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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 921: The Essence of Destruction Read Novel

Chapter 921: The Essence of Destruction – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 921: The Essence of Destruction

In front of the Samsara Xiancheng army, the space suddenly distorted.

In the next second, five hundred and ten thousand samsara legionary guards riding wild rhinos roared out.


Thousands of cattle rushed, the earth’s crust trembles, and the sky is suddenly filled with smoke and dust.

At the same time, the bloody and violent murderous aura suddenly exploded with the appearance of the Samsara Legion, and then rushed straight to the position where the polar bear player was.

At this moment, all the polar bear players who discovered the Samsara Legion, without exception, shuddered together.

“Good murderous intent”

“Damn, my legs are starting to tremble”

“Look at the mount they are riding on, what kind of spiritual thing is that?”

“Rhino! No! That’s not a rhino! The rhino is not that big!”

“Damn, they are here!”

The polar bear players are because of the Samsara Legion. Suddenly appeared, and when they were shocked and inexplicably, the burly Nagyev narrowed his eyes sharply, and then raised the long knife in his hand without hesitation, and shouted:

“Don’t be afraid,” This is the game world. If you die, you won’t really die. At most, you will lose your level. Give me time to buy time for His Majesty’s Crusade. At that time, we can fight back! Not only will the level be re-trained, It can be improved a lot!”

As soon as Nagyev’s words fell, because of the sudden appearance of the reincarnation legion, the violent and suffocating murderous, and the panicked and confused polar bear players, they all looked together. shock.

“Yes! Don’t be afraid! If you die, you won’t die! Let’s go! Stop them!”

“For the glory of the Polar Bear Empire, for the glory of the God of Light, go!”

Polar bear players, once you say, I have finished speaking, and then rushed towards the reincarnation legion that came violently.

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Thousands of cattle are rushing, and the earth’s crust is shaking.

The guards of the fifty-one million reincarnation legion continued to charge, then charge again, and then saw the reincarnation legion quickly turn into ten columns, and then faced the still existing “wall of flesh composed of dead war horses.” I ran into it arrogantly.

“Boom boom boom!”

After a series of violent collisions, the 10,000-meter-long wall of flesh composed of dead war horses instantly collapsed, and then we saw the sky full of stumps of war horses. Flew directly, and then fell towards the distance.


Thousands of cattle are rushing, and the earth is roaring.

Instantly hit the reincarnation legion that flew into the flesh wall formed by the corpses of the war horse, and continued to move forward, rushing violently.

After a few breaths, the guards of the Samsara Legion and the polar bear players touched.

At this moment, the guards of the Samsara Legion were mercilessly stabbing with their weapons.

“Puff, puff, puff”

The sound of a densely packed long weapon penetrating the body instantly sounded, and then I saw that the guard of the Samsara Legion, with several The corpse of the polar bear player who was pierced continued to rush forward.

In the next second, the sound of extremely dense collisions and trampling on flesh and blood followed.

“Boom bang bang”

The sound fell, and then I saw the polar bear players in shards, being hit by the wild rhinos with huge body and amazing strength. To high altitude.

Among them, some of the armor shattered, and then vomited blood and died in the air, and some of them shattered in midair, leaving no corpses.

This is what happened to the players of the Polar Bear Empire, and the corpses of the war horses used to create obstacles on the ground were chopped and killed by the players of the Polar Bear Empire. Mashed meat.


The reincarnation legion is still charging, and it has not slowed down a bit because of the obstacles of the polar bear players and the restrictions of the dead horses on the ground.


The players of the Polar Bear Empire are constantly being stabbed to death, being knocked to death and flying, and the horses on the ground are constantly being trampled into fleshy mud.

A bloody avenue composed of muddy flesh quickly appeared on the battlefield.

As soon as the time for a cup of tea passed, the guards of the Samsara Legion directly cut the polar bear player army in half.

“What? Chopping melons and vegetables? This is”

“I didn’t fight at all, he? You Wang, how did you train such a group of perverts, and where did you find them? Such a brutal mount, the horse is a toy in front of their mount.”

“What kind of toy, this is the difference between ants and elephants. Originally, I thought, how could they be restrained? But as a result, the group of perverted rhinos ran rampant and did not put the dead horses in their eyes at all. With one hoof, the corpses of the horses would be trampled to pieces.”

“Or, shall we withdraw first?”

“Withdraw a fart, it’s time to withdraw, it’s useless, we can’t run Ye Chen’s armed department at all.”

“What should I do? Can’t beat it at all.””

“If you can’t fight, you have to fight, damn it, you can’t wait to die, right”

“Where is Nagyev?”

“He died a long time ago , Was trampled to death by those perverted rhinos.”

“Damn, you shouldn’t listen to Nagyev in the first place. Who knows if the Pope will send the Crusades over”

“Don’t say it, I can only believe it now That Yefu, hurry up to meet the enemy, Ye Chen’s cavalry is coming again!”

When the Polar Bear players were shocked by the violent and brutal attacking methods of the Samsara Legion, Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Guan Er, Zhang San, Huang Sheng and other generals led the army. Came here, and then directly turned on the harvest mode.

The polar bear players, at first they resisted decently for a while, and after they clearly found that resisting was useless, one by one suddenly stood in the original position. Land, waiting for the army of the reincarnation fairy city, beheaded.

There is no way, you can’t fight and fight, you can’t escape, and you can’t let the army of the reincarnation fairy city if you try your best. It’s better to be honest if you delay it for a second Really wait for death.

This will not only save trouble, but also avoid continuing to bear the stimulus of the bloody battlefield.

Anyway, this is a game. If you die, you won’t die. It’s nothing more than dropping. Tenth level.

This is the mentality of the polar bear players.

Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that if the polar bear empire is destroyed, they will be met with a tragic ending.

To be precise, it is to be completely eliminated by the cruel real world.

As for the reason, it is very simple.

After the polar bear is destroyed, the players of the Polar Bear Empire will lose their strength, and they will be continuously beheaded by Eastern players.

One death can hurt your muscles and bones and affect the real world. The more times they are safe in the real world, their safety in the real world will be greatly reduced, and then they will be affected by monsters outside the city. Exist, easily kill, and then there is no bones.

It can be said that Ye Chen destroying the country in the game world is actually equivalent to destroying the country in the real world.

Basically, as long as the players in the country destroyed by Ye Chen have the same ending in the real world, that is death.

It’s bloody, cruel, and inhuman.

Does Ye Chen know the result? Naturally, he knows, but Ye Chen doesn’t take this to heart at all.

Because if there is no Ye Chen in the East, then players in the East will be attacked by the coalition again just like Ye Chen in his previous life.

In the end, no one knows whether the Three Eastern Kingdoms Novice Zone will be like Ye Chen’s previous life, barely repelling the coalition forces and then regaining the land.

But this is not important. The important thing is that if the Three Kingdoms Novice Zone in the East is destroyed by the Allied Forces, then players in the East will fold with the current Tianzhu Kingdom, and the Polar Bear Empire that is about to be destroyed. Players, get the same ending.

That is, completely disappear into the real world.

Even if there are those who survive, they are only a few, and they are lingering.

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Chapter 921: The Essence of Destruction – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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