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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 645: Killing the King to Usurp the Throne Read Novel

Chapter 645: Killing the King to Usurp the Throne – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 645: Killing the King to Usurp the Throne

Obviously, Zhang Li’s flattery poke Liu Hong’s G spot, otherwise Liu Hong would not be so excited.

The fact is also true. Although Liu Hong is faint, happy, and extremely greedy for money, for Liu Hong, there is nothing more happier for Liu Hong than to be an emperor through the ages.

However, what Liu Hong didn’t know was that his most “favorite” father was actually just flattering.

Liu Hong laughed in excitement. Not three seconds later, a little boy about eight years old walked into the hall.

The little boy is Liu Xie, the second prince of the Han Empire, or the human player who replaced Liu Xie, Li Mubai.

Seeing Liu Xie entering the door, Liu Hong immediately stopped laughing, and then asked:

“Xie”er, what treasure do you want to offer to your father Huangjin?”

The second prince of the Han Dynasty, Liu Xie, after hearing Liu Hong’s question, a “relaxed” gaze flashed in his eyes, and then he bowed to Liu Hong and said:

“Father, the child heard about his father The emperor has recently lost energy, so he rummaged through ancient books and secrets, and finally found a piece of news that a thousand-year blood ginseng can prolong life and replenish vital energy.

Therefore, Haier specially sent people out to search for the Millennium Blood Ginseng. Perhaps the child’s heart of filial piety touched God. This rumored Millennium Blood Ginseng was finally found by the child, so it was specially brought by the child. Dedicated to the father!”

“Xie”er is serious about this? “Liu Hong heard this, after a short stun, his eyes suddenly opened, and then he asked.

Liu Hong does feel that his body is not as good as before. Now Liu Xie said that the thousand-year blood ginseng , It happened to hit the itch in his heart. Otherwise, Liu Hong would not become so excited all of a sudden.

When Liu Xie heard this, he nodded seriously, and then bowed in prayer. :

“Tell your father, how dare Xie”er deceive your father? Xie”er is willing to use the head of the item as a guarantee. This matter is absolutely true and absolutely not false.”

“Good! it is good! Present it quickly! “When Liu Hong heard this, he couldn’t help but laughed up to the sky, and then shouted.

When Liu Xie heard this, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but bowed, then bowed and said:

“Yes!” Father!”

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After Liu Xie finished speaking, he took out an extremely delicate wooden box from his arms, then held it up with both hands and raised his head high.

Zhang Li next to Liu Hong, see here , A cold light flashed in his eyes, and then he walked towards Liu Xie with a “smiling face.”

After arriving at Liu Xie’s body, Zhang Li reached out and took the wooden box, and then opened it for inspection.

After all, the things are to be given to Liu Hong, no matter who gave them, as Liu Hong’s trusted eunuch, Zhang Li must confirm that it is non-toxic and harmless before giving it to Liu Hong.

Who knows, the moment Zhang Li opened the wooden box, a violent burst of air suddenly sounded.

After the “bang”, a large cloud of thick pink mist suddenly burst out of the wooden box.

When Zhang Li found something wrong, his face changed drastically. He threw away the wooden box in his hand, then covered his mouth and nose, and shouted sharply:


Sit down Liu Hong, who was on the dragon chair, recovered at this moment, and then roared:

“Liu Xie! You want to kill your father!”

“Your Majesty! Run away! This The fog is poisonous!” Zhang Li, who was about to give Liu Xie a kick, suddenly slumped his leg that had just been raised, and then he sat on the ground with a “puff”.

When Liu Hong heard Zhang Li’s warning, his face changed drastically. Without even thinking about it, he got up and prepared to leave the back door of the hall.

However, when Liu Honggang was with him, he squatted on the chair with a “bang”.

At this moment, the space in the palace hall suddenly twisted.

But immediately, it disappeared without a trace.

And all these changes, whether it was Liu Hong in the hall, Zhang Li, or Li Mubai, the player who replaced the second prince Liu Xie, failed to notice.

Seeing Zhang Li and Liu Hongdu, the second prince of the Han Empire, Liu Xie, who was sitting paralyzed by poison, suddenly smiled strangely, then looked at Liu Hong and said:

“Father Emperor” , Don’t think about someone coming to rescue you, this palace hall, inside and out, has been replaced by my people, oh, yes, it’s the foreign person that the father thinks.”

“Rebellious son Nizi!” Liu Hong’s face suddenly turned pale when he heard this, and then screamed at Liu Xie.

At this time, Liu Hong is even faint, and he also knows what Liu Xie wants to do.

There is nothing else but the killing of the king and usurping the throne.

At the thought of his imminent death, Liu Hong’s whole body is not well.

Fear, fear, panic, anger, unbelief, unwillingness, etc., all kinds of emotions flooded into Liu Hong’s heart.

“Second prince, even if you succeed in killing the emperor and usurping the throne, the civil and military officials of the Han Empire will not recognize you. Listen to the slaves” persuasion, and turn your head back.” Zhang Li looked at Liu Xie’s eighth in disbelief. The year-old child glanced at it, and then worked hard to stabilize the beating heart, and then said “heartedly.”

When Liu Xie heard this, he smiled coldly, then raised his right hand and slapped Zhang Li without hesitation.

After the “pop”, Zhang Li’s pale face suddenly had a small red handprint.

Zhang Li, who was slapped by Liu Xie, fell to the ground with a “bang”.

“Dead eunuch, if you want to be prosperous and wealthy, you’d better help me now persuade my father, who is immortal, to pass on to me, otherwise, you will know what is better than death!” Liu Xie After taking a look at Zhang Li, he said coldly, after finishing speaking, he strode towards Liu Hong on the dragon chair.

Looking at Liu Xie who strode towards him, Liu Hong suddenly felt a feeling that the most precious thing was about to be robbed in his heart. This feeling instantly stimulated Liu Hong’s nerves.

In the next second, Liu Hong screamed at Liu Xie:

“Inizi! Don’t think I will be with you, if you want to carry the name of killing the king on your back, just do it!”

In fact, in Liu Hong’s heart, there is still a feeling that Liu Xie, no matter how vicious, would not dare to kill him.

And this is also the fundamental reason why Liu Hong dared to shout loudly.

Whoever thinks, as soon as Liu Hong’s words landed, Liu Xie made a move with his right hand, and a sharp dagger flashing with the cold light appeared in his hand in an instant.

Looking at the dagger in his hand, Liu Xie raised his eyebrows and raised the dagger in his hand in a “show off” manner, and then said:

“Father, I know this is What grade of dagger? I don’t know, right? I can tell you, heaven grade, are you surprised, why should I say this?”

Liu Hong looked confused, I don’t know Liu Xie pumped again. When it was windy, Liu Xie smiled, and then said:

“For this dagger, I have spent a lot of enlightenment stones, but thanks to this dagger, I can try it, Qian Knife, tsk, think about it, it makes me feel.”

When Liu Xie’s words fell, people also arrived in front of Liu Hong, and Liu Hong, who heard Liu Xie’s words, suddenly Can’t calm down.

In the next second, Liu Hong glared at Liu Xie, and shouted sharply:

“Beast! You beast! You want to kill me with a thousand swords?”

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Chapter 645: Killing the King to Usurp the Throne – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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