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Chapter 898: Attacking the Capital – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 898: Attacking the Capital

At the same time, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, Ye Chen, the great hussar general of the Han Empire, defeated the two major defenders of the Fujiwara clan and the Edo clan, and is about to invade the city of Zhepan.”

World Announcement Three times in a row, the entire World Channel burst instantly.

“Oh my God! We actually defeated the Fujiwara Clan and the Edo Clan defending the country. It’s so happy. I never thought that the arrogant thieves would be run over by our Eastern Iron Cavalry today. Retribution can’t be stopped even if it comes!”

“The small country in the small land dared to attack us in the east. It is simply irresponsible. I should have expected such retribution a long time ago!”

“King Ye You is mighty! King Ye You is domineering! It is worthy of being a BOSS-level existence in our Eastern District. Whoever wants to be destroyed will be destroyed!”

“It seems that King Ye You is about to attack the bandits soon The capital is over, we must hurry up and mix it up. After the capital is destroyed, King Ye You eats meat, we can also drink soup!”

“Yes, right, brothers and soldiers on the front line, don’t worry. Let’s wait for us, we will be here soon, we must give us a chance to perform! Otherwise, I’m embarrassed to have soup.”

There was a lot of discussion on the world channel, crazy When I swiped the screen, the system prompt sounded suddenly.

“Ding, congratulations Ye Chen players, get 20% luck!”

Hearing the system prompt, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

I’ll go, just defeat the Fujiwara and Edo army to get 20% luck?

In addition, the 20% of the luck from the previous defeat of the Xu Fu battleship is to get 40% of the luck!

Yes, not bad

Wait until you get rid of the folds, and get the remaining 60% of the luck. When the time comes, you can fold the luck and enter my hands!

By the way, the Nether Scepter in Xu Fu’s hand can’t be let go.

Thinking of this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth tilted.

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In the next second, Ye Chen’s thoughts move, reincarnation of the fairy city, and instantly flies towards the city, turning the bank of the city.

Looking at the rapidly flying island in the sky, the soldiers guarding the capital and the people in the city screamed in panic.

“It’s over, the enemy is attacking!”

“Have you heard? Our frontline defeated, the Fujiwara clan and the Edo clan were annihilated, even The two generals, Ichiro Fujiwara and Akho Edo, were cut down by the enemy, and now there are only half a million soldiers in our capital!”

“The enemy is so powerful, even Fujiwara Ichiro and Edo Akho is dead, so don’t we really want to die?”

“It seems that the end of our collapse is really coming, I am afraid that the 500,000 soldiers in our capital will not be able to resist it. The enemy’s offense.”

Compared with the first time I saw the people on Samsara Immortal Island, because of the news from the frontline battle report, although everyone was not surprised at Flying Island, they were not surprised at Samsara. The arrival of the fairy island has great fear.

Because this not only means a big defeat in the battle ahead, but also means that the enemy is about to attack the capital, and then there is a risk of destroying the country.


In the Omiya, a soldier in armor rushed into the hall where the proceedings were in discomfort, kneeling to report:

“Your Majesty, the front is a big defeat, and the two major defenders, Ichiro Fujiwara and Akho Edo, died on the spot, and now the enemy is already on the ground.”

“What? Both of Fujiwara Ichiro and Edo Akho were killed in battle?”

Hearing this, the emperor got up suddenly. If he was struck by lightning, his face was filled with astonishment and surprise.

Originally, he thought that as long as there are two generals guarding the mainland, it is considered a foreign enemy. Strong, will be destroyed, but now it seems that things are completely beyond his expectations and control.

“How could this be?”

“I didn’t think Fujiwara Ichiro and Edo Akho died in a direct battle. Now we have lost millions of soldiers. I’m afraid it will be difficult to resist the enemy’s attack.”

“Yes, yes, it’s really troublesome now. Could it be that heaven is going to kill me?”

Many ministers in the hall began to discuss.

“Damn, it was Xu Fu, the criminal minister who proposed to attack the East while the eastern border barrier disappeared. I didn’t expect us now. Not only did he fail to attack Dongfang, he also lost himself.”

The emperor slammed a fist on the table in front of him, and roared: “Where is Xu Fu?” Where did Xu Fu go?”

The huge force actually smashed the table out of several cracks, showing the degree of anger.

The officials heard the words and looked around, only to find that Xu Fu did not know when. Has already left the hall.

Soon, a minister stepped forward and said: “Your Majesty, Xu Fu has escaped from the front line with serious injuries. He must be recuperating in the mansion at this time.”

“Healing? He is still in the mood at this time. Heal?”

The emperor opened his eyes and said in a cold voice: “Go, get Xu Fu for me. He caused this mess, and he must take care of it.”

“Yes. !”

The attendant heard this and took his orders.

After a long time, the attendant returned in a hurry, and said with trepidation:

“Report to His Majesty that Xu Fu has already gone to Mount Fuji half an hour ago, I am afraid this will be a while”

When the attendant said this, he paused slightly, and then continued:

“I can’t find it anymore.”

“What? Xu Fu ran away!”

When the emperor heard this, he furiously said: “This criminal official escaped at this time, he is a traitor!”

“I really didn’t expect Xu Fu to defect at our crisis.”

“Yes, yeah, Ping Chong is so loyal, who can tell that this is a traitor.”

“Now Xu Fu is running away, then we can only rely on ourselves.”

All the officials were very angry when they heard this.

“According to the people from Xufu, Xu Fu is going to Mount Fuji to find a way to save the country.”

The attendant quickly added.


The emperor snorted coldly and waved his sleeves:

“Defection is defection. He actually found such a high-sounding reason, shameless!”

After speaking, he ordered the attendants to retreat.

Immediately afterwards, the emperor walked back to the chair and sat down again, his eyes swept across the ministers, and sternly asked:

“Who has the strategy to retreat from the enemy?”

All the officials were silent upon hearing this.

The silent hall, where needles fall can be heard.

“A bunch of waste, there is nothing useful at the critical moment!”

The emperor trembled all over, and after a few seconds of silence, he shouted in a gloomy voice:

“Send the order , I, I have to personally put on armor and go into battle!”


When all the officials heard this, they all bowed their heads.

Outside the Zhepan City, Ye Chen had a thought. The million army of Samsara Immortal City, who was still traveling towards the capital, instantly appeared outside the capital, and then he would take Nuo Da’s Zhepan City Tuan Tuan. Surrounded.

“Black clouds are pressing against the city and want to destroy the city”, nothing is more suitable for the current scene than this sentence.

Millions of troops, like heavenly soldiers, are densely garrisoned around the capital city. Only after Ye Chen gives an order, they will show their fangs and shred everything!

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Chapter 898: Attacking the Capital – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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