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Chapter 781: Beheaded

Confirming that Ye Chen rushed into the screams of the foxes who had rushed into the Huqi Mountain, the foxes staying at the foot of the mountain were taken aback as soon as they landed, and then they raised their heads and looked into the air.

In the next second, all the foxes were in a daze, and then their eyes widened.

At this moment, unbelievable thoughts appeared in the hearts of all foxes involuntarily.

Just kidding, this is Huqi Mountain, and there is an unbreakable mountain protection formation outside. How could Ye Chen rush in.

But the problem is that their eyes did not deceive them. Ye Chen did come in. Only relying on the strength of the tribulation period, he rushed into the “unbreakable” Huqi Mountain in their hearts.

After regaining consciousness, the foxes were startled first, and then there was an immense chill in their hearts.

They stayed at the foot of the mountain to meet the fox who was ordered to do business with Ye Chen, so they knew very well about “Fox Mountain and Ye Chen”.

Although this is just a transaction, no matter how stupid they are, they also know that this method of Hu Qishan will arouse Ye Chen’s unhappiness.

And what is the result after making Ye Chen upset? Putting it before, they may just worry about it, and not be frightened.

After all, the Huqi Mountain’s guarding formation is indeed very powerful, even if Ye Chen is very cruel, very powerful, and very abnormal, what can it do.

As long as they can’t break the “Unbreakable Heavenly Immortal” Huqi Mountain Guarding Formation, they are safe.

The big deal, just stop going out.

But now, they couldn’t help but stop being frightened, because Ye Chen rushed in, and they were right in front of them, how could they be as relieved as before.

Be aware that many of these foxes have seen Ye Chen’s tyrannical methods when beheading the army of monster players in the game world.

And the other foxes who didn’t see Ye Chen’s action have also heard Ye Chen’s “rumors” from their fellow clan many times. To be precise, how cruel Ye Chen is, how abnormal, how powerful.

It is precisely because of this that these foxes can’t be calm after confirming that Ye Chen has indeed rushed to Huqi Mountain.

In the sky, Ye Chen glanced at the small group of foxes under his feet, curled his mouth in disdain, and then raised his right hand.

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At this moment, a scream suddenly sounded from the mouth of a fox.


After the frightened foxes heard this scream, they shuddered together, and then they saw them all scattered and fled.

They are very smart, knowing that they cannot run in the same direction, otherwise they will be caught by Ye Chen.

Some of these foxes are smarter, knowing that Huqi Mountain is in danger, and rushing towards the protection formation without hesitation.

No matter which direction the foxes flee, their hearts are the same, that is, run away quickly and avoid Ye Chen far, otherwise their fate will be miserable.

In the sky, Ye Chen, who just raised his hand, saw the foxes on the ground. After they were scattered and fled, he smiled coldly, and then his mind moved, and the huge sense of consciousness was released instantly, and it was instantly rectified. A fox Qishan is shrouded in it.

Ye Chen released his spiritual consciousness, naturally to prevent other foxes in Huqishan from getting the news, and then fleeing from Huqishan.

To be precise, Ye Chen is going to slaughter in Huqi Mountain. He will not give any foxes in Huqi Mountain a chance to survive, let alone let any fox successfully escape.

If you blame it, blame it. The foxes of Huqishan are monsters, and they are Ye Chen’s enemies.

Ye Chen has one and only one method to treat the enemy, and that is to kill them all.

Of course, this is not Ye Chen’s main purpose for exuding his spiritual consciousness at this moment.

To be precise, Ye Chen released his divine consciousness mainly to target Liang Fulong and the fox patriarch of Huqi Mountain.

After all, Ye Chen came to Huqishan to kill Liang Fulong. At the same time, he also wanted to get rid of the treasure of the fox family in Huqishan, the nine-tailed sky fox fan.

If the patriarch of the fox clan in Huqishan and Liang Fulong ran away, wouldn’t Ye Chen come here in vain this time.

It was precisely because he didn’t want to see this result, Ye Chen directly released his divine consciousness, covering the entire Huqi Mountain.

After a breath, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly opened, and the cold light flashed instantly.

Found it!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s right hand that had just been raised, toward the ground, was a grasp of the void.

At this moment, a strong suction force instantly appeared in Ye Chen’s right hand, and then he saw the foot of the Huqi Mountain, and the foxes who had fled all around stopped by coincidence.

At this moment, the pupils of all the running foxes shrank in unison, and then they saw them, flying towards Ye Chen uncontrollably.

“Squeak, squeak”

The screams of messy foxes sounded instantly.

The foxes who were picked up by the volley screamed and kicked their four fox legs frantically.

They don’t want to get rid of the invisible force exerted on them, but it’s useless. No matter how they kick or scream, it won’t help.

Their movements taken up by the volley were not disturbed at all.

In just one breathing time, all the escaping foxes were forcibly captured by Ye Chen, and then stopped in the air.

Looking at the foxes who were forcibly gathered, Ye Chen shook his right hand in the void.

“Boom bang bang”

A series of bursts of body sound suddenly sounded.

I saw that the foxes who were picked up by Ye Chen in the sky, and then gathered in the air, without exception, were all crushed by the violent power.

The scared screams of the foxes stopped abruptly at this moment.

At this moment, blood splattered and flesh and blood flew everywhere.

Ye Chen glanced at the fragments of blood and flesh scattered on the ground, as well as the bloody internal organs, and then raised his head to look at the top of Huqi Mountain.

In the next second, Ye Chen flew directly towards the top of Huqi Mountain.

On the top of the Huqi Mountain, in a pure wooden hall full of “primitive” flavors, an adult fox “sitting” on a stone bench with a whole body of snow white, glanced at the dying fox in the center of the hall. After that, he immediately looked at the human goatee man sitting in the guest seat, and said:

“This king always speaks for words. Since you are worried, let you be a member of the Fox Clan. But there is one sentence, I still want to tell you again.

The demon clan talks about blood and ethnicity. Once you become a member of my Huqishan Fox Clan, you must contribute everything to Huqishan.

Otherwise, don’t say that I Huqishan will not tolerate you, even other demons will not tolerate you.”

“The patriarch can rest assured, bright, as long as you become a member of the Fox Clan of Huqishan, you will definitely work for Huqishan and the patriarch with all your heart. “The human man with a goatee heard this, and without hesitation, he bowed to the full-body snow-white adult fox and bowed in prayer.

The full-body snow-white adult fox, when he heard this, he clicked with satisfaction. Its fox head, and then said:

“Don’t rush to take revenge, let alone worry, you can’t take revenge, that Ye Chen, is the enemy of my monster race, after ascending to the wild world, this king will definitely Find the strong fox clan and help you.

At that time, even if Ye Chen has a thousand means and a variety of abilities, don’t even think of living in the hands of my demon clan’s mighty power!”

When the human man with a goatee heard this, he was “overjoyed”, and then bowed solemnly to the snow-white fox sitting on the stone bench:

“Yes! Patriarch!”

“Let’s get started. “The fox with snow-white fur, nodded when he heard this, and then pointed at the fox lying in the hall, who had not yet completely died, and said.

At this moment, a very fast figure suddenly flew into the hall from outside.

The snow-white fox who saw this figure was taken aback, while the human man with a goatee changed his face suddenly.

In the next second, the figure disappeared, and Ye Chen, full of tyrannical killing intent, was immediately revealed in the hall.

The snow-white fox sitting on the stone bench, his eyes shrank sharply when he saw Ye Chen, and then stood up suddenly, shouting in surprise:

“Ye Chen! How did you come in!”


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