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Chapter 604: Ye Xiaoyu

Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, and then his soul moved, and his spiritual sense immediately went to the storage space.

When Ye Chen saw the top-grade spiritual spring in the storage space that had sealed the top-grade spiritual veins, he was immediately relieved.

The highest-grade spiritual spring that has sealed the top-grade spiritual veins, the energy contained is extremely large, and Ye Chen has no experience in collecting this.

For this reason, when Ye Chen received the Supreme Spirit Spring, he was actually not sure whether he could successfully collect it.

And now, Ye Chen has successfully received the storage space for the Supreme Spirit Spring, which has sealed the high-grade spiritual veins, and Ye Chen is naturally relieved.

Fortunately, there was no accident.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness moved.

In the next second, the mysterious realm of the monster race covering an area of ​​one square kilometer was instantly covered by Ye Chen’s divine sense.

At the same time, everything in this demon clan secret realm occupied by the toad was perceived by Ye Chen’s divine sense.

Desolate, dim, and lifeless, this is the feeling that Ye Chen’s secret realm at this moment gives Ye Chen.

After confirming again and again that the monster secret realm in front of him did not have any good things, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily, and then flew directly to the red light gate.

I don’t know how many Monster Race players have special chances in the East. Ye Chen didn’t want to waste time casually.

After a few breaths, Ye Chen walked through the red light door and came outside again.

Glancing at the entrance of the unclosed monster clan secret realm, Ye Chen’s thoughts moved, and the space in front of him was suddenly distorted.

In the next second, Ye Chen stepped in, then disappeared.

Real world, reincarnation city, hall of the city lord mansion.

“Sister, why hasn’t the master come back?” The treasure hunter Xiaoyu, who turned into a five-year-old little Lolita, retracted his gaze at the door, and then looked at Yanhu Ye Lin, asking with some worry.

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Ye Lin, the Yan Tiger, heard this and couldn’t help but glared at the treasure hunting fish, and then said:

“Tell you, brother is invincible in this world, don’t curse brother”

“I’m not cursing the master, I’m just worried.” When the treasure hunter heard this, his small face suddenly became aggrieved.

Ye Lin, the Yan tiger, saw this, touched the little head of the treasure hunting fish, and then reproached herself:

“I know, I’m just getting better, don’t worry anymore. Brother will definitely be fine, we must firmly believe that one thing, brother is omnipotent.”

Obviously, Yanhu Yelin is not really worried about Ye Chen’s safety, but doesn’t want to say It’s just coming out.

“Hmm” when the treasure hunter heard this, he nodded his head heavily, and then responded.

As soon as the treasure hunting fish landed, the space in the main hall of the city hall was suddenly distorted.

Yelin, the treasure hunter, Xiaoyu, the treasure hunter, was taken aback when he saw this.

At this moment, Ye Chen stepped forward and then appeared here.

After seeing Ye Chen, Yanhu Yelin still had the treasure hunting fish, and she was taken aback again, and then all shouted:

“Brother (Master).”

Their voices were full of surprises, because Ye Chen came back safe and sound.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, then looked at Yanhu Ye Lin, and said:

“Follow me.”

Ye Chen To clean up the monster players who have obtained special opportunities as soon as possible, it is very likely that they will encounter the monster players who have the mysterious realm of the monster again. If those monster players succumb to Ye Chen like the toad, then Ye Chen will save trouble.

If you don’t yield, or even come out of the mysterious realm of the monster race at all, then Yanhu Yelin’s role will be reflected.

After all, Yanhu Yelin’s body is Yanhu, although it is a fairy beast, it has not escaped the category of the monster race.

After all, Yaozu is a collective term, not a specific term.

Therefore, Yanhu Yelin can enter the Secret Realm of the Monster Race.

In this way, if Ye Chen encounters the monster clan secret realm again, he can solve it simply and rudely.

To be precise, Ye Chen can directly kill the monster players in the monster secret realm, and then let Yanhu Ye Lin take over the monster secret realm.

In this way, Ye Chen can also enter the mysterious realm of the monster race, and then search for good things in the mysterious realm of the monster race.

If the special monster player is different from the toad, and there is nothing to stimulate them to wake up from their sleep, then let Yanhu Yelin directly enter the secret realm, and then the special player from the monster race can be drawn.

After that, Ye Chen will take action, then kill the special players of the monster race, and after getting the reward, go to search the mysterious realm of the monster race.

And this is the fundamental reason why Ye Chen returned to Reincarnation City and left with Yanhu Ye Lin.

“Okay, brother.” Yanhu Ye Lin was taken aback when he heard this, and then hurriedly nodded in response.

Ye Lin, the Yan Tiger, is Ye Chen’s favorite, she is loyal to Ye Chen. No matter what Ye Chen asks her to do, she will obey it 100%. Naturally, she will not ask any questions because of her incomprehension. Questioning words.

“Master, Xiaoyu is now in the Transcendence Realm, and he can do a lot for his master.” Seeing this, Xiaoyu, the treasure hunter, hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and shouted.

When Ye Chen heard this, he was taken aback, then looked at the treasure hunting fish of the five-year-old Lori, and said:

“In the future, there will be opportunities to do things. You should do it now. It’s about cultivating and working hard. By the way, you will also call my brother in the future. You don’t need to call the master. When I have the opportunity, I will upgrade your grade. Also, your name will be called Ye Xiaoyu in the future.”

The treasure hunting fish snatched the golden bird’s egg, and then caused a series of changes, and this also gave Ye Chen the opportunity that did not exist in the memory of the previous life.

It can be said that the treasure hunting fish has brought great benefits to Ye Chen. Naturally, Ye Chen will not be stingy with praise, let alone promise.

Of course, Ye Chen’s promise is not a false promise, but a real one to be fulfilled.

When the treasure hunter heard this, one of his big eyes lit up instantly, and then he shouted with excitement:

“Thank you, brother, I will definitely work hard!”

In fact, Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunting fish, had long wanted to ask Ye Chen if he could give her a name and call Ye Chen his elder brother.

After all, Yanhu Yelin has a name, and he also calls Ye Chen his elder brother. Ye Xiaoyu has been envious since she transformed into a little loli.

It was precisely because of this little wish in her heart that she took the risk and ran to the golden bird’s nest and stole the golden bird’s egg.

And now, her wish has come true, and Ye Chen’s praise has been received. How could the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu not be excited, how could she not be excited.

Ye Chen looked at the inexplicably excited treasure hunting fish, and suddenly felt guilty.

No way, the age of the treasure hunting fish is too young, only five years old.

The little fish is a spirit beast. You can’t look at it with the age of a human.

However, this little guy is really not very old.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed secretly, and He opened his mouth and said:

“You will practice well in Reincarnation City, and don’t provoke those who are higher than you in the future.”

Ye Chen wants the treasure hunter to search around. Elixir, but Ye Chen didn’t want her to die because of this.

When the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu heard this, her heart couldn’t help but a warm smile appeared on her little face.

At this moment, the treasure hunting fish suddenly thought of something. After a moment, he hurriedly looked at Ye Chen, and then said:

“Brother, there is another one in that big bird’s nest. This tea tree is almost mature, so I have to dig it away quickly.”


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