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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 316 It’s About Time, Zhan Kon! Read Novel

Chapter 316 It’s About Time, Zhan Kong! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 316 It’s About Time, Zhan Kong! VERSATILE MAGE

Damn! A group of death lizards is approaching us, said the officer responsible for monitoring the area.

Lizardhead giants could not break the line of defense of thirteen mid-level mages. After all, they are battle-hardened magicians. They knew like no one else and used the weaknesses of the monsters, and therefore could hold the defenses.

However, the lizards of perdition are another matter!

Each such lizard weakened the line defense, since several spells were used on him, used together by different magicians.

However, a group of lizards perished for them a nightmare.

They now fought off many, as if brought by the surf, clusters of lizardhead giants. Who will kill the group of death lizards?

As soon as the military magicians saw the bodies of monsters covering most of the street, it became difficult to maintain their former coolness. Oil was added to the fire because the pangolins had different skin colors. And this could mean only one thing: these lizards have the power of different elements. Death was creeping closer and closer to people!

Make the road to retreat! Kill them!, Jiang Y. loudly gave the order.

They are obliged to make a bloody path for themselves, otherwise everyone will fall!


Meanwhile, Mo Fan used the art of shadow to leave the terrible road. Now he was in the center of Jin Lin. It is not known why, but here all the buildings have already collapsed, only ruins remained.

There was no longer a quagmire. Although the lair of the monsters could be seen from here, the lizardhead giants themselves were not there.

Mo Fan climbed onto the surviving pagoda and from there watched a group of military magicians fight off the lizardhead giants.

He could easily imagine the expression of their arrogant faces at that moment, and especially the expression on Jiang Yi’s face, when she realized that Mo Fan had escaped.

Oh, these children, but they also wanted to fight with me. Yes, even after death, they won’t realize that I am a magician of the shadow element. If a shadow is found somewhere, then I can immediately escape

The lizardhead giants had a weak magical perception. They could not find Mo Fan, while he was in the shade. Even when the young man was next to them, he was not noticed. This was one of the reasons why the young man initially went to the territory of these animals.

However, the most important reason was a breakthrough!

Now Mo Fan understood why so many magicians advise fight more with monsters, kill more.

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Teacher training is important, but the true potential of a person can be revealed only in battle. Prior to this skirmish with the monsters, Mo Fan thought that he needed at least six months to break through the nebula of the element of fire and go to the third step.

The burning fist of nine palaces now I have such destructive power, said Mo Fan and squeezed his right hand, recalling that unimaginable power.

Then, when he first saw this spell performed by Tang Yue, he was dumbfounded by his strength. That flame made the young man want to bow before the power of a woman. Even though she has become even stronger, it was pleasant for Mo Fan to realize that he had reached the level that Tan Yue had at that time. She is a magical judge after all!

Mo Fan decided to take a break and lay down on his back.

This battle tired him a bit, but now he has nowhere to hurry. And besides, it’s safe and offers a beautiful view. Just how it will be possible to consider how exactly these war magicians will die!

Ah? And what else?, Mo Fan noticed two white wings appearing suddenly.

He concentrated and with the power of thought looked in that direction. So he can discern what is happening.

A second passed and Mo Fan seemed to be struck by thunder. He was trembling all over.

It was a huge white eagle. He was an order of magnitude larger than the other eagles.

His wings fluttered in the wind, he just rose to the sky from the central Jin Lin district

He had huge claws, in which the network held.

There were four people inside the network. It was as if they were in prison, their soul could not resist this trap. They looked helplessly around, like chickens caught in the net.

Mo Fan knew these four very well. These were: Zhao Man Yan, Mu Well Jiao, Mu Ning Xue and Bai Ting Ting

Mo Fan was furious! Now everything has become clear. It is clear why Liu Nian did not pursue him and disappeared. This devil successfully caught these four, and besides, they hung them in the air so that Mo Fan knew what trump card they possess.

Mad rage filled Mo Fan!

How can a person be so arrogant? If he could turn rage into a fiery fist now, he would immediately hit Liu Nyan with this fist in the face!

Mo Fan, I won’t repeat it! And it’s not important for me whether you hear or not!

Come to me immediately or I will drop them down!

Don’t worry, I sealed their souls, they will not be able to use magic when I drop them. And from my own experience I know that falling from such a height will kill even a monster of the level of a pack leader. The representative of the Zhao family, beaten half to death, and to your regret, there is still a girl with an element of ice. She is unconscious and it seems that her life is very important to you. Even if you don’t care about the life of one of them, what about all three?

Liu Nian’s voice sounded from nowhere. It seemed as if he used magical power to make his speech heard in every corner of the city.

As soon as Mo Fan listened, an uncontrollable, furious fire appeared under his feet, which began to cover the whole body of the young man.

Even the extremely cruel Black Church did not infuriate Mo Fan as much as Liu Nian and his squad did. Who could have imagined that such a devil could wear military clothing!

Mo Fan, they will in any case kill any witnesses. and it doesn’t matter whether you appear or not. Upon returning to the imperial university, Shanghai, tell the magical court about what happened here, Zhao Man Yan was wounded, but still decided to shout loudly.

He did not put magic into his words because his soul was sealed. All he could use was the power of his voice, hoping that Mo Fan would hear.

In fact, Mo Fan had no chance to hear the young man.

Bai Ting Ting and Mu Well Jiao continued to be silent. The monstrous, unpleasant laugh of Liu Nian froze in their ears.


The clouds floated chaotically through the heavens. Suddenly, one of them seemed to be cut by something, after which a strip of blue sky appeared

The wings of the wind with each second became more and more clear against the background of the blue sky. This was a man who was also dressed in military uniform, only she herself was different.

The man had a beautiful, bristled face. The collar of his clothes was raised, but even this could not hide the fact that from the neck to the chest the man had a conspicuous scar.

Liu Nian! You committed such atrocities, and even took up these students?!, the man’s voice sounded loudly and with the fury of an animal. Using the wings of the wind, he flew straight towards the eagle.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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