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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 988: Attacking the Silla Capital Read Novel

Chapter 988: Attacking the Silla Capital – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 988: Attacking the Silla Capital

“Damn it, Ye Chen’s defense organization is here!” A Silla Kingdom player narrowed his eyes sharply, and then shouted in surprise.

“What are you afraid of! With the violent pill, even if one hour will explode, it’s nothing. We can all become holy generals. Even if the strength is poor, we can reach the emperor-level generals. Do it with them! Kill them!” A lord of the Silla Kingdom yelled angrily when he heard this, and then roared.

“Yes! There is nothing to be afraid of, as long as we become a holy general, that is the strongest existence, killing a native soldier, simple and easy, and our number is tens of millions!”

“Stop the ink, quickly lead the violent pill, and wait for Ye Chen’s defense organization to come to support, and give them a good lesson, what is the dignity of the Republic of China, which is not to be violated!”


Players of the Kingdom of Silla, with your words and my words, order will soon be restored, and then they will receive violent pills from their lords.

With the good cooperation of the players of Silla Kingdom, the alien players in the capital of Silla Kingdom soon obtained a violent pill.

Although knowing that the violent pill will explode and die within an hour after eating it, the players of the Silla Kingdom did not hesitate, and they chose to take it directly without hesitation!

Because you will be killed if you eat or not, and then the level will be reset to zero, so there is no hesitation.

The results after that did not disappoint them. The effect of the violent pill is as stated in the attribute introduction, and it can really increase the strength by 10-20 points!

For a time, the entire King City of Silla boiled!

The players of Silla Kingdom who have gained the increase in strength are all crazy and can’t be excited by themselves!

“Wow hahaha! I have increased my strength by 15 points! A full 15 points! I have no advanced innate realm, and I am directly congenial, and become a holy military commander with a strength of 100! This time! There must be no return of the garbage in Samsara City! Wow ha ha ha ha ha”

“The Holy King Dongming is indeed the great savior of my Great Silla Kingdom! I actually increased my strength by 18 points!?? Long live the Silla Kingdom! Long live the Dongming Sage King!!!”

“I don’t see anything, I’m so happy at 18 points? I have raised 20 points this time! When the army of Samsara City arrives, Will teach them to come back and forth!! Wow ha ha ha ha ha”

Just as the players of Silla Kingdom were immersed in immense joy, the army of Samsara Xiancheng had already come outside the royal city!

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and other generals, led an army of 2.41 million, slaying mightily and encircling the King City of Silla!

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The native general of Silla Kingdom got the news and immediately organized his troops to climb the city wall, ready to fight to the death with the army of Samsara City!

At this time, all the players of Silla Kingdom have already boarded the city wall. They have just taken the violent pill, and they are full of confidence. How much has it improved?

I looked down from the city wall, but saw flags hunting outside the city, and drums rumbling!

More than two million reincarnations of the Xiancheng army lined up in a neat phalanx. The soldiers are neatly organized and morale is like a rainbow!

The neat army formation can’t be seen at a glance. At this moment, under the command of the general, it is steadily advancing to the King City of Silla!

Ten thousand people at their paces speak in unison, and the earth trembles with every step they take!

Such a tiger-and-wolf division made the native generals of Silla Kingdom on the city wall see a cold sweat.

Although they haven’t fought yet, from the power of the Samsara Xiancheng army, they have a strong feeling that this defense organization is definitely not easy to mess with!

What kind of training and fighting did it take to build such a powerful warrior? !

Although the players of foreign players have soared in strength after taking the violent pill, which gave the native generals of Bangzi a strong confidence, their confidence was shaken again after seeing the power of the Samsara fairy city army.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun and others led the army to order the troops to stop when they were still two kilometers away from the city wall.

There was no persuasion to surrender, no battles, and no morale-boosting rhetoric.

After forming the team, they simply gave the order to release arrows to the enemy first.


The flag is deployed, the horn is humming!

After receiving the command from the main general, the army of Samsara Xiancheng immediately adjusted its combat formation!

The striker has changed into the back line, and the back line has changed to the front line, but seeing the horseshoe rushing on, the army is shuttled back and forth, the guns are like the sea, and the army is like a mountain!

Only a moment’s effort, before the four gates of Bangzi King City, hundreds of thousands of reincarnation fairy city defense organizations appeared at the same time!

At this moment on the city wall, all the players in the Silla Kingdom saw the formation of the reincarnation fairy city, and they couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“Hahaha, could it be me? Dizzy? Are these military commanders in Reincarnation City all idiots? So far away, they want to shoot us with bows and arrows?”

“You’re right, Ye Chen is powerful, but this area The soldiers are enough to see that he is a simple-minded guy with well-developed limbs, wow hahahahaha”

“It’s a laugh, sir, I am here, the garbage idiots of Reincarnation City, come and shoot me? Wow, hahaha”

It’s no wonder that the players of the Silla Kingdom reacted like this. After they took the violent pill collectively, now the weakest ones can reach the innate. The indigenous soldiers in the novice zone shoot with bows and arrows to the players with innate strength. Before Ye Chen crossed, he would probably burst into tears when he heard such a joke.

But now, everything is different.


In front of the capital city of Xinluo, the horns sounded long, and the soldiers of the reincarnation fairy city uploaded to the city wall There was no response to his ridicule, but serious preparations for combat.

The army of 400,000 archers, divided into forty squares, are distributed two kilometers away from the four walls of Bangzi King City!

Although we are changing weapons at this time, the formation is not messy at all!

Following the orders of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and others, the generals of each phalanx immediately gave orders to release arrows!


“Let it go!”


The countless bowstrings that were loosened for a while, brought a cold light The flickering dark clouds are pouring down towards the capital of Silla Kingdom like the sky and the sun!

The sharp arrow rips the air apart and makes a harsh sonic boom!

Like a series of meteors, falling into the city wall like a rotten one!

“Swish swish!”

In the blink of an eye, I saw countless migratory locust-like long arrows with piercing screaming into the players of Silla Kingdom!

“Puff puff puff!”


“Ah! How is this possible?!!!”

Countless new Players from Luo Kingdom were unwilling to fall in a pool of blood and were killed in place. Before they died, their faces were full of incredible expressions

“This is impossible! Ah!”

“Damn! I and I are born! I’m a saint-level general, why would I be shot to death by a bow and arrow??? Who will tell me what is going on??”

The Silla Kingdom player’s eyes were splitting, and seeing the tragic death of their companions, they hid everywhere while cursing their mothers in their hearts.

Is this special violent pill fake? It’s obvious that the strength has been improved to innate, but he can’t stop the arrows of other soldiers, Dongming Holy King, are you failing to sell fake drugs? ? ? ?

Regardless of whether the players of Silla Kingdom scold their mothers or avoid them, the arrow rain in the air didn’t mean to stop at all. They are always harvesting the lives of Silla players and natives!

The arrows of the reincarnation fairy city under the city are wave after wave, and the pouring arrow curtain swiftly covers the city head, shooting those unlucky ghosts that have not escaped into a sieve.

The city wall The players of Silla Kingdom, who were smashing everywhere like headless flies, grabbed everything they thought could be used as a shield and put them on their heads.

However, under the stormy covering shooting of Samsara Xiancheng, it was obvious that the head was disregarded.

The precise shooting of soldiers in Samsara Xiancheng was not covered. After several rounds of arrow rain, Silla Almost no one can be seen on the walls of King City!

At this time, no one noticed that the bodies of the dead Silla players turned into a red blood mist, gradually spreading on the city wall

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Chapter 988: Attacking the Silla Capital – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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