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Chapter 752: The Art of Sealing

Ye Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he heard the system prompt.

Sure enough, these two “hosts” have ’life-saving items.”

Once the parasitic soul is parasitic, it will “hint” the host where there are good things, and then let the host gain power Life-saving props.

And this is also what Ye Chen remembered for the first time after learning that two parasitic souls with “hosts” were attracted by the parasitic souls without the host, and then gave up and went straight to capture The reason lies.

After all, the parasitic soul bodies can sense each other, and will run away after detecting danger. If there are life-saving items, they will definitely use them immediately. For example, the instant teleportation stone that Ye Chen got at this moment is a life-saving item for escape.

And this is not a good thing for Ye Chen.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s soul moved, and his huge spiritual knowledge firmly locked the two people, ready to take action at any time, and take away the life-saving items that the two took out again, and the two of the provinces successfully escaped, or What offensive props to use against Ye Chen.

But at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly thought of something, and his face became stiff.

Fuck! Why forgot this?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen raised his left hand and turned towards the young man surnamed Wang, the middle-aged woman surnamed Zhang, who was stupefied because of the possession of the props.

There was a sound of “hum”, and I saw the originally empty mid-air, which was suddenly twisted, and then I saw ripples of cyan thin lines appearing out of thin air.

At the same time, countless palm-sized golden runes emerged from the thin line, and then circulated endlessly on the thin line.

The young man surnamed Wang, and the middle-aged woman surnamed Zhang, who were robbed of their props, felt an “extremely bad” feeling instantly appeared in their hearts when they saw the abnormal changes above their heads.

Then before they had any reaction, the weird thin line in mid-air came in an instant, and then it was put on the heads of the young man surnamed Wang and the middle-aged woman surnamed Zhang, and disappeared in a flash.

This is a kind of “sealing technique” that Ye Chen learned in his previous life, specifically to seal the sea of ​​consciousness of others.

As long as the “sealing technique” is won, the sea of ​​consciousness will be sealed, and then no thoughts or spiritual knowledge can be used.

The result of not being able to use thoughts or spiritual knowledge is that they cannot activate their own “magic weapons”, cannot take out anything from the storage space, and cannot use any “spells”.

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At this moment, the two people who have been hit by Ye Chen’s “seal technique” don’t even think about taking out any life-saving items from the storage space.

Originally, Ye Chen almost forgot about this “seal technique”. After all, Ye Chen had never used this “seal technique” in his previous life, and his impression was impossible to deepen.

As for the reason, it is not complicated.

In the previous life, Ye Chen was not very strong, and could not meet the minimum requirements for the use of the “seal technique”.

To be more precise, Ye Chen in the previous life had too low a spirit level and not strong enough spiritual consciousness.

And this also caused Ye Chen to only obtain the method of the sealing technique, but did not have the opportunity to practice.

After rebirth, Ye Chen rises strongly and does not need to use this sealing technique at all, so Ye Chen almost forgot about the sealing technique.

If it weren’t for Ye Chen’s ambition to win the two “parasitic soul bodies” with “hosts” in front of him, he wanted to prevent them from using the “special props” to escape. Ye Chen would really not see him, so he can now I remembered the “seal technique” I had in my previous life.

Of course, this is not important. What matters is the result. Ye Chen remembered it, and it succeeded again.

“Why did this happen, what did you do to me! Why did my storage space lose contact with me, and even my true energy can’t be used?” The young man surnamed Wang was taking out his life After the failure of the props, his face suddenly changed, then he looked at Ye Chen and shouted in surprise.

The middle-aged woman surnamed Zhang, although her face also changed in confusion, she did not exclaim, but bowed to Ye Chen, and then said:

“Men’s daughter, see you Lord Youwang.”

They saw Ye Chen suddenly appear before, and they felt a sense of “danger” inexplicably, so that they didn’t even think about it, and directly took out their own ’life-saving items”.

Originally, they still had some doubts, it shouldn’t be like this.

After all, they didn’t offend Ye Chen, and they couldn’t have any enmity with Ye Chen, but at the time, they just did that.

And now, they are “sealed” by Ye Chen, unable to take out any items from their own storage space, and even unable to use their own qi, which undoubtedly “confirmed” that they just started. When I saw Ye Chen, the sense of “danger” that suddenly grew in my heart was real.

But this mysterious “sixth sense”, no matter how accurate it is, it can’t conceal the fact that Ye Chen did it on them, and they had no ’life-saving means” but could not use it.

In the face of this fact, young men are obviously those who are flustered and can’t see the “facts”, while middle-aged women are relatively calm.

When Ye Chen heard this, he glanced at the two people with different expressions, then went directly to the two of them, grabbed each of his hands, and instantly grabbed the shoulders of the two.

In the next second, Ye Chen stepped out and disappeared.

In Yaowang Town, the back house of the mayor’s mansion suddenly distorted.

At the same time, Ye Chen led young men and middle-aged women out of the distorted space.

At this moment, young men and middle-aged women saw the parasitic soul body waiting here.

Although they had never seen a parasitic soul body, at this moment, a sense of “familiarity” for no reason appeared in their hearts involuntarily.

At the moment they were puzzled, Ye Chen made a move with his right hand, and the book of ancient contracts appeared instantly.

Glancing at the ancient contract book in front of him, Ye Chen immediately looked at the middle-aged woman and the young man, and said:

“Give you two choices and sign a contract with me , Slave contract, and become my slave from now on, life and death are between my thoughts, the second way, death!”

A young man surnamed Wang and a middle-aged woman surnamed Zhang heard this, Qi Qiyi Froze.

They thought about why Ye Chen arrested them. It might be to blackmail the family behind them, or it might be because they had something Ye Chen wanted.

Originally, they were all set up. No matter what Ye Chen wants or what conditions they provide, they will agree, otherwise, they will definitely end badly.

If it were someone else, they might not think so, but the person who caught him was not someone else, but Ye Chen, the number one player of the human race and the strongest overlord in the world.

Whether they are rebelling or moving out of the family behind them, don’t want to scare Ye Chen.

This point, whether it is a young man who failed to recognize the “reality” at the beginning, or a middle-aged woman who “recognized his fate” in the early morning, is now fully aware of this.

But no matter how much they thought, they never thought that Ye Chen actually wanted them to sign a slave contract. If they didn’t sign it, they would die.

As for the slave contract, it’s useless to fool people. No matter it’s a young man or a middle-aged woman, they don’t think so.

Because it was Ye Chen who said this, the reason is that simple.

But when they thought that after signing a slave contract, they would become slaves, allowing their masters to beat, scold and abuse them. They could not have the slightest defiant behavior, and even the defiant heart could not have the feelings of the two. Then fell into the abyss.

Just when the two were depressed and wondered whether they should agree to Ye Chen’s arrogant and overbearing request, they knew the parasitic soul bodies in the world, but they couldn’t help but “tremble” one by one.

But no matter how they “tremble”, and even reveal their “body” in the two people’s sea of ​​consciousness, they can’t rush out of the sealed sea of ​​consciousness.

Ye Chen, who had been locked in with the divine sense of the two, instantly noticed the abnormal changes in the two people’s cognition, but immediately, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth was warped.

What’s so special, I didn’t expect that this sealing technique can seal even the parasitic souls that are parasitic in the host. This saves a lot of trouble.

The parasitic souls are generally not. Will leave the host, unless it is extremely dangerous, or after the host has died, will choose to leave.

Now that the two of them know the parasitic soul bodies in the sea, they have clearly sensed that the situation is not good at this moment, and they want to leave the two hosts and find another “way to survive.”

Unfortunately, the sealing technique that Ye Chen obtained in his previous life seemed to be a bit strong and abnormal. The two parasitic soul bodies could not successfully escape from the sea of ​​consciousness of the two hosts.

And this is also the reason why Ye Chen was happy after realizing this situation.

After all, Ye Chen wanted to subdue the young men and middle-aged women caught, just for the parasitic soul bodies in them.

If the parasitic soul body leaves the host, taking it is equivalent to “scrap”. After all, after the parasitic soul body leaves the host, it will take a year to parasitize again.

Ye Chen’s plan to “Eat the Stars” didn’t have time to wait for these two parasitic souls. After a full year, he would choose the host to parasitize, and then slowly evolve into the crystal race.

Of course, this is the worst situation, but in reality, Ye Chen’s sealing technique has resolved Ye Chen’s concerns. The parasitic soul body can’t even imagine from the knowledge of the two hosts. run out.


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