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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 628: Reincarnation City Atomized by Aura Read Novel

Chapter 628: Reincarnation City Atomized by Aura – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 628: Reincarnation City Atomized by Aura

In the real world reincarnation city, the hall of the city lord mansion, the space is suddenly distorted.

In the next second, Ye Chen walked out of the distorted space with Ye Lin, the Yan Tiger, and the tortoise with the blood of the sacred beast.

The golden-haired monkey and the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu who were chatting in the lobby, saw Ye Chen return, got up hurriedly, bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Meet my brother (Master) ).”

When Ye Chen heard this, he smiled and nodded, then looked at the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu, and asked:

“The ladies are back to the game world?”

“Yes, brother.” Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunt fish, nodded hurriedly after hearing Ye Chen’s question.

When Ye Chen heard this, a sense of guilt for not being able to accompany the girls suddenly rose from his heart.

After a secret sigh, Ye Chen looked at Yanhu Ye Lin and said:

“I want to return to the game world immediately. I will leave it to you here. Two days later, I will adjust Soldiers come to the real world to guard, usually you have to take Xiaoyu and the others to practice hard.”

Ye Chen asked Yanhu Yelin and the treasure hunt Xiaoyu to practice hard, because, in another two days, reality The protective shields of safe cities in the world will disappear completely.

At that time, the “novice period” of mankind will completely end, and the whole world will completely enter the new chapter of “Blood and Fire”.

At that time, death, blood, screams, screams, etc., all kinds of misery, all kinds of sadness, which evolved under the law of the jungle, will be thoroughly revealed in the world.

To avoid such a tragic ending, you must have the power to crush everything.

If you want to have the power to crush everything, how can you get it automatically without working hard?

Of course, the new chapter of “Blood and Fire”: Even if it is opened, Ye Chen’s Reincarnation City will not be affected in the early stages.

After all, Ye Chen’s power is now strong enough to crush all players. Moreover, Ye Chen is still the number one player among the players, and even removes special players from the monster race. Again.

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Therefore, the reincarnation city will not be threatened immediately after opening the new chapter.

However, as time goes by, there will be more and more powerful players in the real world, and high-end combat power will emerge in endlessly. Then, Ye Chen and Ye Chen’s Reincarnation City will inevitably be Be challenged.

This point, even if Ye Chen is reborn and reached the Divine Martial Realm, he can’t deny it.

After all, the creatures in the real world all have the identity of the player, and it is not too difficult for the player to improve the strength.

Because, as time goes by, players will learn more and more about the “rules” and “secrets” of the game world.

In this way, players will surely master the correct way to quickly advance, and then players with high-end combat power will appear.

Ye Chen is a player, and he is reborn, so he knows this naturally.

After all, in Ye Chen’s previous life, the players” journey in the game world was from confusion to ignorance, from ignorance to understanding, and from understanding to knowing everything.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that high-end combat power will begin to appear after the protective shield of the real world disappears in the safe city.

If the city of Reincarnation does not have the ability to deal with high-end combat power, then Ye Chen will not be able to develop in the game world steadily.

In this way, how does Ye Chen use the memories from rebirth to lead each step and eventually become the strongest player?

Ye Chen naturally didn’t want to see such a situation happen. Ye Chen should be a strong one, strong enough to crush everything.

Therefore, Ye Chen only started the game. After receiving Yanhu Ye Lin, he directly took her to the real world and asked her to guard the real world of Samsara City.

Only when there is no danger in the real world, Ye Chen can fully seize the opportunity in the game world, seize all the opportunities in the game world, and then take the lead step by step, and eventually become the strongest player, there is no one.

And this is also the root reason why Ye Chen now deliberately emphasized once again that Yanhu Yelin and Ye Xiaoyu, the treasure hunting fish, and the Golden Retriever Monkey, and the pseudo-basalt, are working hard to cultivate.

After all, their cultivation speed is faster than Ye Chen’s cultivation speed. Only when their realm rises, can they truly defend themselves from wanting to challenge Ye Chen’s status or snatch Ye Chen in the near future. All the players” attacks.

Only they can block the strong who want to challenge Ye Chen, or simply kill those strong, so that Ye Chen can wander in the game world without any worries.

Otherwise, Ye Chen will go offline to deal with the players who play Ye Chen and the idea of ​​Reincarnation, where there is still time to develop in the game world.

After Ye Lin heard Ye Chen’s solemn words, her face suddenly became serious, and then nodded heavily, and said:

“Brother, I will definitely take Xiaoyu and the others worked hard to cultivate.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then with a move with his right hand, ten groups of light clusters full of runes suddenly appeared.

Glancing at the ten light groups, Ye Chen pressed his right hand toward the ground.

Ten light clusters rushed to the ground instantly, and then disappeared.

In the next second, Ye Chen thought, ten waves of earthquake-like fluctuations rose from the ground in an instant, and then returned to tranquility.

At the moment when Yanhu Yelin, the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu, the golden-haired monkey, and the pseudo-basalt were stunned, ten strong and extremely aura suddenly rose from the ground, and then went straight to the sky, but in an instant , Was pulled back by the Spirit Gathering Array placed by Ye Chen in Reincarnation City.

“Brother, this is” Yan Tiger Yelin, who felt the strong aura, immediately returned to his senses, then looked at Ye Chen with ecstasy and asked.

Yelin the Yanhu is a fairy beast, naturally likes the environment with strong spiritual energy.

The concentration of the original aura in the city of Reincarnation is already terrifying, and now the ten auras that suddenly appear, no matter the amount or concentration, each exceeds the original city of reincarnation, how could Yanhu Yelin not be shocked? , How could not be happy.

In fact, not only Yanhu Yelin, but also the treasure hunt fish Ye Xiaoyu, as well as the Golden Retriever Monkey and the pseudo-bass, are all very excited.

Because they are Ye Chen’s spirit pets, they are all qualified to enjoy the extremely rich aura of Reincarnation City.

Ye Chen smiled after hearing Yanhu Yelin’s surprise and inexplicable question, and then said:

“The high-grade spirit veins, the harvest this time out, although only part of it, Enough for you to use.”

For Ye Chen, Samsara City is Ye Chen’s base camp. The concentration of aura here is naturally the higher the better.

After all, Ye Chen is still thinking about improving the cultivation speed of his subordinates and the spirit pets, so naturally he won’t be stingy because of the precious spiritual veins.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, a layer of mist suddenly appeared on the ground in the reincarnation city where there was no fog, and then it thickened rapidly until it was about one meter before it stopped.

“Atomization of spiritual energy!” Yanhu Ye Lin was in a daze when he saw this, and then cried out in surprise.

The treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, as well as the Golden Retriever Monkey and the pseudo-bass, also stared at this moment.

Reiki atomization is a situation that only occurs when the concentration of Reiki reaches a certain level. Being able to practice in such an environment is not too happy for Yanhu Yelin and other spiritual pets.

Ye Chen glanced at the inexplicable Yanhu Ye Lin and other spirit pets, smiled slightly, and then said:

“Practice well.”

“Yes! Brother (master)! “Yanhu Yelin also has the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, the golden-haired monkey, and the pseudo-Xuanwu. When he heard this, he suddenly recovered, and then hurriedly responded.

Ye Chen nodded, and then walked straight to the diamond. Next to the level game warehouse, I lay directly in the diamond level game warehouse.

When the warehouse door was closed, Ye Chen returned to the game world.

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Chapter 628: Reincarnation City Atomized by Aura – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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