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Chapter 639: Profiteering

Ye Chen’s voice was not loud, but it was directly transmitted to the ears of all the players in Luoyang.

At this moment, all the players, especially the players who just teleported to Luoyang, were on the spot in a daze.

Because they didn’t see Ye Chen, but what Ye Chen said was clearly conveyed to their ears.

This ability is really incredible.

But soon, the players” attention was drawn away by the first item to be auctioned.

In the next second, individual players, as well as players from small forces, directly exploded.

“Damn! Is there any mistake, 10,000 pieces of yellow equipment? One hundred thousand enlightenment stones? Shame, doesn’t it mean that anyone can participate in the auction? Such an auction, only those special things Only the big powers can buy it!”

“That’s right, the one hundred thousand enlightenment stone, the special Lao Tzu’s family property adds up to 13 yuan, how can this Nima participate in the auction?”

“Does Ye Chen think that we have too few enlightenment stones in our hands, which is taking time?”

“Should not? All the players that Ye Chen said yesterday can participate. If you change your mind, then Didn’t you slap yourself in the face?”

“Is it, the concept of participation is so big, it is also participation when you come, damn it! I feel so painful.”

Just when the players spoke about Ye Chen’s unfairness, Ye Chen in the upper room of the inn Tianzi brand frowned.

Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness has covered the entire Luoyang. The players” discussions, Ye Chen naturally heard it, and because of what he heard, Ye Chen frowned.

Because Ye Chen is about to hold an auction. Yes, it has been clearly stated that it is for all players. Anyone can come.

But individual players and players of small powers, but because the number of items to be auctioned is a bit large, they are noisy. Why is Ye Chen not frowning.

Is that what I said, others don’t believe me?

Ye Chen never thought about ’letting go” individual players or The Enlightenment Stones in the hands of small forces also have elixir. Otherwise, Ye Chen would not explain on the World Channel that everyone can participate.

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As for Ye Chen, he would auction 10,000 pieces of yellow. Class-level equipment is actually aimed at large forces, first throwing out a large amount of inventory, and then targeting individual players, as well as players from small forces, starting to dump the goods.

Whoever thinks, some individual players, also Players with small forces, because there are too many items at the beginning of the auction, they directly explode.

This is not the result, Ye Chen likes to see the result.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen squinted his eyes, and then shouted:

“If you want to participate in the auction, just stay in Luoyang. If you don’t believe it, just get out, dare to make trouble, or continue. Noisy, die!”

As soon as Ye Chen’s cold and merciless words landed, the entire Luoyang players instantly quieted down, one by one, you look at me and I look at you, so you don’t dare to continue talking.

At this moment, the players only had an idea, Nima, too domineering.

However, those individual players who didn’t believe in Ye Chen, as well as small forces, also dispelled the suspicion in their hearts, or said “worry” because of Ye Chen’s overbearing words.

Although Ye Chen’s words are very domineering, how could the players fail to understand the meaning behind them.

To be precise, Ye Chen is telling all players who come to Luoyang, whether it is an individual or a force, there will be gains.

At the beginning, those who participated in the auction could only be the big powers. As for the individual players, there are still small powers, which were arranged at the end.

Ye Chen in the upper room of the inn Tianzihao, after detecting the players” silence, he immediately spoke:

“Those who want to auction can bid now, no matter you are in You can directly bid at any location, and each time you increase the price, the price should not be less than one thousand.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the leaders of various large forces tentatively called out a price.

In the next second, all the leaders of the large forces were stunned. In the same place, because all the people who shouted, the prices they said were clearly and incomparably passed to their ears.

After a brief shock, the leaders of the large forces did not hesitate one by one. Began to raise the price.

A few seconds later, the price of 10,000 yellow equipment was raised to the price of 285,000 Enlightenment Stones, and no one bid.

Ye Chen, who puts the divine sense in and out of the inn, saw this and said directly:

“Heavenly Dragon City, Zhang Nianwen, bid 285,000 Enlightenment Stones, once.”

After a short pause, Ye Chen said again:

“Sky Dragon City, Zhang Nianwen, bid 285,000 Enlightenment Stones twice.”

After another pause, Ye Chen said again:

“Congratulations, Tianlongcheng, Zhang Nianwen, for the price of 285,000 thousand enlightenment stones, they took 10,000 pieces of yellow. Level equipment, below, please place the 285,000 Enlightenment Stone in front of you.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the Tianlongcheng League advocated reading the text and hurriedly waved back.

Not long after, a group of Sky Dragon City players came to Zhang Nianwen’s side carrying the box, and then put them one by one.

At this moment, twenty-nine boxes with enlightenment stones flew up in an instant, and then hurriedly flew to the inn, and then saw 10,000 pieces of equipment with the unique light of yellow-level equipment. Flew out from the inn, and then fell in front of Zhang Nianwen.

The players around who saw this scene involuntarily showed shock, plus such expressions.

The Dragon City League, which successfully photographed a million pieces of yellow-level equipment, advocated reading the text. After a brief shock, it hurriedly investigated the attributes of the yellow-level equipment.

When he saw that all the yellow equipments were “soul” equipment, he suddenly threw himself up and laughed in excitement, and then hurriedly greeted the boys, collected the equipment on the spot, and then dropped his blood to recognize the master.

The players around who saw this scene showed envious eyes one by one.

Because from this moment on, everyone in Tianlongcheng’s 10,000 little brothers has a yellow-level equipment that can be summoned in the real world. Monster beast, it can be done, easily beheaded.

It can be said that the strength of Sky Dragon City, which has obtained this 10,000 pieces of yellow equipment, has at least doubled compared to before.

You should know that the boys of Sky Dragon City originally wore the best equipment, but they were only gold-level equipment, but now, they are all yellow-level equipment, which can be said to be shotguns for cannons. It’s hard to stay strong.

Ye Chen in the upper room of the inn’s Tianzi Building, after collecting 285,000 Enlightenment Stones, the corner of his mouth suddenly tilted.

You can dispose of the garbage you don’t want, and you can get so many Enlightenment Stones. This sale is simply a huge profit.

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking so, don’t look at the Enlightenment Stone. Each piece can only last for one minute, but as long as its quantity increases, its usefulness will be greater.

Even the quasi-sage of the prehistoric world can be blessed by the Enlightenment Stone. One can imagine how useful the Enlightenment Stone is.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that the enlightenment stone cannot be exploded in the prehistoric world, and there will be no exchange options for plot missions.

It can be said that as many Enlightenment Stones as Ye Chen caught in the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone, there are as many Enlightenment Stones. Even if Ye Chen has the skills, it is impossible to make even one more Enlightenment Stone.

And this is exactly the root cause of Ye Chen’s excitement.

After all, what Ye Chen paid was nothing but “garbage” that was useless to Ye Chen, but in exchange for the enlightenment stone that could not be exploded in the prehistoric world.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then he shouted:

“Next, the second auction item will be held, one hundred thousand yellow equipment, the starting price is one million. For the Enlightenment Stone, the price increase shall not be less than 1,000 yuan each time.”


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