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Chapter 857: The brave players

As soon as the words of the Imperial Forest Army soldiers guarding the gate of the imperial palace fell, Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily.

Eight or nine are not far from ten.

When Dong Da, this idiot, begins to mess up the world, he can do it directly and get all the soldiers of the Imperial Forest Army in his hands.

, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile, then raised his hand and shouted:

“You wait here, the rest are waiting, and the king enters the palace with the king!”

“Yes! Lord!” Zhao Yunzheng , Dianxiong, Guo Yi, Guan Er, Zhang San, Gao Shun, Zhang Liao and other civil servants, as well as two thousand soldiers in the city of Reincarnation heard this, and bowed all together and said loudly.

The Lieutenant of the Imperial Forest Army and the surrounding soldiers of the Imperial Forest Army were taken aback when they heard this, and then their expressions changed.

They didn’t feel that they were being played, but because they felt, “They didn’t pass the test of Ye Chen”.

Don’t blame them for thinking like this. You know, Ye Chen just asked the lieutenant of the Imperial Forest Army whether there are any restrictions on entering the palace. The lieutenant of the Imperial Forest Army answered directly, without restrictions.

But now, Ye Chen directly asked his soldiers to stay outside the palace gate. What does this mean is not that Ye Chen “knows what restrictions are in entering the palace.”

While Ye Chen knows the “restrictions on entering the palace”, he just pretends to be ignorant and asks deliberately. What does it mean?

Playing? That’s nonsense. If Ye Chen, the Great Han Empire Youwang, wanted to play with them, he wouldn’t be rewarded with ten purple gold coins at first.

It’s not a joke, what it is, it’s simple, it’s a test.

To be more precise, in the eyes of the soldiers of the Imperial Forest Army at the gate of the imperial palace, Ye Chen, the You King of the Han Empire, had just thought of subduing them, otherwise, he would not do such a troublesome thing.

But for them, they know the “restrictions on entering the palace,” but they just pretend not to know. This is a taboo in the army.

Because of this, it means they are not loyal enough!

While the soldiers are not loyal, what would they think in the hearts of all generals or nobles? How could they, as a member of the Imperial Forest Army, not know.

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It was precisely because they knew that their expressions changed drastically.

Because they lost the opportunity to follow the You King Ye Chen at the moment of the Han Empire.

Ye Chen glanced at it, and the imperial soldiers whose expressions had changed greatly, smiled slightly, and then said:

“You don’t need to think about it, this king is very satisfied with your attitude.”

Ye Chen naturally doesn’t like the disloyal subordinates, but this does not hinder Ye Chen’s idea of ​​subduing the Imperial Forest Army.

As for the reason, it is very simple.

The Royal Forest Army’s loyalty to Liu Hong has already plummeted.

This is related to Liu Hong’s mediocrity, the Han emperor, and the Han’s popular grievances and wars.

Of course, the most important thing is. The problem is that the luck of the Han Empire has lost too much to continue to gather people’s hearts.

If the Han Empire were not there, Liu Hong was still the emperor of the Han Empire, and the entire Imperial Forest Army had long been changed.

In such a general environment, even if the Imperial Forest Army did not tend to “follow Ye Chen”, they would choose to follow others.

For example, as in historical records, when Dong Dawei was in trouble. Follow Dong Da.

Because of this, Ye Chen will not mind anything because of the “disloyal” performance of the imperial forest army at the gate of the palace.

As for subduing the imperial forest army Later, they may be the same as they are now, and they are not loyal to Ye Chen. That is impossible.

Because Ye Chen is the son of luck, he is taking the imperial luck plundering route, and there is good luck. Body, and it is increasingly strong heaven and earth luck.

With this, even if Ye Chen does not manage the soldiers, the soldiers will be 100% loyal to Ye Chen.

Coupled with the blessing of the various attributes of the reincarnation fairy city, it is impossible for the soldiers to betray Ye Chen, let alone do anything “disloyal”.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the Imperial Forest Army soldiers and the Imperial Academy Lieutenant guarding the gate of the imperial palace were all stunned, and then suddenly their eyes lit up.

In the next second, Lieutenant Yulin led a group of his men and bowed to Ye Chen and said loudly:

“Thank you, Lord You, for your appreciation!”

Although Ye Chen didn’t say it clearly, the Lieutenant Yulin and his soldiers were not stupid, and they naturally heard what Ye Chen said.

It is precisely because they heard the meaning of Ye Chen’s words that they were so excited and so excited.

Ye Chen smiled and nodded after hearing the words of the imperial forest soldiers at the gate of the imperial palace, and then shouted:

“Enter the palace!”

Ye Chen’s words fell to the ground. The welcoming team set off directly, and then headed towards the palace. As for Ye Chen’s men, they stayed one by one.

The palace is different from other places. Only the Imperial Forest Army can enter. If all of Ye Chen’s men enter, it would be a rebellion.

Ye Chen’s subordinates knew this very well.

Although they are not afraid, they will not do it.

Because they know one thing very well, the time for “rebellion” has not yet arrived.

The classical music for welcoming the relatives was still playing, and Ye Chen rode Tianma Xiaojin slowly into the palace gate.

As soon as Ye Chen arrived at the gate of the palace city, hundreds of bright pillars of light suddenly appeared from the backyard of the palace.

Ye Chen, whose divine consciousness has been covering the entire Luoyang, suddenly opened his eyes when he saw this.

What a daring dog!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen thought, the dark and thick Congenital Supreme Treasure Killing Spear appeared instantly, and then disappeared in a flash.

The backyard of the imperial palace is specially divided for the residence of Princess Zhaoyang and Xiaoqiao of Changle. Hundreds of players wearing black clothes and masks suddenly appear.

In the next second, a loud shout sounded directly from a black-clothed population.

“Do it!”

As soon as his words fell, he didn’t know when he would hide in the palace, and the players who went online again recruited a jade talisman.

The maid guarding outside the main hall, saw this, all stayed there, and then all screamed.

“There is an assassin! There is an assassin! Come and catch the assassin!”

As soon as the maid’s words landed, a black light flashed, and then I heard the sound of the body being pierced. Sounds incomparably dense.

“Puff, puff, puff”

I saw hundreds of players who had just taken out the jade talisman. In the blink of an eye, they were stabbed to death by a gunshot. Without exception, all of the souls were swallowed by the Gunslinger.

In the next second, an extremely dense explosion sounded instantly.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

I saw the corpses of hundreds of players who had just been beheaded by the Gunslinger. Without exception, they were ignited in an instant, and then were Burned to nothingness.

On the day of marriage, it is not suitable to see blood. This is true, but Ye Chen, who is already irritated, does not care about this.

If you don’t kill these players directly, Ye Chen is sure that Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao will be shot 100% on the spot, and they will be crushed.

Because these players who suddenly went online from the palace, all they held in their hands were the Great Annihilation Runes!

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