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Chapter 888: Boiling World Channel

“Boss Ye Chen, I won’t go to Sanxian Island, but I want to ask, which country Ye Chen should fight first, tell us about it.”

“Yeah, boss Ye Chen, tell me which country to play first, so we should prepare quickly and go straight.”

“Ye Chen! I am the master of the Star Cultivation Gate. To make a discussion, Sanxian Island will divide me one-tenth of the star gate. As long as you agree, I will win the star gate. From now on, within ten years, let me send it!”

“Ye donor, three The fairy island is a gift from God to our human race. Don’t be too selfish and dominate by yourself, otherwise it will damage my human luck, Amitabha!”

“Ye You King, Sanxian Island is our east You can’t take away all the players” property in the game zone, right? Let’s discuss, let us all land on the island, and then choose one person, how about?”

“Ye You Wang, the Qingcheng faction can be used for a hundred years Send, just ask for one-fifth of Sanxian Island!”

The world channel is constantly refreshing, which is called a lively.

After Ye Chen glanced at the noisy World Channel, he curled his lips in disdain.

Sure enough, these hidden forces have all jumped out because of the opening of Sanxian Island.

In Ye Chen’s previous life, the hidden forces could clearly rise to the prehistoric level, but they all depended on the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone. Soaring is actually for Sanxian Island.

And now that Sanxian Island was opened by Ye Chen, these hidden forces that had targeted Sanxian Island early in the morning would be strange if they didn’t jump out.

It was precisely because Ye Chen had guessed this early in the morning, that he was not shocked because the hidden forces suddenly jumped out of the water.

The conditions mentioned are very attractive, but unfortunately, this is for others, but I don’t want to use it.

The hidden power is definitely not going to give up Sanxian Island, but, open it. Sanxian Island is Ye Chen, the first player to play. There is simply no way to hide the power, and there is no ability to deal with it.

So, one by one, they retreated one by one, wanting to exchange a blank check for “doing things for Ye Chen” in exchange for the treasures of heaven and earth on Sanxian Island.

If it is someone else, you may feel that the proposal to hide the power is very cost-effective.

After all, each of those hidden forces has a lot of power, and they have extremely strong backgrounds, and they know a lot of information about cultivation.

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If you can let the hidden forces work for you, you will never suffer.

But Ye Chen is no one else!

To be more precise, Ye Chen does not need to hide the power of the forces, let alone hide the information on the cultivation that the forces know.

As for the reason, it is simple.

Ye Chen was born again. The secret and information he knew was far from comparable to those hidden forces.

Of course, what’s more important is that Ye Chen is now in the tribulation period and can become immortal in one step, and the strength of his army far exceeds all hidden forces.

Therefore, Ye Chen doesn’t need to hide the ’loyalty” of the forces, let alone hide the forces and do things for himself.

This is only on the surface, if it goes deeper.

Who really knows whether the empty check mentioned by the hidden forces can be cashed.

At least, Ye Chen couldn’t confirm this.

You must know that in this world, the so-called honesty and kindness have long since disappeared.

To be more precise, there is no good thing for those who can live to the present.

Ye Chen would not trust them just because of the so-called “promises” of hidden forces.

If Ye Chen really does this, then Ye Chen is cultivating a “white-eyed wolf” for himself.

Ye Chen would naturally not do such a stupid thing.

A group of self-righteous idiots, I guess they will be mad this time.

Be mad. I’m the best. I need to do something for the province.

Think of this. Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain, and then looked at World Channel again.

In the next second, a sentence appeared on the World Channel out of thin air.

“Reincarnation Xiancheng’s first attack target, the island nation!”

On the world channel, apart from ulterior motives, individual players who want to get a share of Sanxian Island, there are also major forces, and hidden In addition to the forces, there are many people who want to know where Ye Chen will attack first after the border barrier disappears.

What they are thinking about, without a doubt, is to follow Ye Chen and attack the country Ye Chen wants to attack together.

If it was something else, Ye Chen wouldn’t say anything, but this matter, Ye Chen would be happy to see it.

After all, Ye Chen’s main purpose of going abroad to fight is to plunder all countries abroad.

In order to do this, without the participation of other players, Ye Chen needed to invest a lot of troops and a lot of time.

This is also no way. You must know that it is easy for Ye Chen to destroy the country. It can rob the world of luck, but it is a long work.

Therefore, Ye Chen likes to see the players following the army of the reincarnation fairy city.

Because of this, Ye Chen will save a lot of time and a lot of troops in the plan to seize the luck of heaven and earth.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen will speak directly on the World Channel, telling all players which is the first target to attack.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words appeared on the World Channel, the World Channel, which was constantly refreshing the screen, stopped for three seconds.

Three seconds later, the World Channel fry the pan instantly.

“Wow, Ka Ka, Boss Ye Chen has finally spoken!”

“Hey, let me just say it, Boss Ye Chen is a descendant of Yan Huang, and his first target must be Xiao Xiao Devil!”

“Fuck! I guessed it too, good or not, and I am now at the border between the big man and the island nation!”

“What a special one, neither did I Guessed wrong, but Lao Tzu was not there because everyone had to give way after the boss of Ye Chen arrived. Hey, are you dumbfounded?”

“Ciao, don’t you tell me, I have forgotten this. I’ll park the ship aside first and get out of the way.”

“Damn, I also have to get off the battleship quickly to avoid blocking Ye Chen’s way.”

“Hey, I’ll leave right away!” Brothers wait for me, kill the devil!”

“Ciao, you just set off. After I saw the words of Boss Ye Chen, I just set off! I don’t want to lag behind you in this job of killing devils!”

“I used to disagree with Ye Chen, now I do! Not only serving! I still want to give Ye Chen 10,000 likes!”

“Kill the little devil! Kill them all!”

“Necessary, kill all the little devils and rob their little girls.”

“Damn, I agree with that!”



The world channel is surging. Ye Chen’s eyebrows raised involuntarily after taking a look.

Not bad. Although Eastern players have changed a lot because of the world change, most of them have changed. The blood in the human bones is still here.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked directly down at the Sanxian Island that had already been revealed.

The time was almost over, and he took away Sanxian Island directly. Then go to the border and wait for the barrier to be lifted

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Chapter 888: Boiling World Channel – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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