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Chapter 613: Excited Daughters

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, and then stroked his right hand in the void.

After the “buzz” sounded several times, the five spatial blades appeared instantly, and then cut straight to the ground around the god-level resident fruit tree.

“Bah, Bah,” five sounds like rags being torn, immediately sounded.

In the next second, Ye Chen’s thoughts moved, and the God-level Retaining Face Fruit Tree and the soil around it disappeared instantly.

Glancing at the huge and flat pothole that appeared after the god-level Zhanyan fruit tree disappeared, Ye Chen smiled slightly, and then his spiritual consciousness directly looked at the god-level Zhanyan fruit tree that was transplanted into the small world.

When Ye Chen repeatedly confirmed that the god-level Zhanyan fruit tree did not appear to be sluggish or even necrotic, he breathed out a long breath.

Fortunately, the small world can let the plants grow on their own from the beginning. Otherwise, they really can’t be transplanted here.

Fortunately, I got the seeds of the world tree and created the small world. Otherwise, no matter if it is a tea tree with enlightenment, or a fruit tree of God-level Zhanyan, it will not be able to maximize the benefits.

Ye Chen wants to maximize the benefits. Naturally, he uses the small world to set a thousand to one. Even the time rule of billions to one, one million to one, so that you can continuously harvest the Enlightenment Tea and the God-level Rejuvenating Fruit.

After using the Five Elements Spirit Orb to advance the Five Elements Divine Body, he began to cultivate the small world.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness immediately exited the small world, and then flew straight away, leaving the underground cavern.

When Ye Chen came out of the underground cavern, he didn’t know when he came to the golden-haired monkey guarding the entrance of the underground cavern. He hurriedly bowed and said, “Master.”

“Well, let’s go, go to Reincarnation City.” Ye Chen nodded when he heard this, and then spoke. After speaking, he grabbed the shoulder of the Golden Retriever Monkey and moved his mind.

In the next second, the space in front of Ye Chen suddenly twisted.

Glancing at the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped out, then disappeared.

In the reincarnation city, the space in the main hall of the city lord’s mansion was suddenly distorted.

In the next second, ten light groups appeared out of thin air.

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When the light group dispersed, Zhao Yu, Chan Juan, Mi Zhen, Cai Meier, Huang Waner, Zhen Jue Se, Zhen Jiang, Zhen Tu, Zhen Dao, Zhen Rong appeared here.

Ye Lin, the Yan Tiger who was waiting for Ye Chen’s return, and Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunting fish, were all taken aback.

In the next second, Yanhu Ye Lin hurriedly pulled the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu forward and bowed and said:

“Ye Lin, meet your sisters.”

Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunt fish pulled by Yanhu Yelin, heard this, and hurriedly followed and bowed and said:

“Xiaoyu, pay homage to your sisters.”

When the girls heard this, they all smiled, and then invariably looked at the treasure hunter, Ye Xiaoyu, who was transformed into a five-year-old little loli.

Seeing the girls, they were puzzled. After Yanhu’s gaze, Yanhu Yelin hurriedly explained:

“Her body is the treasure hunter, and now she has reached the Transcendence Realm. She has eaten the transformation grass and transformed.”

“That’s how it is. “When Zhao Yu heard this, he suddenly realized, then looked at the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, and said cordially:

“Come here, come to my sister.””

Treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, after discovering that the girls are very easy-going, he was immediately overjoyed, and then said sweetly:

“Yes! sister!”

After the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu finished speaking, he hopped to Zhao Yu’s side.

Zhao Yu saw the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu approaching him and touched it with a smile. He touched her little head, then took out a pearl hairpin that could be called a gem and inserted it into its hair.

When the treasure hunter saw this, his two big eyes lit up, and then cried out happily, “Thank you sister!”

Obviously, the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu is even at an age. He is only five years old and has no natural immunity to jewelry.

When Zhao Yu heard this, he couldn’t help but smile, and then said: “You like it.”

“Little fish, come, this is for you.” Chanjuan took out one. The rare necklace, said to the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu.

“Thank you sister!” Treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, I was happier to hear this.

Cai Mei”er, Huang Wan”er, Mi Zhen, and the five sisters of Zhen Jue Se, saw this, smiled together, and then unanimously took out precious jewelry to the treasure hunter Yuye Xiaoyu.

The girls are not comparing, but the girls really love Ye Xiaoyu, this cute little loli.

Of course, another reason is that the girls know one thing, the treasure hunt fish is to search for elixir and spirit beast eggs for Ye Chen.

Therefore, all the girls should naturally treat the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu the same way they treated Yanhu Yelin.

The girls had a conversation with Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunting fish, and Ye Lin, the Yan tiger, and they all walked towards the diamond game warehouse.

They came to the real world naturally to see Ye Chen, not to play.

After all, Ye Chen often leads soldiers on expeditions, and rarely returns to the reincarnation city in the game world. If the girls want to see Ye Chen, they can only come to the real world.

Whoever thinks, the girls directly saw the empty diamond game warehouse.

At the moment when the women were stunned, the space in the main hall of Samsara City’s City Lord’s Mansion was suddenly distorted.

In the next second, Ye Chen took the Golden Retriever Monkey one step forward, and then appeared here.

When the girls saw this, Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and then Qi Qi shouted at Ye Chen sweetly:

“I have seen my husband!”

Ye Chen’s heart suddenly warmed after hearing the cordial shouts of the girls, and then looked at the girls and said:

“You are here just right.”

After Ye Chen said, his mind moved. Ten god-level constipation fruits appeared instantaneously, and then flew straight to the girls.

Zhao Yu, Chan Juan, Cai Mei”er, Mi Zhen, Huang Wan”er, and the five sisters Zhen Jue Se saw here, Qi Qi was stunned, and then invariably looked at Ye Chen and asked:

“Husband, what is this?”

“God-level constipation fruit.” Ye Chen couldn’t help but cocked the corner of his mouth after hearing the women’s question, and then said.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the women suddenly showed blank expressions.

Obviously, all the girls don’t know the god-level Zhu Yan Guo, even Huang Wan”er, who knows Qimen Dunjia and has a lot of knowledge among the girls, is no exception.

Seeing the confused expressions of the women, Ye Chen chuckled a few times, and then explained:

“God-level Zhanyan fruit is a special elixir. After eating it, The face will never change, and I can still”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words were said here, the girls did not hesitate to pick up the god-level Zhanyan fruit floating in front of them, and bit them down.

Obviously, after the girls knew that the god-level beauty-preserving fruit could keep their youth forever, their resistance dropped directly to a negative value, or else they wouldn’t just listen to half of the words and just start eating.

When Ye Chen saw this, what he wanted to say later stopped abruptly.

Looking at the women helplessly, Ye Chen’s mind moved, and then took a shot with his right hand.

In the next second, a giant tree with a diameter of five meters and a height of several hundred meters outside the city of Reincarnation was instantly torn off by its roots, and then it flew to the city of Reincarnation.

At the same time, Ye Chen flicked his fingers, and countless space blades flew out in an instant.

After a few breaths, he met the giant tree flying to Samsara City head-on.

Hundreds of “babble, babble” came.

The giant tree that was originally intact broke off in an instant, and then turned into ten neat and clean bathtubs.

In the next second, ten bath tubs flew straight to the city of reincarnation, and then into the hall of the city lord’s mansion.

Glancing at the ten bath tubs, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Yanhu Yelin, and said:

“Go and prepare some water, the ladies will be there soon. It’s time to take a bath.”

Yanhu Yelin’s body is Yanhu, which can naturally release flames and boil water. Yanhu Yelin is very simple to do.

Hearing this, Yanhu Yelin was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly nodded in response: “Okay, brother.”


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