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Chapter 813: Queen He’s Thoughts

The court ladies and the eunuchs of the horse mansion naturally knew that as servants, they would be punished for making mistakes, but they never thought that Ye Chen, the master of the horse mansion, established the punishment method. It turned out to be a military stick.

What is a military stick? How could the court ladies and the eunuchs not know.

This thing can be used for twenty or thirty hits, and it can maimed or even kill people directly.

It is precisely because of this that the palace ladies and the eunuchs paled in shock after hearing Ye Chen’s punishment method.

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction after hearing the fearful words of the court ladies and the eunuchs, and then said:

“Very well, you must remember that you just asked The promise made by this king, otherwise, don’t blame this king for being ruthless.”

“Yes! Lord Youwang!” The court ladies and eunuchs trembled again when they heard this, and then hurriedly bowed and said loudly.

Ye Chen heard this, smiled and nodded, and then said:

“If you have merit, you will be rewarded, if you have it, you will be punished. These two boxes of gold coins are given to you in advance. Rewards, you can divide it up.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the palace ladies and eunuchs, their eyes widened, then hurriedly bowed, and said loudly:

“Thank you, Lord You, for the reward!””

The court ladies and eunuchs of the horse mansion, when they saw Ye Chen take out two boxes of gold coins, they all guessed that Ye Chen might reward them, but they didn’t dare to confirm.

After all, this It is two boxes of gold coins, not two boxes of silver coins, and not two boxes of copper coins.

If these two boxes of gold coins are distributed to them, each person will get a reward of dozens of gold coins.

Such a large amount of rewards, even if they work hard in the palace, and do not eat, drink or spend, it will take 50 years to save enough.

It is precisely because of this, the horse The palace maids and eunuchs in the palace were shocked after hearing Ye Chen’s “reward” words. Of course, after the shock, they were ecstatic.

After all, Ye Chen’s reward is really true. It’s too big, I can’t help them not being excited, and I can’t help them not being excited.

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When Ye Chen heard the excitement in the words of the court ladies and eunuchs, he raised his eyebrows involuntarily, and then looked at the person who stopped suddenly Queen He asked:

“Manny, why stop?”

As soon as Ye Chen came to the Mansion, he specially rewarded the maids and eunuchs in the Mansion. He even came up with such a big arm, which was actually deliberate.

To be precise, Ye Chen did this to tell Queen He one thing, that Ye Chen valued the marriage of the two princesses of the Han Empire tomorrow.

Going deeper, that is, Ye Chen attaches great importance to becoming an emperor.

At first glance, Ye Chen’s doing this is totally unnecessary and unnecessary.

In fact, it is the opposite.

Because Ye Chen conveyed to Empress He ’like to be the emperor-in-law”, and once Ye Chen became the emperor-in-law, he became a family with Liu Hong.

With such an identity, Liu Xie, the second prince of the Han Empire, became Ye Chen’s brother-in-law.

Now that Liu Xie is “disappearing strangely”, how can Ye Chen, the brother-in-law, stand by and watch?

This is the purpose of Ye Chen going around.

To be precise, Ye Chen wanted Queen He to understand what she meant.

The reason why Ye Chen did this was that he didn’t want to have any conflict with Queen He because of the second prince Liu Xie.

After all, the identity of Empress He lies there. The mother of a country, if Ye Chen had any conflict with Empress He, this lady would run to Liu Hong 100% and blow the pillow breeze.

If Queen He really retaliated against Ye Chen and ran Liu Hong’s bedside wind, then Ye Chen’s plan to snatch all the luck of the world in the Three Kingdoms novice zone would probably be affected by this.

Ye Chen didn’t want to see such a result.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen deliberately rewarded the court ladies and the eunuchs of the horseman’s house, and then through this, he hinted that Queen He, don’t take the initiative to say “Don’t look for the second prince Liu Xie” Requirements, that would be very boring.

As for whether Queen He would do what Ye Chen meant, Ye Chen didn’t know, but Ye Chen knew one thing. Empress He understood her meaning 100%.

Otherwise, after Ye Chen had reprimanded the court ladies and eunuchs in the horse mansion, how could Empress He suddenly stop.

After hearing Ye Chen’s inquiry, Empress He was silent for a moment, and then sighed and said:

“My palace admires the deep love of the horseman.”

Thank you Niang Niang for the compliment.” Ye Chen couldn’t help but curl up when he heard this, and then said.

After hearing Ye Chen’s words, Queen He frowned involuntarily, but immediately recovered her calm.

In the next second, Empress He suddenly turned around, looked at Ye Chen, and then said:

“When this mansion was built, the palace did not come here to oversee it.”

“The empress means, this mansion was ordered by your majesty to build it?” “Ye Chen was taken aback when he heard this, and then asked “very surprised”.

The Horse Mansion was acquired by Liu Hong from He Jin. Ye Chen knew it, but Ye Chen couldn’t. Bring up this matter.

Because Ye Chen only needs to tell this matter, Queen He will climb up the pole 100%, and then mention the general He Jin.

After that, He The queen would definitely enter as a lobbyist to resolve the contradiction between Ye Chen and He Jin.

If it were before Ye Chen’s rise, Queen He would definitely not do it because it was unnecessary.

But now it is different. Ye Chen has risen. Not only did he save the Han Empire, he also became the King of Youzhou. Of course, the most important thing is that Ye Chen holds more than two million in his hand and can conquer an invincible army.

Liu Hong doesn’t know this, or is still kept in the dark, but the queen is different, she knows the truth.

As for the reason, it’s very simple.

General He Jin, after the monster army besieging Luoyang was beheaded by Ye Chen, he saw Ye Chen’s army with his own eyes.

As the general He Jin’s sister, Queen He, I’m sure to get the exact news from where I imported it.

In this way, no matter how much Queen He can fool Liu Hong, no matter how much he likes Liu Hong, she will not do anything to deliberately become an enemy of Ye Chen.

Because she knows very well what Ye Chen’s army of more than two million means.

To be more precise, if Ye Chen is stimulated, Ye Chen is likely to change the Han Empire directly.

Queen He is unwilling to see such a result, because once such a result appears, everything she is enjoying now will disappear.

It is precisely because of this worry in Empress He’s heart that she hid the fact that Ye Chen had more than two million troops in her heart and did not tell Liu Hong.

Of course, Queen He didn’t tell Liu Hong about this, and it was useless to tell her about it.

After all, when He Jin discovered that Ye Chen’s army was as many as two million, and the combat power was extremely strong, he told Liu Hong. Unfortunately, because of Zhang Li’s participation, He Jin not only failed. The successful whistleblowing also aroused Liu Hong’s anger.

It can be said that Queen He is very jealous of Ye Chen, and it is precisely because of the jealousy in Queen He’s heart that she has the idea of ​​reconciling Ye Chen with He Jin.

Otherwise, how could Empress He come to Ye Chen, a big Chinese man who is about to get married, the day before they will get married, not to mention, but also deliberately ordered the mansion, she has come here many times What about supervision.


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