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Chapter 715: Ye Chen’s Plan

After hearing Ye Chen’s domineering words, the Sky-Snarling Dog stayed for a while.

It never thought that its owner, Ye Chen, after hearing what it said, “Luohu hasn’t completely died”, still let it continue to do things according to that order.

In the eyes of the snarling dog, the most sensible way is to give up directly, otherwise, who knows if Luo Hu will miss it.

If Luo Yu is really worried about it, then the consequences will be really serious.

After all, Luo Hu didn’t completely die. If he waits for his resurrection and then finds out the cause and effect, it will be more fun.

Just when the Snarling Dog was in a daze, Ye Chen raised his right hand and slapped the Snarling Dog without hesitation.

After the “pop”, Ye Chen yelled with an unhappy expression:

“You are also a beast anyway, take courage to come, I am not afraid of your master. Fart, even if Luohu can be resurrected, he will come to find trouble when the time comes, and I will be blocked by your master, do you understand?”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, with a move with his right hand, the dark and thick gunshot appeared instantly. Then Ye Chen took it in his hand.

The Sky Dog who was slapped by Ye Chen, was about to speak, but suddenly saw Ye Chen’s sharpshooter. At this moment, Sky Dog suddenly thought of something, and his eyes were dull. Looking at Ye Chen, he said with a dazed expression:

“Master, the big black gun in your hand, wouldn’t it be the Great Killer”

Before the Sky Dog Part of the primordial spirit has been cut off by the Killing Spear, knowing the horror of the Killing Spear.

But at that time, it hadn’t really thought about it. The gun in Ye Chen’s hand was the famous spear of killing.

And now, when the Sky Dog saw the Godslayer Spear again, he naturally remembered the fact that the Godslayer Spear killed some of its primordial spirits, plus Ye Chen just mentioned Luo Yu, and the Godslayer Spear. With the breath of innate treasure exuding, a judgment involuntarily appeared in the heart of the Sky Dog.

Its owner, Ye Chen, has the big black spear in his hand, the weapon of the former demon ancestor Luo Hu, the God-killing Spear.

This judgment is not enough to shock the Snarling Sky Dog at the moment, otherwise, it will not ask Ye Chen so dazedly.

Be aware that the Killing Spear was once the weapon of the Demon Ancestor, even if it was broken because of a battle, it was also the weapon of the Demon Ancestor.

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But now, it’s in Ye Chen’s hands, and it’s still a complete shotgun. What does it mean?

Even if Ye Chen didn’t say it, the Sky Dog knew it.

To be precise, there was an indelible cause and effect between Ye Chen and Mozu Luohu.

To be more precise, as long as Luo Hu is resurrected, 100% will find Ye Chen’s trouble.

And this is the most frightening place in the heart of the snarling dog.

Ye Chen frowned when he heard the snarling words of the Roaring Sky Dog. Just when Ye Chen was about to get angry because of the Roaring Sky Dog’s timidity, the Roaring Sky Dog suddenly grew long. He exhaled, and then solemnly said:

“Master, don’t worry, this matter is on my body. As long as I return to the land, I will definitely spread the news that the lion clan chief is the descendant of Luohu as soon as possible.”

“Aren’t you afraid?” Ye Chen couldn’t help being taken aback when he heard the words of the 180-degree turning point of the Roaring Sky Dog, then looked at the Roaring Sky Dog and asked.

Hearing this, the snarling dog laughed a few times, and then said:

“Master, I am not afraid that it is false, but there is a cause and effect between the owner and Luo Hui. It’s useless to be afraid, and I will meet in the end. Instead of being afraid, I might as well shoot directly and not give Luo Hu a chance to resurrect.”

“You wake up quickly.” Ye Chen snarled when he heard this. The Ten Dog glanced at it, and then said.

Hearing this, the snarling dog quickly showed a pleasing expression, and then cautiously said:

“Master, my loyalty, the master does not have to doubt, since I chose to follow the master, I will not betray.”

After hearing the snarling dog expressing allegiance, Ye Chen glanced at the snarling dog, then nodded and said:

“I will go back in a while, except In addition to spreading the news, remember to look for the old nest of the descendants of the unicorn family. After you find the location, don’t stun the snake and just write it down. If there is a unicorn egg, try to steal it directly.

In addition, you are in Honghuang, it’s fine At that time, I searched everywhere for treasures of heaven, material and earth, whether it is advanced or low-level, don’t let one pass.

Of course, the premise is that there is no danger.

That’s right, If you find humans or demons, or other species that have soared into the wild, find them all for me and kill them!”

Ye Chen asked the Sky Dog to look for the nests of the descendants of the Kirin tribe, and even let him roar. The dog steals the unicorn egg to prepare for the unicorn treasure house.

After all, if the Qilin clan treasure house wants to be opened, in addition to knowing the location, the Qilin clan royal family has to take action.

The lion clan chief has Qilin clan imperial clan in his hand, but that is without his mind, even if Ye Chen snatches it, he can’t control it.

After all, it was not the puppet of the Kylin clan imperial family refined by Ye Chen, and could not be controlled at all.

Therefore, Ye Chen asked the Roaring Dog to look for the nest of the descendants of the Qilin tribe.

As long as the home of the offspring of the Kylin tribe is determined, the rest is simple.

To be precise, as long as there is a unicorn egg in the nest of the descendants of the unicorn tribe, the Sky Dog can steal it.

If you can’t steal it, it doesn’t matter. After Ye Chen rises to the precipice, he will also take action to snatch the unicorn egg.

As for the purpose, it is to let the infant unicorn recognize the master, and then train them into the unicorn family.

In this way, Ye Chen will not only have one more subordinate, but also the entire Qilin Clan’s treasure house.

If there are no unicorn eggs in the lair of the descendants of the unicorn tribe, it doesn’t matter.

Not for a while, it will still appear anyway, and Ye Chen will also “make plans” for the appearance of offspring of the Qilin tribe, and then grab it.

As for Ye Chen, letting the snarling dog search for the treasures of heaven and earth, both good and bad, but also to prepare for the army.

After all, to improve the cultivation level, in addition to “killing monsters and upgrading”, you can also practice on your own. If you want to practice faster, you can’t have resources to support it.

Originally, Ye Chen had planned to search after flying into the wild, but now he has accidentally conquered the Skyhound and left it without use. It was too wasteful.

As for Ye Chen, let the Snarling Sky Dog kill all the humans, demons, or other species that soared into the wild, just in case.

After all, Ye Chen couldn’t control the “players” in other worlds, so he soared into the wild.

If players from other worlds have ascended to the predecessor first, but Ye Chen hasn’t ascended yet, isn’t it just letting others take the lead.

Although the possibility of this situation is not very high, Ye Chen still wants to prevent it.

Before, Ye Chen had no choice but to watch this, but now he doesn’t use it anymore.

To be precise, just release the snarling dog, run around the land, and see something soaring up, you can do it, and that’s it.

After hearing Ye Chen’s order, the Sky Dog was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly nodded in response:

“Yes, master!”


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