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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 817: Unwilling but helpless Liu Xie Read Novel

Chapter 817: Unwilling but helpless Liu Xie – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 817: Unwilling but helpless Liu Xie

Ye Chen didn’t want to see the plan to “collect all the world fortune in the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone”, because of He Lian’s changes, but Ye Chen didn’t want to be threatened by He Lian.

It can be said that He Lian’s last hysterical struggle has angered Ye Chen.

If it weren’t for He Lian, in the plot of Dong Da’s chaos, he played the role of being “hardened” by Dong Da. Ye Chen would definitely kill He Lian directly on the spot.

A young lady dared to threaten Ye Chen, but she really didn’t know how to write the dead words.

Of course, Ye Chen would definitely not kill her now, after all, He Lian was only a verbal threat and had not yet acted.

If Ye Chen really kills He Lian on the spot, then Dong Da’s chaos may really happen.

After all, the beginning of Dong Da’s complete “freak and madness” was to impose on Empress He and the ’little empress” of Liu Bian.

If there is no Queen He, who is the most attractive to Dong Da, Dong Da Da will not be “upset”, but it will be the same.

And once Dong Da really didn’t “see the show”, then his later feats of “destroying the emperor” and “killing the emperor” might change accordingly.

In this way, even Ye Chen can’t judge whether Dong Da’s chaos will occur.

This kind of result is not what Ye Chen wants to see. After all, Ye Chen is waiting for Dong Dazhi’s chaos and the lords” struggle for hegemony.

As for whether He Lian would disrupt Ye Chen’s “planning” before Dong Da’s rebellion started, Ye Chen didn’t know, but Ye Chen knew that he would show off his extraordinary strength appropriately He Lian can be shocked.

If He Lian really dared to fight it out, Ye Chen wouldn’t care, the big deal, just send troops directly and sweep the world.

Of course, from the current situation, He Lian was really frightened.

So, the result is basically that He Lian will continue to hide everything she knows, and then be her Queen He honestly, not to offend Ye Chen.

As soon as Ye Chen’s murderous words landed, He Lian shivered abruptly, and then hurriedly bowed and said:

“Don’t dare concubine! Don’t dare concubine!”

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At this moment, He Lian thought a lot, but after deliberation, the final result was surprisingly consistent.

That is, Ye Chen is definitely not a mortal person. No matter what she does, as long as she angers Ye Chen, her fate will be 100% miserable, and it is unimaginable.

Hearing this, Ye Chen curled his lips in disdain, and then said:

“You can go now. Also, don’t take action against Da Qiao Xiao Qiao, let alone deliberately follow Da Qiao. Qiao Xiao Qiao pulls the relationship, otherwise”

Ye Chen said here, looked at He Lian’s eyes, squinted, and then saw Ye Chen’s eyes, the cold light like a knife, instantly Strobe.

He Lian saw this, her pupils shrank suddenly, and then her body became stiff.

In the next second, He Lian faced Ye Chen with a pale face, bowed and said:

“It’s Lord Youyou”

Ye Chen heard this and waved After waving his hand, He Lian saw it and hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen again before leaving the back house tremblingly.

Ye Chen glanced, He Lian who had left, curled her lips in disdain.

Poor people must be hateful, not to mention, you are not pitiful.

He Lian has a vicious heart, and even her brother gives up and gives up, even if her future experience will be miserable. It didn’t attract Ye Chen’s sympathy.

It’s been a few days since Liu Xie left this world. He must be sent out quickly. All his subordinates will be summoned back.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen thought, the book of ancient contracts. Appeared in front of Ye Chen instantly.

Glancing at the ancient contract book floating in front of him, Ye Chen lifted his right hand, and then became a little empty.

At this moment, a huge gossip array appeared in the pavilion instantly.

As soon as the gossip array appeared, a mysterious aura rose from the ground instantly, and then I saw the ancient contract book suddenly light up.

In the next second, a cloud of golden light flew directly from the ancient contract book, and then fell to the ground.

When the golden light dissipated, Liu Xie, the second prince of the Han Empire, immediately appeared in the pavilion.

Ye Chen glanced at Liu Xie who came out of the contract space in the ancient contract book, and then said:

“After returning to the palace, you said that he was taken away by the thief. Fortunately, the king found you and rescued you. As for the location, it is the giant cottage in the west of Luoyang City.”

“Yes! Master!” Because from the contract space of the ancient contract book After coming out, Liu Xie, who was a little dizzy, didn’t even think about it after hearing Ye Chen’s words. He hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen and said loudly.

Liu Xie has been subdued by Ye Chen with the book of ancient contracts. To be precise, he was taken as a slave. No matter what Ye Chen ordered Liu Xie to do, Liu Xie could not resist, let alone resist, and Even thoughts that are unfavorable to Ye Chen can’t appear.

Otherwise, Liu Xie will be killed directly by the power of the contract.

Liu Xie already knew this very well. Although he was unwilling, he had no choice but to admit his fate.

Upon hearing this, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then said:

“After you go back, immediately summon all the people you sent out to me and take back the assassination order. After that, you will continue to be your second prince. Don’t try to change the historical trajectory, otherwise, this king will not take you lightly.”

“Yes! Master!” Liu Xie heard this, his body suddenly There was a tremor, and then hurriedly bowed in prayer.

Upon hearing this, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then said:

“Okay, you can go back to the palace.”

“Yes! Master! “When Liu Xie heard this, he bowed again and prayed again. After speaking, he turned and left the pavilion before heading to the former house.

At this moment, seven slender and beautiful maids lined up. When they saw the second prince Liu Xie, who was going to the front house, they all stunned, and then hurriedly responded. Liu Xie bowed and bowed and said:

“Slaves, meet your second prince.”

When Liu Xie heard this, he glanced at the seven court ladies and nodded blankly. Then move on.

After seeing Liu Xie’s response, the ladies of the palace were taken aback again. After regaining their consciousness, they glanced at each other, and then lined up towards the pavilion where Ye Chen was.

For them, their master at this moment is Ye Chen, not a big Han emperor, let alone a big Han prince.

So, how did Liu Xie appear here, and why they are different from usual, they would not care, because the only thing they have to do now is to please Ye Chen, the new owner.

When the palace ladies came to the pavilion one by one, the first palace lady immediately stepped forward and bowed respectfully to Ye Chen:

“Master You, late The meal is ready.”

Ye Chen smiled when he heard this, and then said:

“Just bring the food here.”

“Yes! Lord Youwang!” Hearing this, the court lady hurriedly bowed and said, then turned to look at the six court ladies behind her, and said:

“Go and prepare, Lord Youwang will have a meal.”

The two court ladies at the end heard this and hurriedly bowed, then turned and hurried away.

At this moment, a court lady trot over in a hurry, and then bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Your Lord, there is a strange-looking man outside the door, saying he wants Seeing Lord Youwang, I won’t be able to drive away no matter what.”

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Chapter 817: Unwilling but helpless Liu Xie – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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