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Chapter 654: Domineering 1 Hit

The Demon Slayer Array is Ye Chen’s previous life, a very famous killing array in the prehistoric world. It has extremely strong attack power and has a great suppressive effect on the demons.

Under normal circumstances, the Demon Sword Array is mostly used to deal with monsters or demons and other aliens, but there are also many special situations, such as dealing with humans.

The fact is the same. In previous lives, many have mastered the power of the Demon Sword Array, and they often use the Demon Sword Array to deal with the enemies they want to kill.

As for the simple reason, although the Demon Slayer Array specifically restrains evil spirits, its own lethality and concealment are also very powerful, even if it is aimed at humans, there are no exceptions.

It is precisely because of these characteristics of the Demon Sword Formation that many forces that master it have used it to slay the enemies of mankind.

Ye Chen was able to find the Demon Sword Array because Ye Chen had participated in the arrangement of the Demon Sword Array in his previous life.

If it wasn’t for this reason, Ye Chen wanted to find the Demon Slayer Sword Formation, it was really not easy.

Even if Ye Chen’s consciousness has crushed all players at this moment, there will be no exceptions.

Of course, these are not important. What is important is that at this moment Gan Ning and his army are in the Sword of Death.

If Ye Chen breaks directly in, the Demon Slayer Sword Formation will definitely be activated. Even if Ye Chen’s physical body is strong and he has an innate spirit treasure, he will keep a few people at most. Killing the Demon Sword Formation, instantly kills.

And Ye Chen came here, in addition to conquering Gan Ning, he also planned to take away all of Gan Ning’s subordinates.

After all, Gan Ning’s subordinates are all special arms, Jinfan Thieves, if all are accepted, the training steps will be saved, and the full strength of Ganning’s first-class historical generals can be directly used.

Of course, the mysterious force that arranged the Demon Sword Formation didn’t know this, let alone that Ye Chen could see the Demon Sword Formation, and was not afraid of the Demon Sword Formation.

Otherwise, the mysterious forces would not be possible, and they would set up a sword array against Ye Chen so confidently.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled coldly, and then shouted:

“Ganning, I will accept it. If you don’t want to die, you will get out of here in three minutes!”

As soon as Ye Chen’s domineering and arrogant words landed, they instantly attracted the attention of the players on the edge of the lake. After a short daze, there was an uproar.

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“Fuck! I’ll just say it, Ye Chen has always been nothing good to talk about. If you dare to snatch things from Ye Chen, you will have to die”

“What about Nima? I still I don’t want to die”

“? Don’t look at Ye Chen alone, but he is in the Divine Martial Realm. Before the Dao Transcendence Realm, he was alone for tens of millions of people. Now”

“Don’t be afraid, don’t you just die, don’t forget, the Promise Palace, the Seven Star Tower, the money given by those forces is enough to make up for our loss after we died.”

“Don’t What a nonsense, Ye Chen’s big black gun can not only shatter the equipment, but also devour the soul. If Ye Chen killed it with that big gun, the real world would really die.”

“Why, I quit, whoever wants to make that little money, who is going to make it, anyway, I haven’t lived enough.”

“I also withdraw”

Players, you say, I say, a large number of players will soon choose to leave.

Ye Chen stood there, motionless, just waiting so quietly, letting the players retreat.

Time passed a little bit, and when three minutes came, Ye Chen looked directly at the player who still hadn’t chosen to leave, smiled coldly, and then made a move with his right hand, the golden sword Xuanyuan sword, instantly appeared in Ye Chen Hands.

Following Ye Chen’s actions, the players who haven’t left, their pupils shrank one by one, and then you said, I shouted at Ye Chen.

“Master Youwang, I will not participate in this plot mission!”

“Master Youwang, I will not participate either, I just want to see Ganning.”

“Me too, Lord Youwang, don’t get me wrong.”

Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain after hearing the words of the players who were not leaving. Then, when he raised his right hand, Xuanyuan Jian was lifted by Ye Chen in an instant. Up.

In the next second, Ye Chen slashed at the remaining players.

A thousand-meter-long cyan sword aura appeared instantly, and then it turned into ten thousand, ten thousand, but in the blink of an eye, the cyan sword aura that Ye Chen wielded covered the sky, and then brought With a sharp “break through the air” sound, it flew towards the player’s army, and it was just a moment.

The players who were still shouting, after seeing the overwhelming cyan sword aura, unanimously heaved a sigh of relief.

Because it was not Ye Chen’s big black gun that can devour the soul that attacked them, as long as you don’t get killed by the big gun, you don’t have to worry about hanging up in the real world.

Of course, even if they don’t have to worry about it, they don’t want to be killed by the sword.

Unfortunately, their ideas are very good, but they ignore the flying speed of Jian Qi.

As soon as they took out their weapons and their thighs were about to exert force, the overwhelming sword energy instantly cut through their bodies.

The sound of the body being cut was followed by an extremely dense sound.

“Puff, puff, puff”

The various actions of players who did not choose to leave to evade and resist sword aura instantly freeze.

At this moment, all the players who were cut through their bodies by the sword qi opened their eyes wide, and then showed regretful eyes.

The moment they were about to die, they sensed the feeling of their soul being destroyed, and that feeling made them tremble and despair.

Although they don’t know the cause very well, they do know one thing. This death is different from the previous deaths in the game world.

As soon as the players” horrified and regretful eyes appeared, the sound of the extremely dense body bursting instantly sounded.

“Boom, boom, boom”

I saw the players who were cut through their bodies by sword energy, without exception, they all exploded into pieces in the sky.

Red flesh and blood pieces, white bone pieces, broken limbs, dark internal organs, broken into countless pieces of intestines, covering the ground.

The ground that was originally fairly clean suddenly became a slaughterhouse in the Shura region, bloody and shocking.

The remaining players shuddered involuntarily one by one looking at the extremely bloody scene in front of them.

When Ye Chen took out the Xuanyuan Sword, they were still at ease, because they didn’t have to worry about death in the real world, but now, the Shura Slaughterhouse created by Ye Chen’s domineering sword is seriously irritating. To their nerves.

Be aware that the number of players that Ye Chen just attacked was far inferior to that before Ye Chen arrived here, but it also reached one million.

That’s right, it’s millions, but with so many players, Ye Chen’s sword was killed by Ye Chen, and it was easy to kill.

How can such a cruel, bloody, and domineering picture stimulate the remaining players.

They had heard that Ye Chen could kill a million in one shot, but what was so special was that Ye Chen took the reincarnation legion together to attack, and the result appeared.

And now, Ye Chen actually killed millions of players with a single sword. Such a scene is far more perverted than the scene they have heard of, and it is more shocking.

After a short silence, hundreds of thousands of heavy swallowing saliva sounds suddenly sounded.

“Gudong, Gudong”


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