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Chapter 818: Pang Tong

When Ye Chen heard the palace lady’s words, he was taken aback.

A man with an ugly appearance, still pay me a visit?

Is it

Pang Tong?

Pang Tong is a superb historical minister, but unfortunately, because of his looks, he has not been reused.

After several circulations, Pang Tong finally followed the “unparalleled benevolent” big-eared thief Liu Huangshu, but unfortunately, it is still the same as before and has not been reused.

Of course, this process only lasted for a while, and after that, Pang Tong was glowing and hot under Uncle Liu Huang.

Unfortunately, Pang Tong had a bad life. He just showed off his super-class historical civic style, and he hung on Luofengpo.

Of course, this is not important, what is important is Pang Tong’s status as a superb historical minister.

If outside the door, the ugly man who wanted to meet Ye Chen was Pang Tong, then Ye Chen would definitely not let him go.

Knowing that Wolong and Phoenix chicks have gained a reputation for being safe in the world, it is not for nothing. To be precise, Pang Tong has real talents for learning.

If Ye Chen really received Pang Tong under his command, then Ye Chen’s road to the emperor of luck will definitely be easier.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then looked at the court lady who came forward and said:

“Please come in, um, just come here.”

If it was before, Ye Chen would definitely go out to greet him personally to show the meaning of “valuing”.

But now is not what it used to be. Ye Chen’s status has long surpassed all the civil and military officials of the Han Empire. Even those families that have passed on for hundreds of years cannot be compared with Ye Chen.

Therefore, Ye Chen doesn’t need to do anything at all. For the performance of Lixian Corporal, he only needs to sit in the pavilion and wait for the ugly man to come by himself.

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If you change to someone else, if you do this, it is very likely that the “historical military commander” or “historical civil servant” who wants to take refuge will become dissatisfied, and even turn around and leave in anger.

But Ye Chen is no one else. Ye Chen is the hussar general who has won the best in the world. He is also Youzhou Mu, the King of Youzhou, and his reputation has long been known in the world.

As long as Ye Chen doesn’t do “faint” actions, such as insults, disdain, nasty talk, and other bad things, he will not let the historical generals or historical officials who want to take refuge in. What dissatisfied thoughts appeared.

This is the status, status and reputation, and the convenience brought by it is unjustified.

The palace lady who came to spread the word was taken aback when she heard this.

She never thought that Ye Chen would receive the ugly man. Of course, the most important thing was that the maid did not expect that Ye Chen would let the ugly man come to the back house.

After regaining consciousness, the palace lady who came to preach the message hurriedly bowed and said:

“Yes! Lord Youwang!”

The palace lady who came to preach the message finished speaking. It was a bow, and then hurriedly trot to the front house.

“Master You Wang, will dinner continue?” The head of the palace maid who served Ye Chen’s meal came with the six maids, looked at the leaving maid, and then bowed to Ye Chen.

There are guests visiting. According to normal etiquette, Ye Chen, as the host, is going to meet guests in the front hall. However, Ye Chen has already spoken and asked the ugly man to come here, the maid. Although the little boss is puzzled, he doesn’t talk too much.

However, as a servant serving Ye Chen, she had to ask Ye Chen if she would continue to eat dinner.

Otherwise, she would probably make Ye Chen unhappy because of this.

When Ye Chen heard this, he glanced at the little palace lady’s boss, and then said:

“Go on, plus a pair of bowls and chopsticks, and prepare some good wine.”

“Yes! Lord Youwang! “Hearing this, the little palace maid hurriedly bowed and said, then turned around and walked to the other court ladies and gave a few words in a low voice.

In the next second, the two court ladies bowed slightly and bowed. So he hurriedly left here.

Not long after, a group of palace ladies carrying purple gold trays came to the pavilion, and then they placed the purple gold trays and all the dishes made of suet jade one by one. Go to the stone table again.

When all the dishes are placed, the little court lady boss immediately steps forward and uncovers the purple gold bowl cover on the mutton jade dish.

The palace maid behind her, every time the palace maid uncovers the bowl lid buckled on a dish, he stretches out his hand to take over the bowl lid one by one.

When all the dishes are presented one by one Behind Ye Chen’s eyes, a little palace lady led a very ugly man and appeared in the back house.

Ye Chen saw this, and then looked at the very ugly man.

When Ye Chen saw the look of the ugly man, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

It was really Pang Tong.

Ye Chen just thought of this, standing in the pavilion serving Ye Chen’s palace maid. Picked up a hip flask made of Baiyu from the table, and then poured a glass of wine for Ye Chen.

At this moment, a smell of deja vu came out instantly.

When Ye Chen smelled this smell, his brows suddenly frowned after he was taken aback for a while.

It turned out to be Baihuaneng.

Baihuaniang is one of the top ten famous wines. After Ye Chen got the formula of Baihuaneng, he directly threw it to his winemaker.

Although Ye Chen’s winemaker was unable to brew the authentic Baihua, he also brewed the best wine in the world.

Of course, the name is still Baihuaneng, and it has become a unique specialty of Reincarnation City.

Later, in order to build the Tongque Terrace, Ye Chen specially released the Baihua Niang, and sold it at a very high price, and then used Baihua Niang to collect the precious materials needed to build the Tongque Terrace, and finally built it. Tongjak Terrace.

After that, the Golden Turban Rebellion broke out, the Yaozu immediately followed the invasion, and the sales of Baihua Brewed were immediately interrupted.

Now, Ye Chen no longer needs mortal money. Therefore, Ye Chen has completely terminated the sale of Baihua Nong and turned Baihua Nong into a special offer inside the city of reincarnation.

Originally, Ye Chen thought that now except for the reincarnation city, there should be no more Baihuajiao outside.

Whoever thinks, the result is not like this at all.

It seems that most of the Baihuaneng sold before are in the hands of Liu Hong and Zhang Li.

Wait, it’s not right.

Liu Hong And why didn’t Zhang Li ask me for Baihuanong?

Don’t they know that Baihuaniang came from the city of reincarnation

No wonder Ye Chen wondered, you know, Baihuaniang’s attractiveness is an extraordinary attraction for good wine lovers. Li, even those who don’t drink normally, can’t help but want to taste one or two after smelling the smell of Baihua Niang.

But this is the case, but there is an abnormal phenomenon.

Neither Liu Hong nor Zhang Li told Ye Chen about Baihuanang.

How could Ye Chen not wonder if he noticed this.

Something is wrong, there must be some problems in it. Those merchants who want to become agents of Baihua Brewing have all been to Reincarnation City. They can’t possibly not know that Baihua Brewing comes from Reincarnation City.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen frowned again. At this moment, the little palace lady who came to the pavilion with Pang Tong, bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“You King My lord, people have been brought here.”


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