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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 822: Lu Buwei’s calculations Read Novel

Chapter 822: Lu Buwei’s calculations – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 822: Lu Buwei’s calculations

Don’t blame Ye Chen for thinking this way. You know, Lu Buwei came from the pre-Qin Dynasty and had assisted Qin Shihuang. Therefore, he must know that Zhenguo Jiuding, knows the secret realm of the underground palace, and even knows the Qin Emperor’s Ying Zheng. Conspiring to ascend the country.

To be more precise, that is, Lu Buwei knows 100%, “Establishing a dynasty of Qiyun, and then the whole country ascends”, this very special and very abnormal method of ascension.

In this way, Lu Buwei, whose soul has survived to this day, will not give up easily, “the whole country soars” this way of ascension.

Because of his talent, because of his ambition to “immortal life”, and because he is very clear about what “national ascension” means.

But Lu Buwei did not dare to jump out, because the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone also has a secret underground palace, Qin Emperor Yingzheng, and an army of millions of zombies in the Pre-Qin Dynasty.

Of course, the most important thing is that the Great Han Empire before the game started, with strong soldiers and horses, like the sky.

If he dares to jump out, 100% will attract the attention of Emperor Qin Yingzheng, and it will also attract the crusade of the heroes of the Han Dynasty.

In the end, his plan will fail completely.

This is not what Lu Buwei wants to see, so Lu Buwei can only continue to bear it.

This situation continued until the game was officially launched and the player appeared, and then Lu Buwei, who had been tolerant, noticed the opportunity.

Because the big man is declining and chaos appear frequently, and because the group of players is too special to die.

Therefore, Lu Buwei seized the opportunity and chose to possess his body and become a “special player”.

However, Lu Buwei still did not jump out, because the Han Empire has not completely declined, and because the secret realm of the underground palace still exists.

But Lu Buwei, who got the player’s memory, further perceives the peculiarities of the player and the fact that he can directly fly by virtue of his own strength.

Therefore, Lu Buwei, as a “player”, continued his layout while “killing monsters and upgrading”, while continuing to run the business he had maintained for hundreds of years, while contributing to the decline of the big man.

He has to wait, wait for an opportunity, an opportunity that can make him soar into the sky.

To be precise, Lu Buwei was waiting for the Emperor Qin Shihuang in the secret realm of the underground palace to “fly the whole country” and then leave the world. What’s more, the Han Empire was completely chaotic, and wars broke out.

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Only when this result appears, can Lu Buwei completely let go of his hands and feet and plan for the country’s soaring cause.

However, Lu Buwei did not expect that one of the players appeared, Ye Chen, a pervert that was completely beyond his expectation.

To be precise, Ye Chen’s rise was so fast that he didn’t even expect Lu Buwei.

When he started Ye Chen, Ye Chen had already become a hussar general, and Youzhou Mu, both in strength and influence, began to expand rapidly.

Of course, what makes Lu Buwei unacceptable the most is that Ye Chen’s pervert has successively accepted this era, the top military commanders, and the top civil servants.

Other “indigenous peoples” don’t know what these military generals and civil servants represent. How could Lu Buwei, who succeeded in possessing his possessions and gained the player’s memory, didn’t know.

Lu Buwei wanted to kill Ye Chen. Unfortunately, Ye Chen’s strength was too strong, and he killed millions of players in Luoyang with his own power, and it was the kind of kill completely.

And this also made Lu Buwei completely frightened, and had to start thinking about how to deal with Ye Chen.

Until one day, Baihua Niang appeared, Lu Buwei realized the opportunity.

To be precise, Lu Buwei was aware of the possibility of eliminating Ye Chen’s “biggest competitor” with Baihua Niang.

How to get rid of it is very simple, borrow a knife to kill.

Whose knife should I borrow? Of course it was Liu Hong’s knife.

Because, Lu Buwei, who knew the “Qiyun Dynasty”, knew very well that Ye Chen refused to ascend even when his realm was reached, so that he could obtain all the heaven and earth fortune in the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

As long as there is an accident with Liu Hong, Ye Chen’s official position, as well as the title, will inevitably be deposed, and Ye Chen will also be designated as a “chaotic court thief”.

In this way, Ye Chen’s plan will be completely defeated, and then there will be no way to “establish a dynasty of luck”, let alone “the whole country soaring”.

In the end, Ye Chen could only obediently “rise up to the precipice” and give up the plan to “rise up the whole country”.

? It must be like that.

Even if these inferences are somewhat different from the real situation, it is impossible to get worse.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s face suddenly became cold. The violent killing intent rose instantly.

“Master, do you have eyebrows?” Pang Tong, who was sitting opposite Ye Chen, noticed Ye Chen’s violent killing intent, and hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen heard this, shook his head, and then said:

“The king hasn’t been able to determine who it is, but one thing is certain. Do this. Yes, it is Lu Buwei!”

The number of players exceeded 100 million, and Ye Chen really couldn’t confirm who Lu Buwei possessed and won the house.

Otherwise, where would Ye Chen stay here, he would teleport over a long time ago, and kill the “special player” who looked like a player but whose soul was Lu Buwei.

Pang Tong nodded when he heard this, and then hurriedly said:

“Master, Lu Buwei who made this plan must be poisoned and murder your Majesty.

Once Lu Buwei’s plan is successful, he will release the news that the Baihua Brewing is produced in the city of Reincarnation, and the Lord will be greatly affected by this.”

“Shi Yuan is right, my king Now go to the palace and grab all the eunuchs who tried poison.” Ye Chen nodded when he heard this, and then said.

Lu Buwei poisoned Baihua Niang, Pang Tong did not say, Ye Chen also guessed it, after all, through Baihua Niang to calculate Ye Chen, there is only one method of “poisoning and framing”.

Therefore, Ye Chen could not give Lu Buwei a chance to “success”.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, Pang Tong hurriedly shook his head and said:

“Master, the eunuch who caught the poison is basically useless.”

Ye Chen heard this, Suddenly, at this moment, Pang Tong went on to say:

“The lord, the emperor’s diet, all have special personnel to test the poison, as long as you buy or control the person who test the poison, you can successfully poison your Majesty, but Lu Buwei I would never choose this method.”

“Shiyuan is talking about mixed toxins?” Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes when he heard this, then looked at Pang Tong and asked.

Hearing this, Pang Tong nodded, and then said:

“That’s the case, lord, Lu Buwei wants to plot against lord, it is absolutely impossible to simply poison him.

Because this method of poisoning is too inferior, and it is easy to be found.”

Pang Tong said here, took a look at the direction of the palace, and then said:

“The mixed toxins are not the same. No matter how you check or test the poison, you can’t find any problems.

But if you mix two or more additional things together, or take them one after the other , It will mix in the body, and then produce highly poisonous.

In this way, even if there are more people who test the poison, your majesty will not be able to escape. I can’t get rid of the suspicion of Baihuaneng, when the time comes”

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Chapter 822: Lu Buwei’s calculations – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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