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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 648: Unblocking the God Soldier Read Novel

Chapter 648: Unblocking the God Soldier – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 648: Unblocking the God Soldier

“Thank you for your majesty’s gift! We will be your majesty, to eliminate all the messengers and thieves in the world, and all the demons and ghosts!” Ye Chen heard this, his eyes brightened, and then “clang” “Powerful” bowed in prayer.

When Liu Hong heard this, he nodded in satisfaction, and then thought.

In the next second, a golden sword suddenly appeared in front of Liu Hong.

Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up after seeing the golden sword.

? This should be the legendary soldier, Xuanyuan Sword.

What a special thing, don’t make Lao Tzu happy again.

But, even if it’s not , I also made a lot of money this time. Because of the rebellion, Liu Hong gave me the right to deploy troops at will. Now what I am giving is the power to use troops at will for all the rebels and thieves in the world.

If this is to wait until the princes” struggle for hegemony starts, does it? Lao Tzu said that whoever is the chaser and the thieves, and he is also famous for his teacher, and Bitya’s “Take the emperor to command the princes”, but it is more awesome. Just as Ye Chen thought of this, Liu Hong, who was sitting on the dragon chair, glanced at the golden sword with some dismay, then looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile:

“Xian-in-law, don’t you take the sword?”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Ye Chen nodded his head “seriously” when he heard this, then took a step forward and caught the golden sword with both hands.

At this moment, the system prompt sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, for obtaining the ancient magic weapon, Xuanyuan sword.”

As soon as the system prompt ended, the heart hanging in Ye Chen’s heart suddenly became loose.

It’s really Xuanyuan Sword.

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for obtaining the ancient magic weapon and Xuanyuan sword. The special conditions have been met, and the magic weapons in the major game zones will be automatically unblocked.”

The world announcement three times in a row, Instantly detonated the entire World Channel.

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“Fuck! Fuck! What is the situation, right after the auction held by Ye Chen, he got the Xuanyuan sword? Nima, who can explain to me why this is?”

“Is it possible that Ye Chen can get the Xuanyuan Sword, it has something to do with the Enlightenment Stone and the Two World Stones?”

“There is a relationship with Mao. Anyway, I don’t believe it. If you want to believe it, I only believe in one thing. Ye Chen is cheating again!”

“It’s not fair, why did Ye Chen get all good things, Xuanyuan sword, yeah, the weapon worn by the legendary Yellow Emperor, A powerful stroke.”

“Envy? Jealous? It’s useful. Ye Chen got the Xuanyuan Sword. Could you dare to grab it?”

“Fuck your uncle, what’s wrong with Lao Tzu’s envy, right? It’s a legendary soldier, who doesn’t envy it?””

“I don’t envy him, because I know that Ye Chen is a pervert, and envy is useless.”

“Why don’t you scumbags look at the key to the world announcement?””

“Don’t tell me what to say to their group of scumbags who are so insightful.”

“Grass, is it true that I can’t see it?” The magic weapons in the major game areas are unblocked. Doesn’t it mean that other game areas will also have magic weapons, plus seven days later, the world war begins. This is unclear. Tell us, the magic soldiers can burst out?”

“Fuck! This is okay, Ye Chen’s Lao Tzu didn’t dare to explode, but the magical soldiers of other countries exploded casually!”

“That’s right! There is only one pervert. Players from other countries are not as perverted as Ye Chen. When the time comes, go to other countries to play with the magic soldiers!”

“Hey, count me!””

“Lao Tzu’s goal is an island nation! Blew up their Amaterasu God!”

“Fuck! Blast the back, or the front?”

“All burst!”

The World Channel was blazing, constantly refreshing the screen. After Ye Chen glanced at it, he curled his mouth in disdain.

The magic soldier will be released, it will definitely burst out. This is not fake, it’s special. Well, it was also Lao Tzu’s

Ye Chen thought about it arrogantly, and the rapid footsteps suddenly sounded in pieces, together with the messy “escort” sound.

After a few breaths, a large number of imperial soldiers, eunuchs, and eunuchs rushed towards the palace hall.

When they saw the scene in the hall, they were all stunned.

In the next second, an exclamation sound suddenly sounded extremely noisy.

“How is it possible! General Hussar has rebelled?”

“Impossible! Impossible! General Hussar is about to marry two princesses, how can it be rebellious!”

It’s no wonder that the Yulin Army were so shocked. They heard the abnormal sound and hurried over to check. Whoever imagined it, they saw a bloody scene, stumped limbs and broken arms all over the floor. Pieces of flesh and blood, internal organs, intestines, everywhere.

At that moment, they were very scared. You know, Liu Hongke was in the palace hall.

If something happens to Liu Hong, then there will only be one ending for these Yulin Army, and all the Nine Clans will be condemned!

Regardless of men and women, young and old, even cats, dogs and rats in the house, they will all be killed.

Even the bones of the ancestors that have been in the soil will be scraped out, whip the corpses, and exposed to the sun.

Who let the emperor of the Han Empire, Liu Hong, be killed?

When they rushed to the hall, they happened to see Ye Chen holding the Xuanyuan sword, a few steps away from Liu Hong.

If they didn’t think that it was Ye Chen who created the bloody scene outside the temple, that would be weird.

Just when the Royal Forest Army was shocked and inexplicably, Zhang Li shouted at the Royal Forest Army:

“Shut up! A group of wine bags and rice bags, if it weren’t for Lord Youwang, Your Majesty would have been killed!”

As soon as Zhang Li’s words fell to the ground, the imperial forest troops were all taken aback, and then they immediately realized what Zhang Li meant.

After everyone looked at Ye Chen with a dull expression, they hurried to their knees, and then bowed to Liu Hong in fear and said:

“We are too late for help. Please punish your majesty!”

“Shut up! A bunch of gangsters! Can’t protect my safety, but also frame my son-in-law, what is the use of me raising you! Come! Pull me out and put them to death. !” Liu Hong’s face suddenly became angry when he heard this, and then he shouted.

When Ye Chen heard this, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then he bowed to Liu Hong and said:

“Your Majesty, although the minister has only entered the palace a few times, he can still see it. For one thing, all the soldiers of the Yulin Army are elite and loyal. What happened today was caused by evil. If it weren’t for evil taking over the body of the second prince, none of this would happen. Please be kind to your Majesty. !”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the Yulin Army’s hearts warmed together, and then looked at Ye Chen gratefully, but Liu Hong, who was in a rage, was slightly taken aback, and then directed at the Yulin Army. “Hum”, and shouted:

“If it weren’t for my virtuous son-in-law to plead for you, I will definitely punish you for the nine races!”

“Thank you, your majesty, for not killing you.” !” When the Yulin Army heard this, Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and then hurriedly bowed to Liu Hong.

Zhang Li, who collapsed in the hall, saw this, and immediately screamed at the eunuchs who came with the imperial army:

“What are you still doing, hurry up for your majesty.” Detoxify!”

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Chapter 648: Unblocking the God Soldier – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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