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Chapter 996: Nether Gorefiend

Ye Chen came down from the reincarnation fairy city, and soon found the entrance to the secret realm under the ruins of the Silla Kingdom Palace.

The entrance to this secret realm is easy to find, but a simple phantom array is used as a blinding method, which can only block people below the level of Transcendence.

With Ye Chen’s strength, he broke the illusion formation almost effortlessly and came directly to the entrance of the secret realm.

Seeing this entrance, Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

He originally thought that since the Dongming Saint King could come up with a zombie transformation version of the violent pill that he could not even identify, it meant that this underground secret realm was definitely not that simple.

But after breaking through the illusion, and seeing this simple entrance again, the expectations in my heart were immediately reduced.

If there are any high-end goods in this secret realm, the layout outside would seem too shabby, let alone me, it is estimated that even Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu and others can easily crack it

At this time, Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss in his heart.

However, the call of the Dongming Holy King is indeed true, but I don’t know, he is in it. What is the result of the summoning? It still hasn’t come out yet. What’s special is that the summoning failed.

Ye Chen thought, raising his right hand and blasting directly towards the stone gate that entered the secret realm.

In such a low-level secret realm, Ye Chen had no intention of wasting time on finding a way to enter.


The stone gate was like tofu dregs, shattered by Ye Chen’s palm, and stone chips flew around.

Ye Chenyi jumped straight into the secret realm!

“Chatter, you are the little guy named Ye Chen? Not bad, you have already cultivated to the tribulation period, as long as you wait for death obediently, I will give you a good time”

As soon as he entered the secret realm, Ye Chen saw the evil-faced Holy King Dongming walking slowly, and he put on a posture of being sure of himself.

Seeing this, Ye Chen squinted his eyes.

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The silly fork summoning of the Dongming Saint King succeeded, but he was taken away.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen immediately used the fire-eyed golden eyes, and then found that the man’s body was Dongming Saint Wang’s, this is true, but the soul in his body has become a blood-red existence, constantly exuding evil spirits!

Looking at the look of the soul in the Dongming Saint King, Ye Chen frowned, and then asked:

“Are you a member of the blood demon clan of the Netherworld?”

“Hehe hey boy, I didn’t see that you still have some eyesight, don’t worry, it will be your turn to chatter soon”

Ye Chen’s face became cold immediately upon hearing this, and he snorted coldly:

“Then it depends on whether you have that ability!”

While Ye Chen spoke, he began to concentrate on guard.

Although Ye Chen could see that the Holy King of Dongming was taken away by the blood demons of the Netherworld, he could not see the strength of his opponent.

Under such circumstances, Ye Chen didn’t dare to be careless.

Ye Chen is on guard here, the Gorefiend keeps looking at Ye Chen’s body, and bloodthirsty greed is revealed in the eyes of the monster!

He is now salivating over Ye Chen’s body.

Because, compared with Ye Chen’s body, the physical body he has now taken away is nothing but rubbish, not as good as shit!

Unexpectedly, in this mortal world, there is such a nearly perfect body

? When you start to seize the house, you should choose this kid’s

The blood demon at this moment He was very angry, because he was a powerful man of the Gorefiend clan who was now trapped in the body of an ant in the Transcendence Realm. He was completely inconsistent with his identity and status, and he could not fully exert his strength.

Of course, the Gorefiend was also very excited at the moment, because he saw Ye Chen’s perfect body!

Seize the house! This kid must be seized. This is the perfect body, even more perfect and powerful than the Shura family of the Netherworld!

The blood demon was so excited that it was crazy, and its desire for Ye Chen’s physical body had reached its zenith!

At this time, the blood in the Gorefiend has already been boiling! !

“This body is really not easy to use!”

Occupying the body of the Dongming Saint King, the Gorefiend looked at Ye Chen greedily, and then said lazily.

In the next second, two Scarlet Light Blades appeared in the hands of the Gorefiend in the blink of an eye.

“My Soul Eater hasn’t drunk blood for a long time, I will take you to sacrifice the knife today!” said the blood demon, suddenly slashing at Ye Chen without warning!

The attack of this soul eater is very strange, and it still carries the power of soul-stirring among the illusory!

When Ye Chen saw this, his eyes shrank sharply.

Gou Ri’s Gorefiend, as expected, is the same way as the ancestor of the Styx River. It is still so insidious and specializes in the soul.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s right hand moves, and the innate treasure will be killed instantly In the right hand.

At this moment, the supreme power of the innate treasure immediately destroyed the power of the Gorefiend Soul Eater!

At the same time, the surface of the Killing Spear was directly covered with a layer of blood-red flames, and then the gorefiend was stabbed violently.

The power of the Gunkiller is extremely overbearing, and the body of the gun tears through layers of space, and a large area of ​​void in this gun of Ye Chen begins to continuously collapse and collapse.

“Blood Demon, your time to die is here!”

Seeing Ye Chen’s powerful attack, the blood demon’s face showed a look of horror at the same time!

He never dreamed that Ye Chen’s strength was so strong, so strong that even he felt heart palpitations!

Impossible! ! !

It’s just an ant, how strong can it be?

The blood demon abruptly suppressed the fear in his heart, and he could have escaped this shot!

“Boy! The weapon in your hand, is it the magic spear of the ancestor Luo Hu??”

When asked this sentence, the blood demon himself couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, you have some eyesight, you don’t have the title of blood demon in vain!”

Ye Chen missed a hit, and there was some surprise at the moment. This blood demon’s strength It’s not weak!

Through the moves of the Gorefiend and the magical powers of the fiery eyes and golden eyes, Ye Chen can already confirm that this one is a member of the blood demon clan in the Netherworld!

Although the Nether Gorefiend is surprised, how can he easily give up the good body that he sent to the door?

Immediately roared, and once again urged all the power to kill Ye Chen with a single knife!

“Hmph, kid, I don’t believe you, you can escape from my hand!”

The Gunslinger and Soul Eater collided again and again, and the trembling secret space buzzed. Buzzing.

Boom! ——

Two Xeon attacks collided fiercely, and the vast void could not bear the fierce impact, and began to collapse gradually!

The two played against each other, and they split together. Then they saw that the blood demon was like a cannonball, flying out several feet away.

Ye Chen almost had a huge advantage in crushing. Defeated the Gorefiend who went all out in one move.

In the beginning, the Gorefiend didn’t pay attention to Ye Chen at all. From its point of view, even though Ye Chen had reached the Tribulation Realm, he was nothing more than a strong grasshopper, as long as he wanted to. It can be crushed to death.

But now, he was easily defeated by this ant. The huge psychological gap made it really difficult to accept the facts in front of him.

Now it finally understands that the ants in front of them may not be so easy to deal with. If you don’t show some housekeeping skills today, I’m afraid you can’t get better.

Thinking of this, the blood demon directly draws After drying the essence of Dongming Saint King’s body, I saw that Dongming Saint King’s body was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye, and quickly dried out!

For the dog, this is to zoom in.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyes condensed, and then he became alert.


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