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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 819: Pang Tong Acknowledges the Lord Read Novel

Chapter 819: Pang Tong Acknowledges the Lord – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 819: Pang Tong Acknowledges the Lord

When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately retracted his thoughts, and then directly looked at the ugly-looking Pang Tong. Before Ye Chen could speak, Pang Tong straightened his sleeves, and then faced Ye Chen. Bowed solemnly and worshiped:

“Jingzhou, Xiangyang, Pang Tong, Pang Shiyuan, see Lord Youwang!”

Ye Chen nodded with a smile before speaking. Said:

“The name of the phoenix young bird is often heard by this king, but I never saw it. It is a great pleasure to see the scholar today.”

“Thank you, Lord You Praise, unify, be ashamed, and be ashamed.” Pang Tong heard this, his eyes lit up suddenly, and then bowed and worshiped with joy.

Pang Tong came to see Ye Chen, naturally, he had his purpose. Originally, he was worried that his appearance would scare Ye Chen, and then let Ye Chen give birth to unpleasant thoughts.

Whoever thought, the result was completely beyond his expectation. After Ye Chen saw his appearance, he did not have any contempt or disgusting thoughts at all, and he spoke extremely easy-going.

More importantly, the meaning of “valuing” in Ye Chen’s words is so strong, how could Pang Tong who noticed these things be unhappy.

When Ye Chen heard Pang Tong’s happy words, he laughed, and then he said:

“You must not be humble. It’s a rare encounter today. It’s better to sit down and feel pain with this king. Have a drink, how about?”

“Respect is worse than being obedient.” Pang Tong smiled suddenly when he heard this, then bowed to Ye Chen and said, after speaking, he went straight to the opposite of Ye Chen and sat down. Go down.

When Ye Chen saw this, he couldn’t help but smiled, then looked at a court lady standing in the pavilion and motioned to her to go over to pour Pang Tong wine.

The court lady who noticed Ye Chen’s gaze hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen, then walked to Pang Tong’s side, picked up the jug, and poured Pang Tong wine.

As soon as the Baihuaniang came out of the jug, Pang Tong’s weird nose sniffed involuntarily.

In the next second, Pang Tong opened his eyes sharply, and then shouted in surprise and inexplicable surprise:

“Good wine!”

Ye Chen heard this, slightly Frozen, then looked at Pang Tong, and asked:

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“Shi Yuan has never drunk this wine?”

“Youwang Lord, Tong, has not drunk this wine before, even unheard of, is it possible? Isn’t this wine just born?” Pang Tong was taken aback when he heard this, then looked at Ye Chen and asked in surprise.

Ye Chen’s face suddenly sank when he heard this.

What’s so special, it’s not right.

Pang Tong, who noticed that Ye Chen’s face was wrong, was taken aback again, and then looked at Ye Chen sincerely, and said:

“Master You, if you believe in the unification, you might as well explain it to you. Maybe, the system can be the master of Youwang, and you can solve the confusion in your heart.”

Ye Chen immediately regained consciousness when he heard this, and then Looking at Pang Tong, he smiled and said:

“How can this king know the power of the scholar, as for whether he believes or not.”

When Ye Chen said this, he directly picked up the wine glass, and then said All the flowers in the cup are drunk.

After drinking, Ye Chen looked at Pang Tongyi, and then put the empty wine glass back on the stone table.

The little palace maid standing behind Ye Chen saw this and immediately stepped forward to re-pour the wine for Ye Chen.

When the palace maid finished pouring the wine, holding the hip flask, and standing behind Ye Chen again, Ye Chen said:

“What the king pursues is to employ people. No doubt, the suspect doesn’t need it, Shi Yuan, do you think this king believes you or does not believe you?”

Pang Tong was taken aback when he heard this, then he stood up without hesitation, and after taking a few steps back, Facing Ye Chen, he solemnly bowed and said:

“Jingzhou, Pang Tong, Pang Shiyuan, I would like to follow the lord, and beg the lord to take in!”

Ye Chen’s words, at first hearing, It’s like a rhetorical question, but the real meaning is to tell Pang Tongyi something.

If you want to hear the reason, you have to follow Ye Chen and recognize the master Ye Chen. Otherwise, Ye Chen would never tell him.

As a super-class historical minister, how could Pang Tong fail to hear the meaning contained in Ye Chen’s words.

It was precisely because Pang Tong heard the meaning of Ye Chen’s words that Pang Tong made a choice without hesitation.

You know, he came here to follow Ye Chen.

And now, Ye Chen put forward this point straightforwardly, how could Pang Tong knowingly but pretend not to understand.

As soon as Pang Tong’s words fell, the system prompt sounded.

“Ding, super-class historical civil servants, Pang Tong, Pang Shiyuan, want to recognize you as the master, do you accept it?”

As soon as the prompt of the system ended, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth was tilted, and then Made the choice without hesitation.


Ye Chen made a decision, and the system prompt sounded suddenly.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for successfully conquering, super-class historical civil servants, Pang Tong, and Pang Shiyuan. For their special status, we will reward the player Ye Chen with 10 million taels of gold.”

System As soon as the sound of the prompt was over, Ye Chen immediately got up, then walked to Pang Tong’s body, stretched out his hands, and helped Pang Tong up.

In the next second, Ye Chen patted Pang Tong on the shoulder, and then said earnestly:

“This king can get help from the scholar, it is a great blessing for the heavens!”

“Pang Tong, Pang Shiyuan, see the lord!” Hearing this, Pang Tong was overjoyed, and then directly facing Ye Chen, he solemnly bowed and said loudly.

Originally, Pang Tong’s mood was still very bumpy. After all, although Ye Chen could understand what Ye Chen meant, what choice Ye Chen would make, whether he would accept him as a subordinate, he felt There is no spectrum.

No way, who makes him look so ugly.

Now that all the dust settled, Pang Tong naturally put down the rock that had been hanging in his heart, and then his whole person became relaxed.

Of course, more is excitement.

As soon as Pang Tong’s words fell, the world announcement sounded instantly.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen, the third one has won the allegiance of the super-class historical ministers, Pang Tong, and Pang Shiyuan. Special rewards to the player Ye Chen, 10 million taels of gold.”

Over and over, instantly detonated the entire World Channel.

“Fuck! Fuck! Didn’t you make a mistake! Didn’t Ye Chen just accept Huang Sheng’s family? Why did he turn around and he accepted a super-class historical minister, and he was Feng Feng. Young Pangtong!”

“There is no reason, this super first-class historical military commander, super first-class historical civil servant, collect one by one, no money, second Austrian!”

“Lao Tzu If you don’t accept it, the harvest for Mao Yechen is not first-class or super-class. Lao Tzu can’t even receive a third-rate or even influential one.”

“Don’t compare, don’t look at what Ye Chen’s boss is. Status, what status, those super-class civil servants and generals who recognize the master and don’t look for the boss of Ye Chen, are they still looking for you.”

“Wow, Ka Ka, you overlooked one thing, Pang Tong is a short-lived ghost. It won’t take long to hang up, you guys are worried about the wool.”

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Chapter 819: Pang Tong Acknowledges the Lord – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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