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Chapter 87: The Sad Demon Swallowing Clam – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 87: The Sad Demon Swallowing Clam

With the disappearance of Ye Chen’s essence and blood, a mysterious connection instantly appeared between Ye Chen and the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam.

At this moment, the system prompt sounded suddenly.

“Ding, congratulations to the players for successfully conquering the wild monsters, swallowing the devil clams.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raised, and then his mind moved instantly. Take away the red lotus industry fire that burns the sky swallowing magic clam.

At the same time, the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam exhales a long breath.


Ye Chen glanced at him, and he was greatly relieved, and then he loosened his right hand and threw the sky-swallowing clam directly to the ground.

In the next second, Ye Chen waved his right hand, and a bunch of emerald jade bamboo shoots appeared in an instant, and then flew to the front of the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam.

The sky-swallowing magic toad that just landed, saw the boss with two toad eyes suddenly staring, and then the mouth of the toad was a suck towards the emerald green bamboo shoot that flew in front of him.

In the next second, there were hundreds of emerald green bamboo shoots that added up to a hundred times the size of the devil clam, and flew directly into the belly of the devil clam.

Ye Chen couldn’t help smiling when he saw this.

Swallowing the devil clam is the swallowing the devil clam. This special way of eating is really cruel. Just swallow it directly.

I don’t know who can swallow it if you encounter the Kunpeng of the monster clan.

But having said that, the luck was so good that it exploded this time. I got a lot of washing stones. Not to mention cutting the marrow stones, I also encountered a juvenile Sky-swallowing clam.

Not bad.

The Sky-Swallowing Clam that Ye Chen conquered is still in its juvenile stage. Otherwise, Ye Chen would not be able to catch the Sky-Swallowing Clam so easily, let alone conquer it.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. The real situation is that the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam was in its juvenile stage and was conquered by Ye Chen.

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As for Ye Chen, knowing that the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam is not accepted by the creatures of the prehistoric world, he turned his hands to conquer the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam. It is also because the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam has grown up and has extremely strong combat power, which is a rare one. Tough pets.

If he could conquer, Ye Chen would definitely not give up casually, even if because of this, he would be hostile to the creatures of the prehistoric world, Ye Chen would not care.

You know, even if Ye Chen doesn’t accept the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam, will Ye Chen have any friends in the prehistoric world.

As for the reason, it is simple.

Ye Chen walked on the “Qiyun Emperor Road” and was destined to conquer the predecessors, and this will automatically bring a result for Ye Chen, that is, “the enemy of the world”.

Since they are all enemies, why bother with this and that?

As for the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam, it will destroy the Primordial Land when it grows up. This will affect Ye Chen’s unification of the Primal Land.

Because Ye Chen had already subdued the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam, without Ye Chen’s order, it would be impossible for the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam to do “to become stronger, to devour the sky and the earth”.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked directly at the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam, and asked:

“Why did you appear in this world?”

Ye Chen just took over the swallow. The devil clam is one of the wild and wild animals. It stands to reason that it is impossible to appear in the real world, and Ye Chen has never heard of the devil clam in his previous life.

But now, the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam appeared, and it appeared in the real world, how could Ye Chen not be puzzled.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, he swallowed a lot of jade jade bamboo shoots and regained a lot of vitality. He immediately looked at Ye Chen, and then sent a message to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, who received the message of the Devouring Devil Clam, was taken aback.

I wiped it, it turned out to be the snarling dog.

Ye Chen led the army to attack the secret realm of the underground palace in order to protect the country’s Jiuding. come out.

It’s just that the size of the Sky Dog is too large, coupled with the restrictions of the heavens, that the Sky Dog is stuck in the summoning channel, and then Ye Chen is subdued.

Originally, Ye Chen thought that the matter was over. Who would have imagined that when the Snarling Sky Dog was called, there was a frog egg that swallowed the Sky Devil Clam in the place where he was staying.

As a result, the snarling sky dog ​​responded to the call and was stuck in the calling channel, and the frog egg of the sky swallowing clam came to the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms.

After that, the Heaven-Swallowing Devil Clam was born, and then it happened to be met by the father of Young Master Zhang from the Promise Palace.

In order not to be killed, the Sky Devourer Clam disguised himself as a rag bag.

Whoever thought, the wishful thinking of swallowing the devil clam fell through, because Zhang Dashao’s father appeared in an inaccessible forest where he encountered a rag bag, which was obviously abnormal.

It is for this reason that Zhang Dashao’s father took the rag bag transformed into the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam as a must for “what task to activate”, and then received it in the player’s exclusive storage space.

The sky-swallowing magic clam stayed in the storage space for several days, until Zhang Dashao’s father took it out again, and then the sky-swallowing magic clam had to go out and breathe out.

But the problem is that Zhang Dashao’s father failed to activate any “hidden missions” after several attempts, and finally, he received the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam in the storage space.

This wait is a long time.

Waiting for Young Master Zhang’s father, once again took out the rag bag that the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam turned into, and tried to activate the “Hidden Mission”. When the Sky-Swallowing Devil Clam finally couldn’t stand it, he deliberately revealed the storage “ability”.

To be more precise, in front of Young Master Zhang’s father, he received a bottle of wine that he accidentally encountered into the space inside its body.

Swallowing the devil clam did this, naturally, he wanted Zhang Dashao’s father to use it as a storage bag and then take it with him.

In this way, the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam does not have to go to the player’s exclusive storage space again.

After all, there is no air, no water, no sunlight, no spiritual energy, and nothing. If it takes a long time, even if the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam is talented, it will have to hang up.

Unfortunately, the sky did not fulfill the wish of swallowing the magic clam. It was still the father of the occupied man and received it in the player’s exclusive storage space.

However, fortunately, Zhang Dashao’s father would take it out of the storage space from time to time, and then store the valuables in its own space.

In this way, the Sky-Swallowing Demon Clam survived until now, and then met Ye Chen, and Ye Chen finally saw the body, and then accepted it.

Feeling the memory from the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam, Ye Chen glanced at the Sky Swallowing Devil Clam sympathetically, and then said:

“You guy is also sad enough.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the eyes of the two toads that swallowed the devil toad suddenly showed resentful eyes.

When Ye Chen saw this, he couldn’t help but smiled, and then said:

“The past is over, don’t think about it, as long as you practice hard and do things for me with your heart, I won’t I will treat you badly.

However, there is a saying, you must keep it in your heart and wait for you to become stronger in the future. Without my command, you can’t use your devouring talent indiscriminately!”

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Chapter 87: The Sad Demon Swallowing Clam – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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