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Chapter 912: Longshan Sword

She wanted to kill Ye Chen with one blow, but was ruined by Shiva, who was three-stranded. Seeing this, she was taken aback, and then shouted in shock:

“How? Possibly!”

The three-piece fork has always been an artifact in Shiva’s hands. It is powerful. In his opinion, the big black spear in Ye Chen’s hand can’t hold his three-piece fork at all.

But as a result, when his three-stranded fork touched Ye Chen’s sharp-killing spear, it broke with a “crack”, and it broke so simply and neatly.

This result was beyond Shiva’s expectation. How could he be calm anymore?

“Nothing is impossible!” Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain after hearing Shiva’s incredible words, and then spoke.

When Shiva heard this, he immediately regained consciousness, and then looked at Ye Chen fiercely, and shouted:

“Today, you will definitely die!”

Wet The beloved God Soldier Sangu was destroyed by Ye Chen, which shocked Shiva, but besides the shock, there was strong anger and greed.

He wants to kill Ye Chen, because only by killing Ye Chen can he vent his anger in his heart. Of course, the most important thing is that only by killing Ye Chen can he give Ye Chen the Godkiller Spear. Grab it.

After Shiva finished speaking, he waved the water tank violently, and then saw the rapid and violent water column sprayed out of the water tank, and then rushed towards Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen saw this, he smiled coldly, raised his left hand, and then faced the rapidly rushing water column, the emptiness was just a little bit.

There was a sound of “buzz”, and the water column containing huge energy shook in an instant, and then stopped in the air.

There was a sound of “crash”, and the water column that had just stopped in the air instantly turned into drops of water, and then fell to the ground.

Ye Chen has Water Spirit Orbs, although it is only a preliminary refining, the ability to control water is real.

And Shiva’s water tank, no matter how awesome, is nothing more than a divine tool. Its attacks are okay to deal with ordinary existence. Dealing with Ye Chen is no different from hitting a stone with a pebble.

After all, the level of the Water Lingzhu Congenital Lingbao is there, and it is a magical instrument, how can it be in front of the Congenital Lingbao, how can it be caused by storms?

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Seeing that Ye Chen easily blocked a blow from the jug, Shiva’s eyes shrank sharply. At this moment, Ye Chen shouted coldly:

“It’s my turn!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, his violent murderous intent ’leaped” into the sky, and then rushed towards Shiva.

At the same time, Ye Chen’s right hand’s sharp spear pierced Shiva’s head without hesitation.

Seeing this, Shiva’s pupils shrank sharply.

At this moment, Shiva felt a strong breath of death.

You must avoid it! Otherwise you will die!

Thinking of this, Shiva hurried his hands together, and then saw Shiva disappear directly in place.

A shot failed, Ye Chen squinted his eyes, and then looked at Shiva who was suddenly ten meters away, and said:

“Somewhat capable.”

“Stop talking nonsense, if you are just this capable, I’m afraid you will be planted here today.” Shiva’s face sank when he heard Ye Chen’s words, and then he shouted.

Ye Chenqiang is not strong. Shiva at this moment already knows it, but Shiva has always been a high “god”. He is accustomed to worship and worship. Wherever he is willing to be soft, otherwise, he will not That’s it.

As soon as Shiva’s words landed, he flipped his right hand, and a jade symbol suddenly appeared, and then he smashed it towards Ye Chen.


The jade symbol suddenly exploded in midair, and then turned into a sky full of flames, but in the blink of an eye it became a ghost hand composed of flames.

Ye Chen glanced at the flame ghost hand that was quickly grabbed, and curled his mouth in disdain, then lifted his left hand and slapped it casually.


The flame ghost hand, who was powerful enough to frighten all players, was directly slapped away by Ye Chen’s left hand, and then disappeared without a trace.

Ye Chen has innate spirit treasures, fire spirit beads, fire control ability, not to mention unparalleled in the world, at least in the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms, an invincible existence, even if Shiva belongs to the special existence of the novice area, don’t use anything. The fire talisman hurt Ye Chen.

Seeing Ye Chen easily pat the Shiva who scattered the flames and ghost claws, his eyes shrank sharply, then he directly raised his head and shouted:

“Longshan knife!”

As soon as Shiva’s words fell, a gust of wind suddenly rose in the woods.

At this moment, the trees were blowing and whirring, and then I saw a big knife ten feet long and six feet wide, suddenly flying out of the woods, but in the blink of an eye, Shiva caught him. In the hands.

The blade is sharp, with a fierce ghost with exposed fangs engraved on it. The handle is inlaid with two gems. Under the sunlight, a strange black mist lingers around, breathtaking!

This knife is good.

Looking at the Longshan knife in Shiva’s hand, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily, and then said:

“This knife is mine!”

After finishing speaking, Ye Chen held the Godkiller Spear in his hand and flew towards Shiva quickly.

As soon as Ye Chen came to Shiva one meter in front of him, his right hand shot a sharp spear “Woo” and pulled it over.


At this moment, the space around the Killing Gun was directly exploded by the Killing Gun.

“If you want my Longshan Sword, it depends on whether you have this ability!”

A bit of poison flashed in Shiva’s eyes, and then he slashed with a mountain knife, abruptly Facing the Killing Spear, he was not afraid of the knife’s crack.


The Longshan Knife and the Killing Spear collided, sparks flickered, a powerful air current rushed to the surroundings from the center, and bursts of explosions suddenly sounded in the surrounding woods.

“Sure enough, it is a good knife!”

Although Shiva was not injured by this blow, Ye Chen confirmed his previous judgment.

It’s a sacred tool that can go head-to-head with the Gunslinger, but there is no shattering. If there is nothing special, it is a ghost.

Of course, this is also because the Shattering Spear feature is not activated. Otherwise, the Longshan Sword will be smashed by the Shattering Spear, no matter how special it is.

However, this is not important. What is important is that Longshan Dao hit the Killing Spear hard, but did not break the result.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen shot the sharp spear with his right hand, lifted it, and then slammed it at Shiva fiercely.

“Go down to Lao Tzu!”

Seeing this, Shiva hurriedly raised a knife to block.

“Dang! A loud bang sounded instantly.

At this moment, a huge force appeared directly from the place where the two weapons collided, and then passed to Shiva.


Shiva didn’t even have a reaction, and was directly bombarded to the ground by the sudden violence.

After the “boom”, Shiva’s legs were deep. He got into the ground, and his hands holding the knife not only trembled rapidly, but also shed scarlet blood.

Shiva gave the sky a vicious look at Ye Chen with a calm face, and then bit his teeth. His lips squirmed, and he uttered a spell straight away.

The next second, Shiva opened his eyes sharply, and then sternly shouted:

“Fight ghost, come out!”

As soon as Shiva’s words landed, the blade of the Longshan Sword directly “buzzed” and vibrated.

At this moment, the sound of howling ghosts and wolves suddenly erupted, and then you saw Longshan Swordsman. The fierce ghost on his body suddenly came alive, and then opened his blood basin and rushed towards Ye Chen.

“Fuck! Is there such an operation?”

Ye Chen thought about it in surprise, lifted his left hand, and then grabbed the rushing fierce ghost in his hand.


The extremely sharp scream, instantly sounded from the mouth of the fierce ghost.

“Be quiet, I! Or die!” Ye Chen frowned when he heard the harsh scream, then looked at the fierce ghost in his hand and shouted.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, the fierce ghost who was grasped by Ye Chen shrank his ghost eyes abruptly, and then directly greeted Ye Chen with incomparably flattering words.

When Ye Chen saw this, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, and then flew straight to Shiva. This time, Ye Chen’s speed was obviously more than ten times faster than before.

After the “bang”, Shiva was kicked to the chest by Ye Chen.

The sound of “click, click, click,” several bones shattered, instantly sounded, and then I saw Shiva’s “pop”, spewing out a large mouthful of blood.

“You were just playing with me!” Shiva who was kicked by Ye Chen, her pupils shrank sharply, and then shouted sharply.

He couldn’t think of it. He was able to avoid Ye Chen’s attack just now, but suddenly he couldn’t avoid it. He didn’t even have the chance to escape the attack by using the spell.

“What can you do if you play with me?”

Ye Chen curled his mouth in disdain, then killed the gun with his right hand and pierced it directly.

There was a “puff”, and the gunshot pierced Shiva’s heart instantly.

With a sound of “Boom!”, Shiva’s body burst directly, and then the sky was splashed with pieces of flesh and blood.

Kang Dang!

The Longshan knife fell to the ground, making a metallic noise.

Seeing this, Ye Chen looked at the fierce ghost caught in his left hand and shouted:

“Go in!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, his left hand was loose. Menggui gained freedom instantly.

However, the fierce ghost did not run away, but after bowing to Ye Chen, he flew into the Longshan Sword and disappeared.

The Longshan Knife is a special artifact, and the key lies in the fierce ghost sealed in it.

To be more precise, this is a special artifact that can be continuously strengthened and strengthened.

If it hadn’t been for Ye Chen to see this, when the fierce ghost rushed over, Ye Chen would have killed the fierce ghost directly.

As for Ye Chen deliberately leaving behind a fierce ghost, it is also to get the Longshan knife in his hand, and then reward it to the underworld’s men, Lucifer, or others.

It doesn’t matter who it is. What’s important is that this thing gets stronger and stronger as it gets better.

Glancing at the Longshan Knife lying quietly on the ground, Ye Chen took a photo with his left hand, and instantly grabbed the Longshan Knife in his hand, and then threw it straight into the small world.


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