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Chapter 905: War Elephant Legion

When Liu Hong, who was sitting on the dragon chair, heard this, he was taken aback, and then his eyes lit up.

In the next second, Liu Hong stood up with excitement, and then laughed aloud:


“Congratulations, Your Majesty! Congratulations, Your Majesty!” Man Chao Wen Wu heard this, Qi Qi bowed to Liu Hong and said loudly.

Zhang Li beside Liu Hong glanced at Manchao Wenwu, and then happily faced Liu Hong, bowed and said:

“Your Majesty, Ye You has just got married, he is your Majesty. Opening up the territory and expanding the land is really a god-given emperor, and a mainstay among the big man.”

“Let my father say it is right, I never expected that this good son-in-law can do this level. “Liu Hong laughed when he heard Zhang Li’s words, and then spoke.

After finishing speaking, Liu Hong’s eyes were brilliant, then he looked at Zhang Li, and shouted:

“Proclaim the decree, You Wang Ye Chen opened up the territory for me, and he has contributed to the community. Reward, see the royal family’s right not to worship!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Zhang Li was taken aback when he heard this, and then hurriedly bowed in prayer.

Liu Hong’s rewards seem to be imaginary, but in fact, they promoted Ye Chen to the status of one word side by side king. This meant to share the world with Ye Chen. Although it was not explicitly stated, the facts are such.

It is precisely for this reason that Zhang Li was stunned after hearing Liu Hong’s words.

The border junction between the East and Tianzhu Kingdom.

Ye Chen, who was sitting in the reincarnation fairy city, glanced at the battlefield below the reincarnation fairy island, and then with a thought, the reincarnation fairy city army instantly appeared on the border line.

At the moment when the army of the fairy city of 2.41 million reincarnations appeared, the fighting spirit soaring to the sky instantly rose from the battlefield.

And what followed the battle intent was the tyrannical, cruel and extremely strong killing intent of the 2.41 million reincarnation fairy city army.

Within the border of Tianzhu State.

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Millions of war elephant legions, row after row, and above the war elephants are soldiers from the Kingdom of Tianzhu holding spears and waiting for them.

The Eastern players suffered many miserable defeats, and it was precisely because they were defeated in the hands of these war elephant legions.

Seeing the presence of Ye Chen’s army, the Eastern players who suffered a big loss, the blood that had already fallen to the freezing point instantly boiled.

“King Ye You, these are these war elephant legions, we must destroy them and help us shame us!”

“King Ye You, my brother was trampled on by the war elephant cavalry. Dead, if you avenge me, I will definitely look forward to you in the future!”

“My arm was chopped off by these Tianzhu. If Ye You avenge my revenge, I am here!”

“I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life!”

The players in the East yelled one after another, and their words showed full hatred for the Tianzhu Kingdom War Elephant Legion!

And when these Eastern players asked Ye Chen to avenge themselves, there were ridicules in the Elephant Army of Tianzhu Kingdom.

“It’s ridiculous that you want to fight against our Tianzhu country based on your rubbish! Originally I saw you destroy the fold and wanted to establish relations with you, but I didn’t expect that you idiots would attack us recklessly. It seems that if you don’t completely wipe out you this time, you don’t know how many catties you are!”

“That is, a group of Eastern pigs dare to attack us. Entering the border will wipe out your east completely.”

“If you are acquainted, then surrender obediently. Maybe if we are happy, we will go around you! Hahaha”


Ye Chen, who was sitting in the reincarnation city of Xiancheng, looked cold, and transmitted to Zhang San through divine consciousness.

“Yes! Lord!”

Zhang San took the command, kicked on his legs and clamped his horse belly. After a few breaths, he came to the front position between the two armies. Zhangba’s snake spear suddenly waved, and then pointed at the enemy. Loudly roared:

“Smugglers, who would dare to fight with your grandfather Zhang Sanyi?”

“Where did you come from the unknown person, you dare to yell here!””

When the general of the War Elephant Legion, Damu, heard Zhang San’s words, his face suddenly sank. After a cold glance at Zhang San, he immediately looked at one of his generals, and then shouted:

“Go, kill him!”


The general named Xinge nodded slightly, and then drove the war elephant towards Zhang San.

Where the war elephant passed, the dust was flying, leaving behind a tank of water. The pothole itself, like a high-speed train, crashed into Zhang San fiercely.

Compared with the behemoth war elephant, the war horse is much thinner, not to mention that it will fly out with a light hit by the war elephant. I am afraid that it can be kicked out by the war elephant. Let the war horse die on the spot.

However, for Zhang San, these are not problems.

After running fast, when he saw that he was about to hit the war elephant, Zhang San immediately changed the direction of the war horse, and stepped on the back of the war horse, leaped into the air with the help of the rebound force, and then as an ordinary person The difficult posture landed steadily on the back of the war elephant, waved his spear, and a shot pierced Singh’s back, provoked it high, and suddenly threw it towards the enemy camp.

Thump thump thump thump

Singh died on the spot, and the corpse instantly knocked down dozens of enemy troops.

Singh was stabbed to death by Zhang San’s spear in just one round. This kind of strength shocked millions of Tianzhu soldiers on the spot, and even your war elephant retreated in terror.

Damu’s face in armor was ugly, and he never expected that the battle under his command would die so quickly.


Damu turned over and fell from the war elephant, stomping several cracks on the ground, and walking towards Zhang San coldly behind, and said with a cold voice:

“I personally and You fight! See how strong you are!”


Zhang San hummed coldly, and saw that the opponent hadn’t brought out any weapons, so he grabbed what was in his hand. The spear pierced the ground.

The next second.

Zhang San turned over and jumped off the back of the elephant. A fierce boy jumped over to Damu, his arms shook, and his muscles instantly bulged. At the same time, the “crackling” bone friction sounded like fried beans. Sounds like that!

At the moment when he was about to make contact with Damu, Zhang Sanna seemed to be infused with his right foot with endless power and kicked Damu’s shoulder fiercely.

Such a powerful attack, if it were hit by a kick, the shoulder bone would surely shatter on the spot.

Damu’s complexion suddenly became serious, but being able to become a general of millions of war elephants is naturally possessed of powerful strength, how can he not even be able to do a single trick?

I saw Damu swaying, and he avoided Zhang San’s right foot as flexible as a monkey.


Zhang San landed on the ground with his right foot, and stepped on the ground abruptly into a huge pit, and the mud instantly splashed around.

Seeing this, Zhang San smiled coldly, then moved his feet and rushed towards Damu again.

As soon as Zhang Sanlai arrived in front of the wooden body, his fists danced and hit the wooden door. The simple and rude attack made it impossible for Damu to evade.


Although Damu didn’t want to be hit, he was hit in the left cheek by Zhang San’s fist filled with wind.

A bloody tooth flew out of Damu’s mouth in an instant. At the same time, Damu’s whole body rolled and flew out.

At this moment, Damu’s eyes suddenly revealed a deep unbelief.

He never thought that Zhang San, a general, would be so strong that he would almost be destroyed with just one punch.

After tumbling in midair a dozen times in a row, Damu returned to his senses. Then, at the moment when he fell to the ground, Damu slapped the ground with one hand, and then jumped directly.

Damu didn’t want to be ashamed in front of his war elephant army. Although it was embarrassing enough to be blown by a punch, it was always the latter compared to standing up, and it was still a bit of face.

Compared with the fierceness when he played just now, Damu is more embarrassed at this moment. Not only is his left face black and blue, his teeth fall out of a dozen, and even his armor is full. The dust!

“Come again!”

Damu tugged at the corner of his painful mouth, stared at Zhang San with a grim look, and then dashed towards Zhang San.

Fists waved, filled with qi, tigers and tigers alive.


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