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Chapter 636: Reward

Above the vast sea, over an unknown island, the space suddenly distorted.

In the next second, a huge suspended island appeared here.

As the huge suspended islands appeared, the busy villagers on the islands and the soldiers guarding the villages all stunned, and then involuntarily looked up at the sky.

In the next second, exclamation and shouting sounded in pieces.

“God, what is that!”

“Quick! Go report to the village chief!”

“Alert! All of you!” Three wild roars followed The shouts of the villagers followed.

In the next second, 10,000 soldiers with all diamond-level equipment, Qi Qi pulled their bows and arrows, and aimed at the suspended island that suddenly appeared in the sky.

Although these soldiers had shocked faces and strong expressions of “worry”, none of them chose to retreat or yelled.

Obviously, this group of well-trained and determined soldiers will definitely become at a loss after seeing the huge floating island in the sky.

The soldiers on the island were on guard. When the villagers ran towards the village in a panic, a young man with a group of military commanders and ministers suddenly appeared at the gate of the village.

The ten thousand soldiers guarding the suspended island in the sky, as well as three generals, all stayed together at the moment they saw the young man, and then knelt on one knee in unison, saying loudly:

“Meet the lord!”

They did not expect that the huge suspended island that suddenly appeared was their lord, the lord of the reincarnation city, the king of Youzhou, and the Han Empire Huqi General Ye Chen, brought it.

Shocked, puzzled, and then ecstasy, which is the mental journey of the ten thousand soldiers who guarded the expedition village at this moment.

For soldiers, no matter who the enemy is, they will not retreat, because they are ordered to guard the expedition village, and they cannot retreat even if they die.

Otherwise, they cannot explain to their lord Ye Chen, nor to their parents and relatives. The most serious thing is that they cannot forgive themselves.

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Because they can live at this moment, and they are alive very well, they are all brought by their lord, Ye Chen.

It was their lord, Ye Chen, who gave them new life and gave them everything.

Without Ye Chen, they either starved to death or were killed by the rebels. Where would they be like now, wearing jealous equipment, holding enviable military pay, and enjoying enviable benefits.

Therefore, even after seeing the emergence of the huge island where the reincarnation fairy city is located, they felt fear in their hearts because of the “mystery”, and they did not flinch at all.

And now, they knew one thing, the huge floating island in the sky was brought by their lord, Ye Chen, they were shocked or shocked, and then ecstasy.

Because their lord, Ye Chen, can own a huge floating island, it is obvious that he has the means of “fairies”, and can follow such lord, how could they not be excited, how could they not be excited.

Ye Chen glanced at the soldiers with “ecstatic” eyes, smiled slightly, and then said:

“You and others guarded the expedition village, worked hard, and each rewarded one hundred coins. One set of equipment, one holy level exercises.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the 10,000 soldiers guarding the expedition village all stayed together. After returning to their senses, the soldiers shouted in ecstasy. Roared:

“We swear to follow the lord!”

The soldiers guarding the expedition village, never expected that their lord, Ye Chen, would give them such a great reward.

For them, the one hundred gold coins alone are enough to make them too excited.

Whoever thinks, their lord, Ye Chen, not only gave them one hundred gold coins, but also a set of heavenly equipment for everyone, and also a holy skill for everyone.

What do these two represent? Even if the soldiers are from poor people and have little knowledge, it is impossible to not know.

Although they haven’t seen the rumored top generals of the Han Empire, they have heard a lot of rumors.

No matter how stupid they are, they also know one thing. Those top military commanders left behind in history don’t necessarily have Saint-level skills plus Heaven-level equipment.

And now, their lord, Ye Chen, has rewarded them with holy-level techniques and heaven-level equipment. How could they not be shocked, how could they not be excited.

I was shocked, excited, and then there was a deep gratitude and an unstoppable pledge of allegiance to the death.

Ye Chen glanced at the soldiers who were shocked and ecstatic. With a wave of his right hand, ten thousand saint-level techniques appeared in front of the soldiers.

In the next second, Ye Chen said with a smile:

“You can learn the exercises. As for the heavenly equipment, you can change it after you build it.”

Tian-level equipment, Ye Chen obtained a lot during the Golden Turban Rebellion, but those were not standard equipment and were not suitable for soldiers to use.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would have directly rewarded the heaven-level equipment long ago, where he would have to wait for the heaven-level equipment to be completed before replacing it with the soldiers.

“Yes! Lord!” The ten thousand soldiers in the reincarnation city guarding the expedition village, heard this, bowed and responded loudly, and then picked up the holy-level exercises in front of them one by one, without hesitation Use it.

Ye Chen smiled slightly when he saw this, and then looked at the three generals who appeared automatically when the expedition village was established, Zhou Xiong, Zhou Hu, and Zhou Bao, and said:

“Er and the others have guarded the expedition village since they followed me. The living conditions here are difficult, but Er et al did not complain, let alone slacken their efforts, and must reward them.”

Ye Chen said this, with his right hand. Swing, three boxes of gold coins, three innate techniques, three sets of heavenly equipment, instantly appeared in front of the three of them.

The three brothers Zhou Xiong, Zhou Hu, and Zhou Bao were all overjoyed after seeing the gold coins in front of them, pretending to be forceful, and performing exercises.

When they saw the grades of the exercises, Qi Qi was taken aback.

They guessed that Ye Chen would reward them, after all, Ye Chen just rewarded the soldiers.

However, Zhou Xiong, Zhou Hu, and Zhou Bao didn’t think that their lord, Ye Chen, would give them a reward that was richer than they could imagine.

Three boxes of gold coins, nothing, three sets of heaven-level equipment that are suitable for them to use, nothing, these are not beyond their expectations.

But the three innate methods are different.

The three are all military generals. Although they are not famous historical generals, they still know what innate exercises mean.

That is far beyond the top exercises in this world, and it is impossible to appear in this world at all.

But now, the impossible exercise is placed in front of them, how could they not be shocked.

After regaining consciousness, Zhou Xiong, Zhou Hu, and Zhou Bao shouted in shock:

“Innate cultivation method!”

Ye Chen heard this, He smiled and nodded, and then said:

“Yes, it is the congenital exercises. You and the three people followed me when I was not up, and they were loyal and natural. For these rewards.”

“We swear to follow the lord! If we break this oath, the heaven will die!” Zhou Xiong, Zhou Hu, Zhou Leopard, hearing this, Qi Qiqi heart warmed, and then “excited. “Looking at Ye Chen, he roared loudly.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, then said:

“I believe you.”

Ye Chen came to the expedition village, and when he came up, he gave the soldiers and commanders here. Such a big reward, and he deliberately did this in front of a group of hands. In fact, the purpose is to tell his men. Matter.

Their lord, Ye Chen, is a nostalgic person, and he likes loyal subordinates. As for merit, that’s for sure, and Ye Chen will never be stingy with his opponents. Reward.

Of course, Ye Chen’s subordinates are diehards and will not betray Ye Chen at all, but this does not prevent Ye Chen from doing so.

Because this belongs to the way of the emperor, After Ye Chen officially established the nation, he would use it often.

Of course, if Ye Chen hadn’t established the nation now, Ye Chen wouldn’t mind letting his subordinates and the whole world see what is the emperor’s wrath.



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