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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 64: Big Fishing and Special Fishing Read Novel

Chapter 64: Big Fishing and Special Fishing – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 64: Big Fishing and Special Fishing

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the leaders of various large forces rushed to shout out the price.

When one hundred thousand yellow-level equipment was frozen to 1.3 million enlightenment stones, he stopped, and then Ye Chen collected the enlightenment stone and gave out 100,000 yellow-level equipment, which was auctioned off. The second batch of equipment was quickly sold.

After that, Ye Chen started the auction of the third batch of equipment. As before, the leaders of large forces participated in the auction, and finally Ye Chen collected the enlightenment stone and gave the equipment.

A little bit of time passed, Ye Chen auctioned the yellow equipment again and again, and in the end, the yellow equipment had contributed 500 million Taoist stones to Ye Chen.

And auctioning batches of Xuan-level equipment has contributed 2.98 billion Taoist Stones to Ye Chen.

Earth-level equipment, for Ye Chen’s contribution, 38.2 billion Enlightenment Stones.

When it came to the heaven-level equipment, Ye Chen thought for a while, and only took out a thousand pieces. However, it was this thousand pieces of heaven-level equipment that contributed a billion Taoist Enlightenment Stones to Ye Chen!

Of course, Ye Chen still has a lot of heavenly equipment in his hands, but Ye Chen is not going to auction it anymore.

Because of the sky-level equipment, the top equipment in the novice zone of the Three Kingdoms, if you make too many out there, it won’t be so easy when Ye Chen sends troops to sweep the world.

When the exercises were auctioned, just as Ye Chen expected, it instantly detonated the entire group of players.

The large forces participating in the fight, each desperately bidding, even individual players, as well as players from small forces, were jealous.

At the end, Ye Chen had thrown out most of the king-level exercises, the emperor-level exercises, and the emperor-level exercises, and he had recovered a full 690 billion Taoist stones.

The thousand saint-level exercises thrown by Ye Chen brought 10 billion Taoist Enlightenment Stones to Ye Chen.

The auction for large forces ended in just an hour.

In the upper room of the inn Tianzihao, Ye Chen looked at the more than 700 billion Taoist Enlightenment Stones in the small world, and he was so happy.

Are you sure, this auction is really “making money and getting cramps”


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Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth turned upside down, and then his mind moved, and he shouted:

“Now, start selling scattered equipment and exercises.

Gold Three-piece suit of level equipment, one enlightenment stone.

One diamond level equipment, one enlightenment stone.

Yellow level equipment, one enlightenment stone.

Xuan Grade equipment, a piece of 100 Enlightenment Stones.

Earth-level equipment, a piece of 1,000 Enlightenment Stones.

Wang-level exercises, a book of ten enlightenment stones.

Imperial level exercises, a book of 200 enlightenment stones.

Emperor-level exercises, a book of 3,000 Taoist stones.

Those who want to buy, directly take out the enlightenment stone, or the elixir of equal value, and then call out the item they want to buy. As for the exchange ratio of the elixir to the enlightenment stone, it is ten to one.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, they instantly detonated the entire world channel.

“Fuck! This time can be regarded as relieved, the boss Ye Chen really kept his promise!”

“Hey, when the boss of Ye Chen started, he auctioned so many equipment and techniques. It turned out to be pitted against those large forces.”

“What is a pit? This is called voluntary, OK? Boss Ye Chen held an auction and didn’t force them to come.”

“Don’t be so special if you get cheaper and sell well, Ye Chen, boss, this is for our welfare, if it is really a piece of auction, will you raise the price? I don’t want to think about it either.”

“Don’t have any special ink, how much equipment and skills Ye Chen still has in his hands, I don’t know yet, hurry up, he will have quick hands, but slow hands.”

The World Channel swept the screen for a while, then quickly stopped, and then saw the players in Luoyang, one by one hurriedly took out the enlightenment stone or elixir, and then shouted out one by one. The necessary equipment and exercises.

After a few breaths, the overwhelming enlightenment stones and elixir flew up from all over Luoyang, and then rushed towards the inn.

When all enlightenment After all the stones disappeared, the overwhelming equipment and techniques immediately flew out of the inn, and then flew towards Luoyang City. All players who took out the enlightenment stones or elixir.

This bizarre scene, although it was caught by the player We watched it many times in a row, but it still gave the players a lot of excitement.

Because the creator of this big scene came from Ye Chen, and the players learned from Ye Chen’s magical abilities. You can see their future.

Accurately speaking, players will eventually have Ye Chen’s methods.

Of course, the premise is that they can also reach Ye Chen’s Realm.

However, this does not hinder the fantasies or expectations of the players.

When all the players who want to buy equipment and exercises find the equipment or exercises flying in front of them, they call out the equipment or exercises and the grades are the same, one by one. His eyes widened involuntarily.

In fact, many players believe in their hearts that Ye Chen will make a mistake. After all, there are too many people buying.

If Ye Chen really made a mistake, and even made a mistake about the equipment and exercises that many people wanted to buy, it would be a lot of fun.

If the skills purchased by the players and the grade of the equipment are improved, the players will naturally like them, and they will immediately use them without hesitation.

If the grade is reduced, the players may still be compensated.

Although this is just the players” careful thought, it really exists in the players” hearts.

Of course, the players are careful to think about it, but they are also worried that after Ye Chen “makes a mistake,” he will kill the players who have obtained the “high-level” exercises and equipment, or the strong action hand, and take it back.

As for those players who have obtained ’low-level” exercises and equipped, Ye Chen might just ignore them.

These are the thoughts of the players, with expectations and worries.

Unfortunately, the fact is that even though Ye Chen has manipulated tens of millions of exercises and equipment at once, no mistake has occurred.

After the players recovered from the “shock”, they looked at the players around them with great vigilance, and then hurriedly equipped them with “Blood Recognition”, and then used the exercises on the spot.

There is no way. There are many players who buy equipment and exercises, but there are also many players who have not bought anything. Those people are all jealous.

If this is used later, even though Ye Chen will speak at the beginning of the auction, no one can guarantee whether someone will really take the risk and grab it.

Individual players and players from small powers, all excited and vigilant used up the equipment and techniques they purchased, but the leaders of large powers who just participated in the auction were all stunned. It hurts, and it’s not tangled.

There is no way, what Ye Chen carried out afterwards was not an auction at all, but a fair sale, clearly marked with a price, and it was not cheating.

For those who have paid a high price, this is a bit of a loss.

But no matter how painful and entangled they were, Ye Chen did not force them to participate in the auction, let alone force them to participate in the auction.

Even if Ye Chen didn’t say this, they knew it.

What’s more, it’s too late for them to say anything. The Enlightenment Stones are all used up. Even if they leave a little, they can’t buy much equipment or exercises.

In a word, it’s useless to say anything now.

If they dare to go to the World Channel to complain, or simply go directly to the inn to block Ye Chen and ask for an explanation, they may also attract Ye Chen’s “righteous” revenge.

In the end, the leaders of the large forces left Luoyang directly with their stern faces and their subordinates.

In the inn, in the upper room of Tianzihao, Ye Chen glanced at the Enlightenment Stone and the number of elixir contributed by individual players and small power players, and his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

Unexpectedly, individual players still have the purchasing power of small power players. They are also so fierce.

More than five hundred billion enlightenment stones, special, this time it is really a big profit.

I don’t know if they will vomit blood when they discover the real use of the Enlightenment Stone.

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth can’t help but curl up, and then he said:

“Finally, the inventory was sold and the trading currency was changed to Two World Stones. Ten Two World Stones are equal to one Enlightenment Stone. If you have ideas, you can take out the Two World Stones and shout out the equipment or exercises you want as before.”

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Chapter 64: Big Fishing and Special Fishing – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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