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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 597: The premise of accepting players as younger brothers Read Novel

Chapter 597: The premise of accepting players as younger brothers – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 597: The premise of accepting players as younger brothers

Li Mengyao’s scream is very penetrating, because she is a woman, and she is a woman who has never experienced a man.

It is impossible for a woman like this to suddenly scream in such a situation.

Of course, at this moment, Li Mengyao had already guessed what happened to the Beauty League after being poisoned and before losing his mind.

After all, when the Wanli Poison Cloud Technique broke out, Li Mengyao not only saw the abnormal state of his subordinates, but also experienced the throbbing that made her ashamed and afraid.

So, Li Mengyao knew about poisoning and also knew what might happen after losing her mind.

Before he completely lost his mind, Li Mengyao thought a lot, there was panic and despair.

But she couldn’t help it, everyone in the Beauty League was poisoned by that kind of poison.

Furthermore, this is neither a safe city nor a territory of the American League.

Because of this poison here, plus the fact that the Beauty League is a woman from top to bottom, how can it end well?

No one will come to rescue them. Even if someone comes, they will take advantage of their poisoning, play with them wantonly, and even take them away directly, and then treat them as slaves and raise them.

If you encounter monsters, the beauty league will be miserable from top to bottom.

At the moment when she completely lost her consciousness, Li Mengyao had only one thought in her heart, that is, the beauty league is over.

Whether it was eaten by the monsters or encountered by other men, the League of Beauty was over.

She was not reconciled and wanted to avoid this catastrophe, but it was useless. Her mind quickly disappeared.

And now, she is awake, watching the scene that almost collapsed her.

The entire beauty league, from top to bottom, without exception, has become an invisible woman.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that there is not only the Beauty League here, but there is also a man in front of Li Mengyao, looking at her unscrupulously.

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At this moment, Li Mengyao had only one thought in his mind, from top to bottom, the beauty league was played by the man in front of him.

When I thought of this, Li Mengyao almost collapsed.

She has never experienced a man, let alone a good relationship. Although the current world is no different from the end of the world, and love is difficult to appear, there is still a trace of fantasy in Li Mengyao’s heart.

However, the inexplicable poisoning completely defeated her fantasy.

As Li Mengyao was about to collapse, her vision gradually became clear.

When she saw the man’s appearance, she was taken aback.

“Ye Yechen”

After Li Mengyao recognized the man’s identity, an inexplicable surprise suddenly appeared in her heart, very strong and intense.

At this moment, Li Mengyao even felt a sense of good fortune.

Because she became Ye Chen’s woman.

If you have to say who is the man in this world that makes Li Mengyao most heartwarming, then the answer is simple, Ye Chen!

That’s right, the leader of the Beauty League, Li Mengyao, thinks so.

Because Ye Chen is so powerful that it is unmatched.

To be a woman of Ye Chen, she can live well in this cruel world.

Although this is powerful, it is true.

Not only Li Mengyao thinks so, but all women without men, even women with men, think so too.

However, Li Mengyao, who had just been shrouded in luck, suddenly noticed something, and his face was dark.

She didn’t feel any pain. This was not the feeling after Ye Chen got fucked.

At the moment when Li Mengyao was lost, the female players of the Beauty League woke up one after another, and then there was a series of screaming and shouting, it was a lively.

Ye Chen glanced at the sober female players of the Beauty League, and then thought.

In the next second, the space in front of Ye Chen suddenly twisted.

Li Mengyao, who was looking at Ye Chen, was taken aback after seeing the twisted space in front of Ye Chen, and then hurriedly directed at Ye Chen and shouted:

“Master You King Thank you.”

When Ye Chen heard this, his brows were slightly frowned, and then he looked at Li Mengyao, who was invisible but did not take precautions, and said:

“Waiting for a safe city If the protective shield disappears, the world will become more and more dangerous. If you want to survive, not only do you need to work hard, but you also need to upgrade your territory to a city.

By the way, it’s best to buy a wall separately. Blueprints, such a city wall, with automatic defensive arrow towers, are very helpful for defending the city.”

Li Mengyao doesn’t have a wisps of thread, and has a clear view of her body. He has not taken any precautionary actions against Ye Chen. What, how could Ye Chen fail to see it.

Of course, Ye Chen doesn’t care about this, nor does he have any disgusting thoughts because of this.

After all, the real world has not only changed completely since the meteor fell, but also the human heart.

It can be said that the real world at this moment is pursuing the cruel law of the jungle. If you want to survive, you must have strength, power, or rely on the strong.

Li Mengyao’s behavior is to adhere to the strong. She wants to be Ye Chen’s woman.

Ye Chen could see it, but Ye Chen couldn’t accept it now.

It’s not that Li Mengyao doesn’t show off, and it’s not that Li Mengyao is not a virgin, but her identity.

To be precise, Li Mengyao is the leader of the Beauty League, and he is also a player.

With such an existence, Ye Chen would not be able to accept it without absolutely controlling them.

Of course, even if Ye Chen accepts it, it is not to satisfy the man’s desires, but to stop his men.

As for the reason, it’s simple.

The prehistoric world is very dangerous, and the peculiarities of the players can give players ten chances of death.

And this is something Ye Chen doesn’t possess in the game world.

Of course, Ye Chen doesn’t have to accept the younger brother. After all, Ye Chen’s subordinates in Game World have been around for a long time, and there will be more and more in the future.

However, if Ye Chen had a way to control the life and death of his little brother 100%, he would not let the little brother refuse and waste this ability at will.

After all, controlling his life and death 100% can guarantee that Ye Chen will not be betrayed by the ’little brother”, nor will he be stabbed in the back.

Of course, Ye Chen still doesn’t have this kind of 100% control over his life and death, otherwise, Ye Chen’s younger brother would have been a lot.

Ye Chen was very sure of this.

After all, the world has become more and more cruel, and death is staged every day, and this situation will intensify when the protective cover of the safe city disappears.

Most people want to live o, except for relying on the strong, that is, relying on the strong forces.

And Ye Chen, there is no doubt that it is the strongest existence of the human race, whether it is strength or influence, Ye Chen is the first.

If Ye Chen releases, he will accept the younger brother, even if it is to sign a slave contract, there will still be countless people willing to follow Ye Chen.

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Chapter 597: The premise of accepting players as younger brothers – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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