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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 323 Following the Commander-in-Chief! Read Novel

Chapter 323 Following the Commander-in-Chief! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 323 Following the Commander-in-Chief! VERSATILE MAGE

The lizard-headed giants led by the doom of the doom began to flock from all sides, but their ruler, the dragon-winged lizard, was at that moment on the roof of one of the dilapidated hypermarkets. The building, under the weight of his carcass, was already starting to sag.

Only the main street of the ruined city center separated from the angry crowd of these lizards. Demonizing Mo Fan decided to challenge the dragon-winged lizard.

Apparently the dragon-winged internal organs were also very strong: the commander-in-chief looked very peppy for a creature who had recently swallowed a fireball. Maybe his stomach is made of metal? It seems that this creature can digest absolutely everything in the world. Apparently, now he decided to call on his entire legion of lizards to draw time He’s not so naive.

Wolf shadows!

Behind Mo Fan, who stood with open arms, appeared a strange shadow of a wolf spirit. It was strange that wolf silhouettes began to separate from the huge shadow.

By order of the hand, the wolf shadows ran at great speed along the main street of the city!

Ghostly the claws of these shadows were extremely sharp murder weapons. Walking through the bodies of the lizardhead giants did not seem like a problem to wolf shadows. One by one, they cut the bodies of the lizards into parts, leaving behind ideally even cuts. Wolf shadows were hungry, so they sought to release as much blood as possible. The lizardhead monsters didn’t even have time to make a sound their bodies simply flew to pieces.

A spray of blood literally filled the entire main street, over which parts of the lizard bodies constantly flew over. It seemed that it was impossible to find surviving lizards there Wolf shadows were so powerful that they could easily cut a whole crowd of monsters into pieces.

Servant level dinosaurs could not withstand a single blow from the wolf shadows. All they could do was form one big shield. But in the face of their rivals, they completely lost all composure.

Mo Fan recalled how he himself first met a magical monster. Then the magical creature seemed to him so ruthless and ferocious that people against his background were just small insects. Now, these minuscule creatures were doomed to death: the monsters themselves: both the pangolin of the pack leader and the lair as a whole evoked only the desire to destroy them as soon as possible. Knowing that the corpses of thousands of his wards were piled up in huge heaps, and that almost all of them died, he was comforted only by one thing that he himself was still alive. him. Mo Fan himself didn’t even lift a finger: the wolf shadow behind him with his huge ghostly claws tore apart anyone approaching, adding his soul to the talisman that hung on the owner’s neck.

For the dark talisman, it was the happiest day in the history of its existence, he rejoiced like a little child who received a huge portion of joy. One after another, he swallowed the souls of the killed monsters. And with each new soul, his hunger became stronger. The dark talisman absorbed all the souls indiscriminately: it does not matter whether it was the soul of a monster of the level of a servant or a lizard of perdition of the level of a leader of a pack. There was already a lot of green lights in its space above the inner river.

Despite this feast, the dark talisman was most eager to taste the souls of the dragon-winged lizard

to the Dark Talisman still did not have to absorb the soul of a monster at the level of ruler, which means that the soul of a dragonfly can be a serious impetus for its further development!

A huge crowd of lizards is heading in our direction! Zhao Man Yan screamed in panic. Alone, he would never be able to cope with them, but he was also the only one who was capable of releasing magic at that moment.

The moment Zhao Man Yan screamed, demonizing Mo Fan sharply turned his head in his direction. Zhao Man Yan saw a pair of completely unfamiliar eyes

Mo Fan took a few steps and jumped to a height of a hundred meters right in front of Zhao Man Yan’s nose! In an instant, he was behind these people.

The wolfish bloody patterns on his legs began to appear stronger in red, as if they had just been cursed goosebumps ran from the whole picture. The patterns had some specific bloody glow, gathering dark power in Mo Fan’s legs

The demon Mo Fan stamped his foot, and the glow stopped, but then reappeared already in the shape of an crescent-shaped moon. The glow became simply huge, and after Mo Fan released it with a kick, it flew at great speed through the expanses of the street!

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Brother, what are you going to do with this building? Zhao Man Yan could not find suitable words. The crescent-shaped glow released by the demonizing Mo Fan, scaring people, headed toward the office building.

Not having time to complain, Zhao Man Yan saw Mo Fan again stamping his foot, releasing another glow in the shape of a sickle a crescent moon from its bloody patterns on its feet, which also flew toward another office building!

Two sickle-shaped crescents, glowing in bloody color, were about 30 meters wide. They went down to the lower tier of two buildings and just cut them down. All concrete and metal structures were cut by these sickles.

Buildings, now lacking support, tilted and collided in the air, collapsed down. Numerous falling debris of buildings filled the air around. They collapsed right in the middle of the big street, blocking the way to Zhao Man Yan and the rest from the lizardhead monsters. As a result, now all the guys had a wall formed by collapsed buildings, which protected them from the attack of the dinosaurs. Such a method in the eyes of Zhao Man Yan was overwhelming.

It seems that the dragon-winged lizard has decided to dump! Said Zhao Man Yan, pointing a finger at a monster who had already spread its wings.

Demon Mo Fan fixed his gaze on a dragon-winged animal, whose huge lizard carcasses were already lifted from the ground by its impressive dragon wings.

Mo Fan was not going to let him go just like that. Having instantly evaporated from the field of view of Zhao Man Yan, he was already running after the flying monster.

Why chase after him? What for?! Zhao Man Yan was already losing his temper.

How can one be so hot-tempered? Is he really going to fight the monster at the level of ruler?

Let’s better we get out of this sinister place as soon as possible!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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