought about it, but in an instant, it was denied, because it was too late and because it was clear that it burned its body and soul. The flame is not simple, it is impossible to extinguish it with water.

Therefore, it did not hesitate to choose its strongest means of life-saving, the Secret Orb.

It wants to protect its soul through the Breath Orb, at least in this way, it still has the opportunity to use the ability to seize the house, and then rebirth.

However, when the soul of the cyan flood dragon escaped into the hidden breath orb, the red lotus karmic fire and red lightning followed immediately.

At that instant, not only its soul continued to be burned, but also the soul mark in its hiding orb was also burned.

Why! Why is this happening? The hidden breath pearl is an innate spiritual treasure!

The soul of the cyan flood dragon who suddenly lost contact with the Hidden Breath Orb suddenly became extremely frightened.

In its view, the Xiantian Lingbao can completely protect its soul, but the result makes it extremely desperate.

Not only did the Breath Orb fail to protect its soul, but the connection with its soul completely disappeared.

To be precise, the Secret Orb is now an unowned thing again.

No! not like this!

When the soul of the cyan flood dragon sensed the repulsive power of the concealment orb, the soul suddenly uttered a terrible scream.

However, it was useless, its soul was pushed out of the inner space of the Silence Orb by a powerful force.

When the soul of the cyan water dragon appeared outside the concealment orb, it directly ignited the red lotus karmic fire that wrapped the water dragon body, and then deflagrated and appeared instantly.

“Boom! Boom!”

The lotus flower, composed entirely of flames, rose to thirty meters in an instant.

At this moment, a strange wave suddenly radiated from the cyan flood dragon.

In the next second, a thick pink mist suddenly appeared in the sky around thousands of miles.

Thousands of miles away, Ye Chen, who was quietly suspended in the sky, couldn’t help but curl up when he saw this.

Sure enough, Lao Tzu was right. Karma Red Thunder is not something that a hidden breath orb can withstand.

Moreover, it can also directly deal with this blue water dragon, even if it has hidden breath. The bead protection is useless.

Ye Chen can resist the fire red thunder of the industry, and has the fire spirit orb with Ye Chen, has cultivated the Nine Ranks Profound Art, the God Night Royal Thunder Technique, and refines the origin of the thunder element. Has a lot to do.

Compared with Ye Chen, the cyan flood dragon is like a beggar, so how could it be able to resist the fiery thunder of karma by virtue of the hiding pearl.

In this way, the situation where the Secret Orb protects the soul of the cyan flood dragon and flies away will no longer occur.

After that, Ye Chen’s idea of ​​getting the Secret Orb became reality instead of fantasy.

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the system prompt sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for successfully killing the special player of the monster race. Because of his special status, the player will be rewarded with X300 innate attribute points.”

Read Light Novel THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 594: The First Kill of the Karma Red Thunder

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Chapter 594: The First Kill of the Karma Red Thunder – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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