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Chapter 518 – Late (4) – TRASH OF THE COUNT’S FAMILY – Light Novel

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Chapter 518 – Late (4)

He did not know that the enemies had so many soldiers.

– Sorry, Your Highness!

Master of Stan territory. Taylor Stan bowed to Albert Crossman.

– Why should it be your fault?

Taylor frowned at Albert’s calm voice.

But actually Albert was grateful to Taylor.

– I heard that you have already entered the battle. Thank you for holding out safely.

There was a short first battle before Alberu got here.

Lord Taylor Stan defended himself from enemies during the battle.

– White Star seems to have no intention of fighting as he retreated almost immediately after the attack.

Taylor remembered the first battle.

The forces of the White Star tested them, as if they were checking if the food was cooked properly.

– Then they started bringing in more troops! Because of this.

Taylor could not continue.

He spoke to Alberu instead.

– This must be why there are so many enemies here.

Taylor closed his eyes.

However, Alberu was looking ahead, beyond the walls.

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He could see the enemies brought by the White Star.

Alberu began to list the enemies in groups.

– Tribe of Bears, are they members of the Hand? Swordsmen and magicians. There are quite a few of them.

The earth shook every time the bears moved in their beast forms.

Everyone had a weapon in their hands while they gradually approached the walls.

They were in no hurry.

There were many strong personalities behind them.

“These are the strong personalities that were supposedly at the second secret base?”

Alberu recalled the information Cale had told him about Ruki’s second secret base.

– Your Highness.

He heard one of his vassals speak quietly.

Alberu sighed as he realized what the man was trying to say.

– Yes. Bears and these bastards are not the biggest problems at the moment.

These bastards who shook the ground and slowly approached as if they were besieging the central city of the Stan territory were not the main problem.

– B there are many unknown people to the rear.

A large number of people were also behind the approaching enemies.

“Most likely, these are black magicians.”

Albert opened his mouth.

– Marquis Stan. Have you found out who these people are in the rear?

They did not know the identities of the people in the rear.

Those people who were dressed in colorful clothes did not all seem to be black magicians.

This was especially true of people with strange auras, who wore gray robes that reminded him of the robes of priests. This made him feel that they shouldn’t approach them without a plan.

– Sorry, Your Highness.They must have been using teleportation magic, as the number of enemies suddenly increased and we couldn’t figure out who they were!

– That makes sense. I understand.

Taylor said it remorsefully, but felt an inexplicable feeling when he heard Alberu brush it off as if it meant nothing.

“He’s different.”

When he went to Mogora, Taylor saw Cale fighting.

This was his first battle with Alberu.

The two were similar, but also different.

As if they were brothers.

Taylor couldn’t go on with his thoughts for long.

– Your Highness! Please look there!

Chaos suddenly reigns over the city walls.

One of the generals subconsciously cried out in shock.

– Damn it!The white star can also control wyverns!

The wyverns appeared when wizards and unknown people in gray robes stepped aside.

Shrieking wyverns moved forward as soon as the White Star gave a signal.

Black magicians and knights sat on the wyverns.

This was possible because these wyverns were larger normal wyverns.

They were all black as well.

The white star sat on the only white wyvern in the group.

The vassals at the top of the city walls were getting nervous.

– Ground battle is already a problem, but now air battle! What should we do?

– Attacking wyverns is a problem, but … On their backs are mages and black mages! It will be bad if they send spells inside the city walls from the air!

– What should we do?We need to come up with a plan immediately!

They were as loud as a busy supermarket.

Everyone was raising their voices and busily shouting their thoughts.

However, none of them could come up with a good solution.

Marquis Taylor watched this for a while and opened his mouth, but also closed it.

He had a thought, but he could not say it out loud.

However, there was someone else who ended up sharing the same thought.

– Everything is exactly the same as when fighting on Henitus territory!

Battle in Henitus territory.

Hearing this, everyone fell silent for a moment.

The Roan Kingdom has once fought and defeated the wyverns.

This was during the first battle against the Northern Indomitable Alliance in Henitus territory.

– That’s it! If young Master Keil uses his shield as he did then!

– Let’s get in touch with young Master Keil immediately!

– Exactly! Why don’t we contact High Commander Cale right now?

Taylor frowned.

That wasn’t it.

That’s not what he thought.

But at this moment.

– Silence!

Silence filled the space instantly.

Everyone looked at Albert Crossman.

However, their gazes quickly turned to another place.

– The people responsible for the battlefield should not behave like this!

They could not withstand the fiery gaze Albert and his calm but strict comments.

Albert turned his head.

– Captain!

– Yes, your highness!

The captain of the mage brigade lowered his head.

Alberu was said to have invested heavily in the development of this brigade of mages.

They left a small number of people in the capital, while the rest came here with Alberu.

Alberu asked the captain a question.

– Can you defend the castle with a shield?

– I think this will take some time.We need to place a lot of magic circles in order to create a shield at the level of young master Cale.

A large shield, large enough to protect the entire castle, will take time to place magic circles to support it.

Taylor and the others frowned.

The wyverns were still screeching and heading towards them.

They could see large black wings that seemed to get closer each time they raised their heads.

That was bad.

What could they do ?!

The leaders used their heads to their fullest.

Exactly at this moment.

– Albert Crossman.

A loud voice echoed across the battlefield.

The voice came from the back of the white wyvern.

The Crown Prince was in the castle while the enemies were outside.

The White Star, stopped about halfway between the two forces, looked to Alber.

– Albert Crossman.

He called Alber again.

– How he dares to pronounce His Highness’s name so brazenly!

– How can you be such an arrogant person ?!

Some of the old vassals screamed in anger, but White Star continued to speak as if he hadn’t heard them.

Both allies and enemies could hear his voice.

– The battle will only lead to destruction. Why don’t we talk?

Alberu’s gaze flickered.

However, his vassals turned pale.

They approached Albert and whispered quietly to him.

– Your Highness!You can’t trust this person!

– It makes no sense that he wants to talk!

Taylor also persistently urged him not to do

– I’m sure he’s trying to lure you out and take you hostage!

– Exactly! You must stay inside and not go out to him!

A conversation between Alberu and the White Star?

It was incredible.

Of course, there were times when leaders spoke briefly on the battlefield, but this was only possible when leaders believed the other leader was somewhat trustworthy.

But it was none other than the White Star.

This bastard has done many terrible things.

Does such a bastard really just want to chat?

– Think about everything this man has done, Your Highness.He may be telling you that he wants to talk and negotiate … But he will definitely do something sneaky when you leave.

Taylor emphatically emphasized his opinion.

– In addition, our goal is to hold out as long as possible. I’m sure you’ll agree with that, Your Highness.

Hold on until Cale’s group gets here.

Hold on, even if they wanted to fight.

This is because the forces of the White Star were strong.

– I don’t think there is a need to go beyond the strong walls and go into the enemy’s trap .

– Correct. Marquis Taylor is right, your highness. You can send one of your vassals as your representative, but you cannot leave yourself.

It was at this moment that they heard the voice of the White Star.

– I don’t think it takes too long for you to make a decision.

Spawned several carts.

– * Sob P-please-

– S-save us.

There were wooden cages where the luggage was supposed to be.

There were people in these cages.

– E-these are crazy bastards!

Marquis Taylor’s expression instantly changed.

He frowned and squeezed the protrusion he was holding onto.

His hands were shaking.

The White Star chuckled, then continued.

– These are your citizens who have just been captured by my subordinates … I’m sure some of them are from Stan territory.

The vassals began to frown.

They wondered why the first battle was short, but it looks like enemies attacked a small village far from the lord’s castle to capture the people living there.

– This is my fault.

Taylor lowered his head.

He thought neither of the other inhabitants, nor of the rest of the citizens of the kingdom because he was busy defending against a surprise attack by White Star’s subordinates.

But the fact that he didn’t have time to think about them because he was busy defending the lord’s castle was just an excuse.

“I am the leader of the Northwest Region.”

The fact that he was the leader of the nobility of the Northwest Region meant that he was responsible for protecting their lands.

Taylor wanted to hit himself in the head.

“Cage. Is that why you left the castle?”

His close friend Cage quietly left as soon as the battle began, saying that she had to do something outside.

However, he couldn’t go on thinking about his close friend.

“What can we do?”

Taylor couldn’t raise his head.

The White Star continued to speak.

– If you are the crown prince who loves the citizens of the Kingdom of Roan, shouldn’t you save your beloved citizens?

“We’ve failed.”

That was the only thought that came to Taylor’s mind when he heard the White Star comment.

“We lost before we even started fighting.”

– * Ha, my God.

– Damn.

The vassals were shocked too.

How could the crown prince and future king refuse to negotiate when the enemy had his citizens as hostages?

This could not have happened.

The vassals realized that they were now being controlled the way the White Star wanted.

“We’ve lost.”

They’ve lost a battle of wits before their forces even entered the battle.

– T-that damn bastard!

One of the generals couldn’t hide his anger and screamed.

* Hahaha

There was a man who laughed at his comment.

Everyone turned their heads.

Alberu laughed.

He calmly looked at the White Star at white wyvern.

– Now I see you better.

They were so far away that he could now make out a little of his features.

– This is what the White Star looks like.

“This is weird.”

Albert’s only thought after seeing the face of the White Star was that it was strange.

” My ancestor was an ancient White Star? “

Albert didn’t like that the ancient White Star was his ancestor.

On the other hand, the current White Star was who someone who wanted to be like the ancestor Alberu and become one.

“How funny.”

It was very funny.

He opened his mouth.

– Bring me my helmet.

– Your Highness! Going outside personally is–

– Do you want me to ignore my citizens?

Hearing Albert’s question, the vassal had nothing to say .

Alberu mischievously commented on this to the vassals who were looking at him.

– I’ll just leave defenseless if you don’t bring me my helmet.

The shoulders of the vassals shuddered.

– You don’t want my head off, do you?

Alberu smiled.

He spoke more rudely than usual, but it clearly indicated his intentions.

– Here he, your highness.

– Thank you. Marquis Stan.

Taylor Stan, bowing his head, took the helmet from his subordinate and handed it to Albert.

Alberu calmly thanked him.

This is nothing, Your Highness.

However, Taylor still could not raise his head.

Alberu put his hand on Taylor’s shoulder.

– Now you are the only one who can run this castle.

Alberu looked calmly at Taylor, who lowered his head.

Taylor Stan didn’t look very good.

He led troops from the front during the first battle, so his clothes were in disarray, and his body was covered with wounds.

He even hit by an arrow. Most likely, this is why his side was tightly wrapped in bandages.

– Marquis Stan. Cheer up.

Some of the leaders approached Albert.

– Your Highness. The castle will not fall.

– Good.

– Young Master Cale will be here soon.

– Right. The situation will change once he gets here.

Alberu laughed and answered them.

– It’s not good to rely on one person too much. You shouldn’t expect one person to perform the duties of several people.

The smile disappeared from Albert’s face.

– You see, I … I am the one who knows how to fulfill my role.

Taylor’s head slowly began to rise.

Alberu patted him twice on the shoulder and removed his hand.

– You, too, are fulfilling your role.

Then Alberu headed for the tightly closed gate of the castle. The gates opened and he looked up after leaving with a brigade of knights.

He saw a white wyvern.


Alberu thought of his mother.

His left hand gripped his helmet tightly.

He remembered something his aunt Tasha had said to him in the past.

“You inherited your mother’s talents. This item allowed your mother to live in the palace. He will hide you. “

” No one, no living thing can know about your power. “

” This is different from a magic item who dyes your hair. It is an item that hides your strength.In any case, you will be free if you take it and the magic item with paint with you. ”

He also remembered something he said to Cale.

“I’m not going to fight.”

“You don’t want to fight at all?”

“Of course, I will intervene, if something happens to the Kingdom of Roan or the citizens of the Kingdom of Roan. “

He remembered what Cale had said.

” Albert Crossman.Your highness, your existence is predetermined. “

” Mom, aunt. I am already a free man destined to be here. “

He looked at the white wyvern and said.

– Come here. If, of course, you want my life.

“Whether my life is your goal or you want something else.”


“I’m waiting for you.”

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