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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 673: Immortal Jade Mountain Range Read Novel

Chapter 673: Immortal Jade Mountain Range – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 673: Immortal Jade Mountain Range

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the nine-handled magic weapon-class long sword instantly began to tremble.

“Om, hum, hum”

At the same time, nine Dao Youguang suddenly lit up on the nine-handled magic weapon-class long swords, and then connected to each other, and instantly enveloped the blue light gate.

In the next second, a light curtain composed of nine gloomy lights suddenly rose from between the nine artifact-class long swords, and then squeezed toward the blue light gate.

In the blink of an eye, the nine light curtains merged into one, and then with a “boom”, they slammed into the blue light door.

At this moment, the breath from the ban in Kowloon suddenly exploded, and then disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

The Jiuyou Breaking Array technique learned in the previous life was never used once before rebirth. Unexpectedly, after rebirth, the first time I used it, he made great achievements.

Jiuyou Breaking Array technique is a special technique for breaking an array, paying attention to breaking an array with an array.

The only bad thing is that the so-called breaking the formation does not destroy all formations.

If the formation is of a lower rank than Jiuyou Destroying Array, Nine Nethers Destroying Array can be broken directly.

If the rank of the formation to be attacked is too high, there is no way to break the formation directly, only for a certain period of time.

After this time has passed, the attacked formation will automatically recover.

Take Ye Chen’s current attack on the Jiulong ban, as long as more than ten seconds, the Jiulong ban will be restored again.

This is also impossible. After all, the Jiulong ban came from the Jiuqiao Linglong Stone. If Ye Chen wants to completely break the Kowloon ban, he still has to target the Jiuqiao Linglong Stone.

This is like treating a disease. If it is just a temporary treatment, it will relapse again. If you want to completely get rid of the pain, you must start from the root cause.

Of course, the complete removal of the Kowloon ban is completely unnecessary for Ye Chen at this moment.

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Because what Ye Chen has to do now is to enter the secret realm, and then take the Nine Orifice Exquisite Stone in his hand, rather than destroy the Nine Orifice Exquisite Stone.

Therefore, as long as Ye Chen can enter the secret realm, it is enough.

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the heaven and earth aura suddenly gathered towards the blue light gate at the entrance of the secret realm, gathering frantically.

But in the blink of an eye, a rapidly growing spiritual cyclone nest instantly appeared on the blue light door at the entrance of the secret realm.

Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile, and then exhaled for a long time.

That’s right, the Nine Dragons ban at the entrance of this secret realm was not artificially arranged, but was automatically generated by the Nine Orifices Linglong Stone. Thinking of this, Ye Chen walked directly toward the blue light gate, then stepped in and disappeared.

As Ye Chen disappeared, the aura that had just appeared stopped abruptly, and then disappeared.

At the same time, the protective rune of the Kowloon Seal that had just disappeared for a while on the blue light door appeared again, and then continued to circulate on the blue light door.

In the secret realm, after a brief dizziness, Ye Chen opened his eyes, and then he was taken aback.

I saw that where Ye Chen entered his eyes, there were all jade stones, of different colors and shapes, stacked one upon another, forming one mountain after another, without seeing the edge at a glance.

At this moment, the continuous jade mountain gave Ye Chen the feeling of watching the undulating mountains in the sky.

Magnificent, spectacular, and vast, it is the “Jade Mountain Range” in this secret world that gives Ye Chen the feeling.

After a brief sigh, Ye Chen suddenly recovered, and then his eyes lit up.


The jade here is all immortal-grade jade.

Ye Chen didn’t expect that in this secret realm with nine-aperture exquisite stone, there are still a huge amount of immortal-grade jade.

Although there is no shortage of this kind of resources in the prehistoric world, there is no shortage, and there is no such thing as the jade mountain range in this secret realm. Just break a piece, which is the fairy-level jade mine.

To be precise, in the prehistoric world, if you want to get immortal jade, you have to mine, and if you want to get immortal jade, you have to cut, polish, etc. after digging out the immortal jade mine. Will get immortal jade.

In this process, there is no one-hundred-percent chance of cutting a ring and successfully cutting out a fairy-level jade.

If it is a rich mine, the chance of cutting out a fairy-level jade is 60% to 80%.

If it is a lean mine, a 20% chance is good.

So, if you want to get a lot of immortal jade in the prehistoric world, you must use a lot of manpower to mine immortal jade mines.

And this step can be omitted if there is a cultivation base, a magic weapon.

Of course, the prehistoric world is full of powerhouses and great abilities, but even if the gods want immortal jade, if no one sells them, they have to start with mining, then cutting and polishing, without a single step. Law omitted.

Even if you want to improve efficiency, it is useless to use your spiritual sense to find out whether there are any fairy-level jade in the fairy-level jade mine.

Because the outer skin of the fairy-level jade mine is a special forbidden magic stone, and it is a forbidden magic stone mixed with several other materials, not only the divine consciousness cannot be penetrated, but also the hard and unreasonable.

Tianxian has no choice but to do it step by step honestly.

At first glance, it looks wicked, but that’s the truth.

And now, what Ye Chen saw, a mountain range made up of immortal jade, and it was the kind that could not see the edge at a glance, how could Ye Chen be unhappy.

You must know that in the prehistoric world, although immortal jade is not a particularly precious material, it is not a Chinese cabbage. You can buy as many as you want.

Of course, this is not important. What’s important is that Ye Chen just needs immortal jade, and there are a lot of immortal jade.

You should know that Ye Chen just understood the Chaos-level technique, the Chaos Talisman. If there are a large number of immortal-level jade, Ye Chen can start to practice making attack jade talisman before he soars into the wilderness.

Once Ye Chen has completely controlled the method of making attack jade charms, he can make a lot of attack jade charms, and then hand them over to the army of the reincarnation fairy city for self-defense, or simply use this to deal with it directly. Yaozu, there will be a frantic bombing when they come up.

This type of attack is almost the same as Ye Chen’s personal action.

In this way, Ye Chen’s army not only has the means of self-protection, but also can use this to open up the territory for Ye Chen. It is simple and rude, and it will feel like thinking about it.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t be so happy.

Of course, this is only one of the benefits of immortal jade to Ye Chen. Apart from this, immortal jade itself is also an immortal material, which can be used to integrate into the reincarnation city and enhance the internal space of the reincarnation city.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily, and then took a photo with his left hand.

In the next second, Ye Chen was stunned.

I wiped it. I failed.

Ye Chen wanted to start collecting immortal jade directly. Whoever thought it did not succeed, otherwise, Ye Chen would not be surprised.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s spiritual consciousness instantly explored the Jade Mountain Range below his feet. After a few breaths, Ye Chen smiled playfully.

These fairy-level jade mountains seem to be piled up one by one, but I didn’t expect that they are not special at all, but as a whole.

This nine-aperture exquisite stone is really special What is going to be refined, in order to prevent being caught, such a large range of immortal jade mountain ranges were specially created. Then you can wait for an opportunity to slip away.

This trick is really good. If you change to someone else, you may not be able to do it. This fairy-level jade mountain range is integrated, too difficult to dig, and the value is really not low.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work for me.

This time, I want the Immortal Jade Mountain Range, the Nine Orifices Linglong Stone, don’t even want to run!

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Chapter 673: Immortal Jade Mountain Range – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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