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Chapter 798: Green Lotus Color Banner – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 798: Green Lotus Color Banner

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately looked at Huang Sheng, and then said earnestly:

“The name of Han Sheng, this king has already heard of it, so why didn’t it happen? I have seen it today. It is really a great regret in life. Han Sheng does not want to mention the domestic slave again.

Even if the king accepts you, he will only accept you as a general, not a domestic slave!”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, Huang Sheng and Huang Wudie’s father and daughter were taken aback.

They never thought that as a “great immortal”, you are the king of You, the Hussar General Ye Chen who is in charge of the entire Youzhou, actually value Huang Sheng so much, and it is not the ordinary value.

After regaining consciousness, an emotion called “excitement plus gratitude” broke out of Huang Sheng’s heart in an instant, and the same was true of the yellow dancing butterfly on the other side of the street.

In the next second, Huang Sheng looked directly at Ye Chen, and then at Ye Chen, bowed in excitement and said:

“How can you be loyal”

As soon as Huang Sheng said this, he was interrupted by Ye Chen.

“Han Sheng doesn’t need to say more, wait for the king to solve the locust tree spirit in Linglang, and then talk to Han Sheng with the wine.”

When Huang Sheng heard this, he was deeply grateful and touched. He once again rose from his heart, and after trying to stabilize his undulating heart, Huang Sheng nodded heavily, and then faced Ye Chen. A bow again:

“Thank you Lord Youwang!”

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, then looked directly at Huang Xu, and asked:

“Are you ready?””

Huang Xu heard this, and his eyes suddenly showed a certain and extremely firm gaze.

At this time, Huang Xu can no longer move, he can only use his gaze. Communicate with Ye Chen.

Although this kind of communication has great restrictions, Ye Chen can understand Huang Xu’s meaning at a glance.

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“A good man! After confirming Huang Xu’s meaning, Ye Chen said with a smile. After speaking, he looked directly at Huang Xu’s heart.

“Dong dong dong, dong dong dong”

Huang Xu’s heart was still beating frantically. Ye Chen glanced at it, squinted his eyes, and then shouted in a cold voice:

“Naughty animal, stubborn, today, this king will let you Soul flies away!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, the thunder ball in the palm of his right hand shot towards Huang Xu’s heart in an instant.

Just when the thunder in the palm of Ye Chen’s right hand was about to touch Huang Xu’s heart, a sharp begging for mercy sounded instantly.

“Master You Wang! Forgive me, please! I come out, I will come out immediately!”

Ye Chen heard this and was about to pat the right hand of Huang Xu’s heart, and stopped in an instant.

At this moment, the people on the street who heard the sharp voice from Huang Xu’s heart shuddered involuntarily, and then saw the people’s eyes widened.

“There are really monsters”

“Master Youwang is a great immortal, an omnipotent great immortal. Since his old man says there are monsters, there must be monsters!”

“Fortunately, Lord Youwang is in Luoyang. Otherwise, if this monster runs out of that kid’s body, wouldn’t we all suffer.”

The common people are because of the locust tree spirit who suddenly made a sound, and you say, I Discussing in one word, and Huang Sheng and Huang Wudie who stood in front of the onlookers were all angry.

Of course, their anger was not directed at Ye Chen, but at the locust tree spirit who had just made a sound.

After all, Huang Xu’s sudden torture was all because of this locust tree spirit, and Huang Sheng and Huang Wudie, who are relatives of Huang Xu, could not maintain a normal heart.

Ye Chen ignored the words of the people. After stopping the attack, he directly released his divine consciousness, and instantly locked the space within ten meters.

In the next second, a layer of translucent mask appeared instantly, and then Ye Chen was firmly covered in a ten-meter radius.

The locust tree spirit is a tree that becomes a spirit, and it has the strength of a fairy. Such an existence not only has the ability to hide, but also seizes homes.

Ye Chen didn’t want the Sophora japonicus to escape directly after leaving Huang Xu’s body, or let it take away the people.

As soon as the translucent mask appeared, Huang Xu, who was thin and weak, his eyes suddenly bulged, and then he saw Huang Xu’s heart suddenly bulged.

In the next second, the mass of flesh bulging from Huang Xu’s heart began to move upward along Huang Xu’s neck.

After a few breaths, Huang Xu’s mouth snapped, and then he saw a reduced version of the locust tree flying directly from Huang Xu’s mouth.

Ye Chen saw this, his eyes suddenly opened, and then without thinking about it, he grabbed it with his left hand, and instantly grabbed the reduced version of the locust tree in his hand.

“Master Youwang! I have something to say! Don’t kill me!” The locust tree spirit, who had just left Huang Xu’s body, hurriedly shouted when he was caught by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled coldly when he heard this, and then said:

“I still want to bargain, wicked animal, die!”

“Green lotus color banner The little demon is willing to use the green lotus color flag in exchange for a chance to survive!” The scream of the locust tree spirit sounded instantly when Ye Chen’s words fell.

Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes when he heard this.

The green lotus color flag

Does this locust tree spirit have the green lotus color flag?

The Qinglian Baose Banner is one of the five innate flags. It belongs to the innate supreme treasure.

At first glance, the function is not very powerful, but in fact it is completely the opposite. The Qinglianbao color flag is very powerful. Even if the quasi-sage gets it, they will not hesitate to use it in cultivation. Go, even take it out against the enemy.

Otherwise, it’s impossible to get around Taoist people so well in the prehistoric world.

To be more precise, the Taoist enlisting person is the first master of Qinglian Baoseqi.

Of course, this is a “historical record”, but now, it seems that there have been some deviations. The green lotus color flag did not appear in the prehistoric world, but appeared in the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms.

What is special, if this locust tree spirit did not lie, then this green lotus color banner, just like the heavenly book, appeared in the mortal world at first, and after being found, it was brought to Honghuang , And then they arrived at the

in the hands of their “real” masters. Ye Chen didn’t blame him for thinking so. You should know that Ye Chen had just gotten the celestial book, which appeared in the real world.

If Ye Chen is not involved in this, the golden python will probably take the heavenly book and fly into the wild, and then it will be chased by Yuanshi Tianzun, and eventually the heavenly book will become the thing of Yuanshi Tianzun.

This is not Ye Chen’s guess, but Ye Chen’s judgment.

Because in Ye Chen’s previous life, it was indeed Yuanshi Tianzun who controlled the heavenly books.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen suddenly returned to his senses, and then directly looked at the locust tree spirit who was holding his right hand, and shouted:

“Tell me the position of the green lotus color flag, I can put it Pass your soul and give you a chance to reincarnate.”

The locust tree spirit is the “indigenous” locust tree in the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms. Unable to ascend, Ye Chen had already inferred these.

But the locust tree spirit knows the Qinglian Baose Banner, but it is not within Ye Chen’s inference.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that when Ye Chen knew this news, it was naturally impossible to let it go.

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Chapter 798: Green Lotus Color Banner – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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