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Chapter 704: Ye Chen in Ecstasy

The World Channel was boisterous, constantly refreshing the screen, Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows after a glance.

The players were shocked by the appearance of the snarling dog. People were worried that they would not be able to log in without killing the snarling dog. But when it came to the back, almost ninety-nine of the players wanted Ye Chen to take the pot.

When the players say this, they obviously have the idea of ​​not participating in this special plot mission.

To be precise, nine out of ten players believed in their hearts that Ye Chen would not stand idly by on this matter.

Otherwise, the players will not yell and let Ye Chen take the blame.

The reason why the players say so, in fact, is that they don’t want to lose themselves because of this special plot task.

This is what the players thought, Ye Chen just glanced at it and got a clear look.

As for whether the players will come over and take advantage, there must be a lot of people who think about it, and maybe a lot of them put into action. However, no matter which way it is possible, the players will not be screaming When alive, run over to take advantage.

After all, it is a snarling dog, the existence of myths and legends, no one would think it is a rookie.

If you don’t come, it’s just right to save trouble to Lao Tzu.

Ye Chen has never counted on players, and prefers to see players “throw the pot”, because in this way, no one comes here. Up.

In this way, Ye Chen’s troubles will be reduced a lot.

As for the reason, it is simple.

The Snarling Dog is a sacred animal, but it is also a monster.

If the players really all ran over, not only would it not be helpful, but on the contrary, it would increase the strength of the Sky Dog.

This is not what Ye Chen wanted to see.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked straight at the snarling dog who was struggling outwards, trying to get out of the distorted space.

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Purple golden red gourd, Qiankun bow, and sky-shaking arrow, failed to exert the power that it should have, but, the gunshot, I have been using it again, although it has not been thoroughly refined, it is so good or not Congenital Treasure

Moreover, it is a Congenital Treasure with all three characteristics.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s right hand smashed the sharp spear, and then the snarling dog facing the sky was one. Poke.

As soon as the Killing Spear stabbed out, the space in front of the Killing Spear was suddenly distorted, and then he saw the Killing Spear pierced in.

In the next second, the sky was stuck beside the dog’s head of the snarling dog in the distorted space. The space was suddenly distorted, and then I saw the dark and thick Gunkiller burst out of the distorted space. Pierced directly at the dog’s head of the snarling dog.

The snarling dog, who was struggling and wanted to come completely, suddenly shrank the dog’s eyes when he saw the tip of the sharpshooter, and then cried out in shock:

“Congenital treasure!”

Snarling Sky Dog didn’t expect that the “ant” in his eyes not only had acquired spiritual treasures, but also congenital spiritual treasures. Now it is so special, even the congenital treasures are taken out.

This is beyond the snarling dog’s expectations.

You know, even if it’s a snarling dog, it only has one artifact. It doesn’t even have the Houtian Lingbao, but the “ant” in its eyes has so many good things, so what? Maybe not let it shock, not let him be jealous.

Of course, whether it is shock or jealousy, the snarling dog from the wild, it is very clear that the innate treasure cannot be resisted casually.

Even if this congenital treasure is the same as the previous congenital spirit treasure and acquired spirit treasure, it has not been refined and cannot be resisted, otherwise, it will be miserable.

After regaining his senses, the snarling dog didn’t even think about it, but his mind moved directly, and a white bone suddenly appeared next to its dog’s head, and then slammed into the sharply stabbed gun.

Ye Chen, who has been snarling the sky dog, saw this, his mind moved instantly.

At the same time, the best congenital spirit treasures and drop treasures appeared instantaneously, and then their wings shook, directly turning into a stream of light and passing away.

In the next second, the best congenital spirit treasure, the treasure money, appeared directly on the white bone rod, and after a “buzz”, the bone rod was instantly controlled in place.

At the same time, the black and thick sharpshooter’s tip “puffed” and pierced into the dog’s head of the Snarling Skyhound.

“Oh!” A terrible howl, fiercely resounded from the snarling dog.

When Ye Chen saw this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Fuck! The third characteristic of the Killing Spear did not disappoint Lao Tzu.

The Killing Spear has three characteristics. The first is broken. The function is to crush weapons lower than the Killing Spear. Those who were attacked by the Killing Spear. The lower the weapon level, the greater the chance of breaking.

The second feature is soul-eating, devouring the souls of creatures killed by the Killing Spear. The lower the strength of the soul of the killed, the greater the chance of being swallowed.

As for the third characteristic of Ye Chen’s ecstasy, it is the killing of gods.

To be precise, the creatures that were attacked by the Killing Spear have a chance to be directly obliterated by the Killing Spear. Even if the soul cannot be directly obliterated, part of the soul can be destroyed.

As for whether the soul can be directly obliterated, or how many souls can be cut off, it is related to Ye Chen’s cultivation base and the level of refinement of the Innate Supreme Treasure Gunslinger.

Of course, it is also related to the strength of the opponent.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s opponent is the Mythical Beast Roaring Sky Dog. Its cultivation level is at least the Sky Demon. Otherwise, it is impossible to easily destroy the Secret Realm of the Underground Palace, let alone two After the dog’s eye is pierced, he can quickly recover.

Faced with such an opponent, Ye Chen really couldn’t judge how much damage the Gunkilling Spear could cause to the Sky Dog.

After all, Ye Chen in his previous life had never possessed the God-killing Spear, and even in this life, the characteristics of the God-killing Spear and God-killing had never been brought into play.

As for the reason, it is simple.

This is the Novice Zone of the Three Kingdoms. Except for Ye Chen, no one has a soul at all. Where does Ye Chen test the God-killing characteristics of the Godslayer Spear.

It is precisely because of these that Ye Chen couldn’t calculate how powerful the God-killing Spear could be and whether it could cause fatal damage to the Sky Dog.

Therefore, Ye Chen used the purple gold red gourd to taste the universe bow and the sky-shaking arrow at the beginning, trying to attack the roaring dog, and then judging the realm of the roaring dog.

If the realm of the Roaring Sky Dog is too high, Ye Chen will only choose one method, using the ultimate method, the Karma Red Thunder to attack the Roaring Sky Dog, and then he will receive the Reincarnation Fairy City into the small world, slowly Wait for the snarling dog to die.

If the snarling dog’s realm is not so high that it is outrageous, Ye Chen won’t evade casually, just go ahead and do it.

At present, the right time, place and people are all on Ye Chen’s side.

Who made the snarling dog be summoned to the lower realm by Qin Shihuang? If the snarling dog’s lower realm is successful, the Three Kingdoms novice area will definitely be razed to the ground. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether there is a heaven in the Three Kingdoms novice area or not.

This is definitely not the way of heaven in the novice zone of the Three Kingdoms, I want to see the result.

So, it released a special plot task to kill the snarling dog.

Ye Chen even suspected that the snarling dog always failed to lower bounds, and it was related to the restriction of the snarling dog in the novice zone of the Three Kingdoms.

Of course, Ye Chen didn’t care if it had something to do with the Tao of the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone.

If you must say what Ye Chen cares about, at this moment Ye Chen only cares about one thing.

How long will it take for the Snarling Sky Dog to completely emerge from the lower realm of the prehistoric world.

If this time is enough, Ye Chen is sure to kill the Roaring Dog.

? This trip to the secret realm of the underground palace will probably make a lot of money.

What a special thing, at least a snarling dog in the realm of the sky demon. After slaughter, wouldn’t Laozi directly Become a fairy

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyes flickered, and then his right hand twitched, and he directly retracted the Gunslinger.

At this moment, the dog’s head of the Roaring Sky Dog shook violently.

At this moment, the dog’s blood was sprayed frantically, and then it swayed freely towards the ground.


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