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Chapter 771: The Cruel Ye Chen

After the young fat man Nangong heard Ye Chen’s cold query, the body that was trembling because of fear suddenly became more violent.

In the next second, Nangong was looking at Ye Chen in a panic, and then stammered:

“You promise not to kill me, I will just say”

Obviously, Nangong was worried about this. After he told Ye Chen what Ye Chen wanted to know, he would be killed by Ye Chen, otherwise he wouldn’t be afraid of it, and he insisted on negotiating terms with Ye Chen.

After all, Nangong is not wanting to die, he wants to live well.

Ye Chen heard this and glanced at Nangongzheng, and the right hand shot the Gunslinger against Nangongzheng’s leg.

There was a sound of “puff”, and the dark and thick gunkiller stabbed into Nangongzheng’s thigh in an instant, and then came out directly through the leg.

Nangong Zheng, who was waiting for Ye Chen’s “yes” answer in a bumpy manner, suddenly stiffened.

He saw the process of the sharp spear stabbing, and even felt the sensation of being pierced in the thigh, but because the sharp spear’s speed was too fast, he pierced his thigh directly, and Nangong Zheng was unexpectedly Did not notice the pain.

At this moment, Nangong Zheng directly gave birth to the thought of “dying.”

Because he was stabbed by Ye Chen’s shot that devoured his soul and could completely kill the player in the real world.

Before Nangongzheng had more thoughts, the severe pain that penetrated into his bone marrow instantly gushed out of his leg, and then a brain attacked Nangongzheng’s nerves.

At this moment, Nangongzheng’s face suddenly turned pale with a “swish”, and then let out a terrible cry.


Here is the game world, the real world, players go online to “play games”, if they are injured, the real world body will not be injured, will not bleed, but can be painful, It is consistent.

And this is also the premise for Ye Chen to “press” Nangong Zheng, “Where is Liang Fulong?”

If it weren’t for this, Ye Chen really couldn’t ask Nangongzheng.

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After all, if there is no pain, there is no fear, let alone fear.

Although death is no one likes it, but death without pain, really missing can scare people to collapse.

In this way, the effectiveness of “coercion” will be greatly reduced.

After all, the “pain” part is missing.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis, but the real situation is that whatever hurts the game world is, the real world body will feel the same pain.

At this moment, Nangong is just tasting the taste of “thighs and leg bones being directly pierced and smashed.”

This kind of feeling made Nangong almost collapsed. It was evident from his constant distortion and crazy trembling body.

Of course, what Nangong is doing is not only because of the pain deep in the bone marrow, but also with the heart of “I’m about to die.

After all, he was stabbed by the Gunslinger.

Ye Chen glanced at Nangongzheng, who was trembling violently because his leg was severely injured, and said:

“Speak out, I’ll give you a good time, otherwise, you will slowly Die, if you want to activate the Poisonous Explosive Gu worm in your body, just try.”

Nangong has poisonous Explosive Gu worms in his body. If Nangong does not want to continue to suffer and activate the Poisonous Explosive Gu worms, he will quickly. Death, of course, will die in the real world.

Because of the Poisonous Explosion Gu worm in his body, the body is in the real world Nangongzheng’s body. If activated in the game world, 100% of the Poisonous Explosion Gu worm in the real world will be activated simultaneously.

But in this way, the flesh and blood and even the bones in Nangong’s body will be “venomized”, and the pain that occurs in this way is simply inhuman torture.

In his previous life, Ye Chen had personally seen those “voluntary” or “passive” cannon fodder who accepted “Poison Explosion Gu” and activated the “Poison Explosion Gu,” that kind of terrifying expression, even more so I’ve heard what they send out, the kind of miserable howling that is indescribable.

To put it simply, the pain after the activation of the poisonous explosion Gu is simply inhuman torture.

Nangong, who was howling miserably, was hearing this, and the face that was initially distorted was suddenly taken aback.

Nangong correctly thought of self-destruction, to be precise, it activated the “Poison Explosion Gu”, and then attacked Xia Yechen before he died.

Whether he can succeed or not, he is ready to do so.

Because he was stabbed by a sharp spear, he must be dying, the kind of completely dead.

But now, what he heard, Ye Chen started to ask him again, and also said about the “poisonous explosion Gu worm”.

Nangong was puzzled from the beginning as to what it meant, and it became Ming Wu.

To be precise, he will not die yet, at least not now.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not ask him that way.

Thinking of this, Nangongzheng was suddenly relieved, but immediately, Nangongzheng’s face turned pale.

Because what Ye Chen said, there are still a few words, “Have a great time”, what this means, is not Ye Chen’s final, he still wants to kill him Nangongzheng.

Thinking of this, Nangongzheng’s face suddenly twisted.

It’s too special. Kill if you say it, or kill it if you don’t say it. Do you want to be so cruel?

Nangong Zheng just thought of this, and once again was taken aback.

How did Ye Chen know about the Poisonous Explosion Gu worm?

This is obviously the secret of our Nangong clan.

It was in Nangong that I was shocked, and I didn’t even understand why Ye Chen knew so much. When something happened, Ye Chen went on to say:

“If the poison explodes, the process will be more painful than it is now. Maybe you haven’t seen the process of poison explode Gu worms showing their power, but I can tell you very seriously. It’s really painful.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, Nangong Town or Nangong Town of your Nangong clan? I know where it is.

If you don’t say it, I will go straight over and ask one by one.

Of course, even if you say it, I will go there too.”

Ye Chen smiled at this point. The sluggish Nangong glanced, then his right hand twitched.

There was a “puff”, and the shotgun shot left Nangongzheng’s thigh in an instant.

At the same time, two strands of blood instantly sputtered out from the holes on the two legs of Nangongzheng.


Nangong let out a miserable howl instantly.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s right-handed sharp-killing spear stabbed at Nangong again.

“Puff” came.

The dark and thick Gunkiller pierced Nangongzheng’s other leg in an instant.

Nangong Zheng, who hadn’t recovered yet, directly let out an inhuman cry.


At this moment, Nangongzheng’s eyes started to turn white, and then he passed out.

There was a “bang”.

Nangongzheng’s body fell straight to the ground.

Ye Chen frowned involuntarily when he saw this.

What’s more, it has been some time since the meteor fell. How could this fat man’s willpower be so weak?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s left hand twitched.

There was a “pop”, and then I saw Nangongzheng’s fat face instantly swelled up.

At the same time, Nangong Zheng, who passed out due to severe pain, immediately regained consciousness.

After a brief period of confusion, Nangong was awakened by intense pain in an instant, then looked directly at Ye Chen, and shouted:

“I said! Give me a good time!”

He doesn’t want to die, but he doesn’t want to continue to be tortured. Since the ending is doomed, why continue to suffer the pain of collapse.

Think about it and know how thick the sharpshooter is, it smashed the bones and pierced the thigh with a single shot, and how much pain it was.

This is just a shot in the thigh. If you stab your crotch directly, let alone Ye Chen can’t do it, Ye Chen, who is known for his brutality and ruthlessness, is very likely to do such a thing.

At least that’s what Nangong thinks.

It was precisely after thinking of all kinds of possibilities that Nangong Zheng had the idea of ​​”telling the answer Ye Chen wanted directly”.

As for directly activating the “Poisonous Explosion Gu”, at the beginning, Nangong had thought about it correctly, but after Ye Chen’s “explanation”, Nangong didn’t want to do so either.

Because of that, it is likely to be more painful.

As for Ye Chen’s lies, Nangong didn’t think so on the positive or negative. If he changed to someone else, maybe he would, but Ye Chen wouldn’t.

Because Ye Chen is now in the tribulation period, according to the inheritance records obtained by the Nangong clan before the meteor fall, the monks who cross the tribulation period have the ability to “speak out the law.”

To be precise, the higher the cultivation level, the less able to talk nonsense, otherwise he will be suppressed by the heavens and the earth and punished.

Because of this, Nangongzheng didn’t think Ye Chen was lying.

Although he didn’t know why Ye Chen knew about the poisonous explosive gu worm that only members of the Nangong clan knew, it was not important. The important thing was that after the poisonous explosive worm was activated, his Nangong positive electrode might have to bear it. Unimaginable pain, such pain, Nangong didn’t want to endure it.

Of course, he didn’t want to be tortured by Ye Chen.

For these reasons, Nangong Zheng directly made up his mind to tell what Ye Chen wanted to know.

Although he is not reconciled, and deep in his heart is extremely resentful, but there is no way, he is an ant in front of Ye Chen, unable to resist.

Regret? regretfully!

If you can come back again, Nangong Zheng would rather play the game honestly than follow Nangong Thirteen’s orders and calculate Ye Chen.

Thinking of this, Nangong glanced at Ye Chen with complicated eyes, and then said:

“Since you know the location of my Nangong clan, then I won’t talk about it, as for Yu Liang Fulong, he should be hiding in Huqi Mountain now.”


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