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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 317 Starry Place of a High-Level Mage Read Novel

Chapter 317 Starry Place of a High-Level Mage VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 317 Starry Place of a High-Level Mage VERSATILE MAGE

Liu Nian stood on the back of the eagle, and looked into the bristly face of the rider of this bird.

Zhan Kong?

Is this the guy who is in charge of the southern military corps? What does he care about what is going on at Dutinha?

Everything that is happening is strictly classified, as the military could find out about this, not only someone from the escaped students has already managed to convey?

Impossible, otherwise it would mean that they had with them some means of communication. And to get to the military corps so quickly does not work any ground transportation. The fact that Zhan Kong just successfully turned up nearby was even more incredible.

Liu Nian bared his teeth. The cigarette in his hands was trembling, he could only provoke: You are just a miserable army garbage that could not cope in the city of Bo, how are you going to confront me alone, Zhan Kong? You have long known that this guy immediately woke up two elements and hid it, doesn’t this mean that you had plans for him?

Bullshit! You think that all people are the same scum like you, and are ready to use any means Pay bloody prices, use nothing to blame for people like this guy. I’m sick of you, in such ways to put pressure on the student. If your parents knew what you were doing, they would certainly give you a good whipping, Zhan Kong said, trying not to go into serious abuse,

He was also angry. Zhan Kong has long noticed that Liu Nian was obsessed with Mo Fan, and would certainly try to seize him.

Who knew that Liu Nan was completely crazy, went to practice with students, and decided to kill everyone, who witnessed what is happening.

These students are the elite of their universities, with great potential in the future, but because of Liu Nan’s ambitions, they will eventually find death in these ruins.

The military has not seen bastards like this for so many years!

Zhan Kong, do you really think you can stop me? Laughed Liu Nian.

Since the case has received publicity, well, nice. Perhaps this is for the best, there are no military ranks, and no longer have to worry about a bunch of little things. Those who do great shackle deeds are useless.

Send them to feed that thing, said Liu Nian, looking at the mountain in the distance, where a huge creature woke up, the corners of his mouth rose with a cruel smirk.

There there is a dragon-winged lizard, said the officer managing the eagle with a trembling voice.

With his finger, Liu Nian pointed to the top of the mountain, which was the highest point over all the ruins where the supreme ruler of this place was sitting a giant winged-winged lizard.

Just pick up and send these four students in feed the dragonfly lizard? Is it too cruel? Besides, if you fly too close, then perhaps this monster will eat it together with the eagle.

Do you dare to disobey the order?, Liu Nyan looked angrily.

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No, not at all, the officer managed to say, grafted by the army, turning the eagle towards the mountain.


In the leather net, Bai Ting Ting’s face turned white. Zhao Man Yan, Mu Nin Jiao may not have met this dragon-winged dinosaur, but she did.

The eagle flew to the monster, and although there was even more than one block to it, Bai Ting Ting had already was in a cold sweat.

What is this? Zhao Man Yan looked in amazement at the top of the mountain from a leather net.

This This is a beast that gobbled up a magical plant monster, Bai Ting Ting said with a shiver in her voice.

Is he really?

He ate a magical plant monster at a time

It was difficult for them to cope with the magical monster plant, which means the dragon-winged lizard is their doom.

They would rather die crashed from a height than become the ration of this dragon-winged.


Liu Nian, you really went crazy. Enough, don’t make that mistake again, cried Zhan Kong with anger.

Zhan Kong, don’t think that the world, as before, revolves around you. You remember that there is a man in the Tien Shan rift waiting for you. Come on, take courage and follow her corpse! Liu Nian laughed with wild madness.

Zhan Kong went dark as if something pierced his heart. Eyes filled with thirst for murder.

He seems to be enjoying this view of Zhan Kong, continuing to laugh.

The tiny town of Bo, a herd of dumb magic wolves, but you still could not repel the attack, again giving to understand how insignificant you are, and I really felt sorry for you!

Zhan Kong twitched, all muscles tensed, and the scar looked like an open mouth.

Now you think again that you will show your courage and fearlessness, you will become holy justice, funny, yes, funny? Look at those students, so innocent, so miserable, if they survive, they become the pillar of the state. Come on, if you really can, step over my dead body, come to the aid of them, prove that you are not rubbish! But in fact, you’re still nothing, rubbish to the bone! Liu Nan’s words terribly cut his ears.

Any measure of anger has reached its limit.

Zhan Con stood with a stone face. He raised a finger and pointed to Liu Nan, his voice sounded powerful and convincing: I have no way to do this, but I will never put up with fate.

The disaster of Bo, its heavy duty, the winged ash wolf, the Black Church, and not shed enough blood of the wolves, not atone for the sins of the Black Church.

And today, he, Zhan Kong swears that he will execute Liu Nan, will cleanse the honor of the military, and even death no excuse.

The wings flapped under the gust of wind. The first priority is to save the four students sent to be eaten by the dragon-winged lizard. Zhan Kong quickly put on his wings of the wind, and turned into a small point in the sky, randomly cutting circles.

Mountain eye!

How could Liu Niang give Zhan Kong to leave. On the way around him, a brilliant constellation began to appear, completely covered with complex lines.

The constellations made a star map, all this shimmered with a huge variety of colors. In the end, all this around Liu Nan was six different constellations.

The brown constellation was extremely complex, but Liu Nian skillfully positioned and painted all the stars as needed.

This demon really launched the magic of high-level land!


He seemed to spit out a spell. In an instant, the light blue sky was covered with a gray dome.

The dust was filled with stone dust, the snow-white clouds suddenly became clay and began to crumble.

The clouds were petrified, and all people will do so?

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