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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 946: Meeting the Dementor again Read Novel

Chapter 946: Meeting the Dementor again – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 946: Meeting the Dementor again

Reincarnation Xiancheng, City Lord’s Mansion.

Ye Chen, whose divine consciousness enveloped the entire battlefield, raised his eyebrows involuntarily after hearing the conversation of his subordinates.

Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Guan Er, Zhang San, Gao Shun, Huang Sheng and they all get along well. In this way, the construction of Samsara Xiancheng will be promoted in the future, so there is no need to worry about internal fighting

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile. At this moment, Guo Yi, who was watching the three-dimensional map of the battlefield, suddenly looked at Ye Chen, then bowed and said:

“Lord, this Tagemu giant Cheng, there seems to be something wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Chen was stunned when he heard this, and then asked.

After hearing Ye Chen’s question, Guo Yi once again looked at the Tagemu giant city displayed on the three-dimensional ground of the battlefield, and then bowed and said:

“Yes, Lord, according to Jia Observe that this giant Tagemu city seems unremarkable, but if you connect the towers on the wall together, it will look like a blood refining formation, but if you look closely, it is a little different.”

Guo Yi As soon as the words landed, Jia’s auxiliary army was taken aback, and then looked at Ye Chen, bowed and said:

“Master, according to my opinion, this Tagemu giant city is placed in front of each main house. There are also some problems with the stone statues in the town house. If they are connected together, they can form a large poison refining array, but if you look closely, they are also different.”

When Ye Chen heard Guo Yi and Jia Fujun’s words, he was taken aback, and then frowned.

At this moment, Tian Feng bowed and said:

“The lord, there seems to be a problem with the city lord’s mansion of the Tagemu giant city. According to Feng Guan, there should be a forbidden soul circle inside, but there are also some problems with the forbidden soul circle that Feng knows about. different.”

“Hey, how can you see the Burning Sky Array? This can be seen from the houses in the Tagemu Giant City. The houses seem to be messy: but if you connect them to each house Together, they will directly form the Burning Sky Formation, but this Burning Sky Formation is somewhat different from the Burning Sky Formation known to all. “Pang Tong on the side heard this, suddenly surprised, and then said.

“Qun, what I saw is the sacrificial formation.” Chen Qun frowned involuntarily when he heard this, and then said.


Ye Chen frowned again after hearing the words of his military divisions, and then the soul moved, and the huge spiritual sense instantly approached the giant city of Tagemu.

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After a few breaths, Ye Chen’s eyes opened sharply.

The Deity Statue!

How could the Deity Statue appear in Tagum Giant City!

The Dementia Statue contains innate gods Cannian’s special item, Ye Chen encountered one when he returned to the real world and destroyed the Liu family.

At that time, if Ye Chen hadn’t been careful, he would have been planted in the hands of the Deity Deity.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen’s spiritual sense almost yelled when he discovered the underground chamber of Tagemu Giant City, an underground chamber of only ten cubic meters, and possessed a Dementor.

I don’t blame Ye Chen for being so angry, you know, if Ye Chen finds out late, the army of Samsara Immortal City will rush into the giant city of Tagum.

Once the deity deity chooses to explode at this time, the deity deity will swallow all the two and four hundred and one hundred thousand army of the reincarnation fairy city, one that will not fall.

Even generals such as Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Guan Er, Zhang San, Huang Sheng, and Gao Shun are not immune.

This is not alarmist talk. Even if you change to an earth fairy, if you are not careful, your soul will be completely sucked away by the social idol.

Fortunately, where did the Polar Bear Empire get the Dementor Idol, and what’s more, I put the Dementor Idol under the Great City of Tagum.

Fortunately, the blood of the Polar Bear Empire’s guards is returned. I didn’t immerse in the ground, otherwise, none of Lao Tzu’s army would survive

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked directly at the giant city of Tagum, and then shouted:

“Don’t Resist!”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, Zhao Yunzheng, Dianxiong, Guan Er, Zhang San, Huang Sheng, Li Yuanba, and other generals, as well as all the guards of the reincarnation fairy city, were taken aback.

At this moment, a huge force appeared out of thin air, and then directly supported the generals and guards of the reincarnation fairy city, quickly flew into the sky, and then headed outside the giant city of Tagum , Flew quickly.

In the giant city of Tagamu, the guards of the Polar Bear Empire, who had been killed to almost despair, saw the army of the Samsara Immortal City who had just been wantonly destroying them, all soared into the air, and then flew away. This suddenly froze in place.

“He and they flew away?”

“Should be”

“No wonder they are so powerful, it turns out that they are all gods in the legend of the Great Han”

“But aren’t they trying to kill all of us? Those who just begged for mercy were also killed.”

“Isn’t it okay for them to leave? Do you still want to die?”

“How is it possible! I can’t understand it. They could kill us all, but they all flew away suddenly.”

The remnants in Polar Bear City, when you talk about it, the army of players from the east , Rushed to the giant city of Tagumu.

Looking at the sky, the army of reincarnation immortal city flew quickly towards here, the players from the east stayed together.

“Let me go! I’m not dazzled, the armed department of King Ye You will all fly?”

“Dizzy, don’t you just leave it there, not only can people fly?”

“, Even a horse is good.”

“Alas, I used to know that Ye Youwang is awesome, and I also know that Ye Youwang’s army is awesome, but this is too awesome, now no one can fly. Not only can Ye Youking’s men fly, even their war horses can fly.”

“Warhorses are impossible to fly. People fly, I can still believe that warhorses are not spirit beasts, they can’t. Ascension, so the army of Ye Youwang’s army can fly. It must not be because they are strong enough to fly, but because Ye Youwang has taken action!”

“No way, at the same time, more than two million people still have Warhorse, fly, how powerful is this? Did King Ye You become a fairy?”

“Whether you become a fairy or not, it is not important. The important thing is, why did the armed department of Ye You fly back.”

“Fuck, you reminded me that, King Ye You is now attacking the giant city of Tagum”

“If I guess right, then what is the giant city of Tagum , The cliff is in danger to happen, otherwise, how could King Ye You’s army retreat.”

Just as you said to me, the players in the East, the giant city of Tagum suddenly shook, and then I saw a large amount of black smoke, suddenly rising from the ground.

At the same time, a terrible howl sounded directly from within Tagum City.


Reincarnation Xiancheng, the city lord’s mansion.

Seeing the millions of remnants and millions of people of polar bears in the giant city of Tagum, Ye Chen, who was swallowed up by his body and soul in the blink of an eye, suddenly narrowed his eyes.

This time the Dementor is more dangerous than the one I encountered before.

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Chapter 946: Meeting the Dementor again – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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